Chapter 43 Not Enough Stones

Chapter 43 Insufficient Origin Stones

All of them had a question, "How long can he stay in there?"

An hour passed and nothing stirred.

Two hours passed, but there was still no movement.

Just as the third hour, there was finally a movement. However, this movement did not come from Chu Nan, but from the disciple of Yunluo Sect who was in charge of Three Meis True Fire room. He walked to the three testers and said to the man in the middle, "Uncle Yuan, we don't have enough Origin Stones now."

"The Origin Stones are not enough?" Yuan Sheng asked in surprise.

"Uncle Yuan, we didn't expect anyone to stay in Three Meis True Fire room for so long, so we didn't prepare enough Origin Stones to maintain the formation."

Yuan Sheng frowned and stared at the room. After thinking about it, he took out dozens of inferior Origin Stones and a few intermediate Origin Stones from the storage ring and said, "Two junior brothers, take out your Origin Stones, too. Let's see how long Chu Nan can stay in this room."

When they heard that Yuan Sheng asked them to hand over the stones, the two frowned slightly, obviously not wanting to hand over them. After all, Origin Stones were also very important for them to cultivate Origin Force.

Yuan Sheng knew what they were thinking at a glance and said, "Two junior brothers, Chu Nan has already stayed in Three Meis True Fire room for three hours, which broke the record of Yunluo Sect's disciples for hundreds of years. If we can bring back such a disciple, won't the master reward us?"

Upon hearing this, the two looked delighted and quickly took out several pieces of inferior Origin Stones from their storage rings. There were also a few pieces of intermediate Origin Stones. Danyan's master also vomited a little blood. Yuan Sheng quickly gave it to the disciple and asked him to maintain the Three Meis True Fire.

Chu Nan, who was in the room, naturally did not know what had happened. He was just earnestly trying to train the Fire Origin Force. Although the power of the Three Meis True Fire was not as powerful as the crazy old man's True Fire, it was better than nothing. Three Meis True Fire only made him feel a slight pain, which had no effect on him at all.

Ever since he did the first move of pushing the sky, Chu Nan had felt the Origin Force in his body seemed to be emptied. After that, he practiced nearly every moment even when he walked, but the effect was not great. The Origin Force in his body was still seriously insufficient, so he could not make the first move of pushing the sky no matter how hard he tried. The Five-Elemental Origin Force in his body seemed to have fallen into a deep sleep.

But Chu Nan believed that by the time he had accumulated enough Five Elemental Origin Force, he would be able to stimulate the move once again. Last time when he did the first move of pushing the sky, Chu Nan would never forget the feeling that Origin Force gushed in his body.

Moreover, it was not easy for Chu Nan to have such a good opportunity, so he must catch it. After all, seldom people who consumed their Origin Force without any regrets like the five masters to cultivate his body. Maybe there's no one at all!

Who would consume his Origin Force for a stranger for no reason?

Chu Nan felt a distinct difference in practicing Fire Origin Force in the Three Meis True Fire. He felt as if he had been hungry for a long time and he gulped the Fire Origin Force as a delicious meal. Although the difference between Three Meis True Fire and True Fire can be compared to the difference between steamed buns and meat, "steamed buns" could also fill his stomach when he was hungry...

Just as he was gulping, Chu Nan felt that the power of Three Meis True Fire had decreased a lot. Just as he was doubting, the power had increased back.

On one hand, Chu Nan naturally did not know that it's because the Origin Stones were not enough. On the other hand, the group of people outside, such as Yuan Sheng, would never expect that Chu Nan was using their test room for cultivating. And they even contributed their own Origin Stones!

Another hour passed, and the room was as calm as a mountain that had stood for years!

Danyan could no longer utter the curse in his mouth. On the contrary, his face was getting uglier and paler. He thought a lot. If Chu Nan became a disciple of the Yunluo Sect, then he would have to bend down when he saw Chu Nan in the future. After all, nobody could stay in the room for so long. In the history of the Yunluo Sect, he had never seen it before!

Although there was a third level, it was just to test what kind of attribute he was, and how much Origin Force he had! Even if his aptitude was bad, as long as he had Origin Force, it would be enough!

Danyan had no hope that Chu Nan would fail in the third level. Thinking about Chu Nan's high and mighty appearance in the future, Danyan felt very uncomfortable!

However, at this time, no one paid attention to Danyan!

Chen Xiaofeng also woke up. When he heard that Chu Nan had been in the room of Three Meis True Fire for nearly four hours, Chen Xiaofeng fainted again immediately!

Time passed slowly, and the sky gradually darkened.

At this time, the disciple came over again. "Uncle Yuan, the Origin Stones were used up again!"

"Lin Yun..." Yuan Sheng murmured Chu Nan's pseudonym, and he looked a little happy from his eyes. He looked again at the people around him, and his meaning was obvious: whoever has the stones, hand them all over!

There was no way. After all, it's their master who asked them for Origin Stones. Did they dare not hand them over?

However, the disciples were very poor, only having one or two Origin Stones. And they were all inferior Origin Stones. Even Danyan could only handed over three inferior Origin Stones that he had hidden.

Naturally, Danyan was very unhappy to hand over these three inferior Origin Stones!

In the end, Yuan Sheng gritted his teeth and handed over the top grade Origin Stone in his storage ring, which he had tried hard to obtain. The others looked at Yuan Sheng in surprise, because a high quality Origin Stone was of extraordinary value.

Yuan Sheng, on the other hand, said indifferently, "I want to see how long Chu Nan can stay after five hours!"

How long can Chu Nan stay inside?

The Three Meis True Fire was like food to him, but not the food that could kill him like the nirvana fire. It was not a problem for Chu Nan to stay inside for ten days and ten nights!

One hour, two hours...

Two and a half hours passed and the Origin Stones ran out again!

"There's no other way. Let Lin Yun out!" Yuan Sheng gave the order.

Chu Nan saw that the Three Meis True Fire had disappeared. Before he could know what was going on, he heard someone calling him out. Chu Nan sighed. "If I had five more hours, I could cultivate and store half Fire Origin Force in my body."

If Yuan Sheng and the others heard this, they would vomit blood!

Chu Nan shook his head and said, "What a pity." He walked out of the room. The moment he walked out of the room, Yuan Sheng's and the otherss eyes immediately brightened...

If Chu Nan could be compared to a simple and ordinary sword that no one would care before he entered the room of Three Meis True Fire, then now after spending nearly eight hours in the room, he was a sharp sword, shining with a dazzling light...

It's because after he absorbed the Fire Origin Force, Chu Nan was spirited up, especially his eyes, which were deep and bottomless!

"Well! Well! Well!"

Yuan Sheng said three "well" in a row. Although he also saw that Chu Nan's aptitude was extremely bad, he believe the man who can stay in the room for nearly eight hours would achieve a great success in the future!

Chen Xiaofeng woke up again and looked at Chu Nan with a twinkle of admiration!

"After the third level, there's the last level. After the third level, everyone here will be the disciple of the Yunluo Sect." Yuan Sheng said aloud. According to past experience, the person who can pass the first two levels would be a Yunluo Sect disciple.

As for the third level, it only determined the tester's future position in the Yunluo Sect!

Yuan Sheng walked to the five pillars. The colors of the five pillars were gold, navy, blue, red, and light yellow respectively. He pointed to the five pillars and said, "Put your hands on each of the five pillars and run all the Origin Force in your body!"