Chapter 44 Are You Qualified?

Chapter 44 Are You Qualified?

There were only eleven of whom passed the first two tests including Chu Nan and the people before him. The people's tests result in front of him were either a brown-green-lighted pillar or a red-lighted pillar. The person who lighted up the brown-green pillar was fitted for practicing the Wood Original Force, whereas a person with a red-lighted pillar was more suitable for the Fire Original Force.

Yuan Sheng couldn't stop nodding. The Yunluo Sect was mainly about alchemy. Both fire and wood were suitable attributes!

It was Chen Xiaofeng's turn next. He first grabbed the brown-green pillar. However, no matter how hard he tried to run the Original Force, the pillar would not light up. Then he tried the Gold, blue, and the light yellow ones, nothing happened either. Only the red pillar twinkled a bit, and the light was short and weak.

Chen Xiaofeng felt a little embarrassed about what just happened. Yuan Sheng frowned seeing this. He knew Chen Xiaofeng for three years. In the first year, Chen Xiaofeng didn't even pass the first level. In the second year, he failed to pass the second level, so did the third year. This year he passed both levels, although the result was not ideal, at least he didn't fail again. Chen Xiaofeng also had a tough personality. Yuan Sheng nodded and said to Chen Xiao Feng,"From now on, you are a disciple of the Yunluo Sect!"

"Hooray!" Chen Xiaofeng jumped up with joy. His wish had finally come true!

Yuan sheng looked at Chen Xiaofeng's happy face and sighed. "Although he became a disciple of the Yunluo Sect, his position is not going to be high."

As Yuan Sheng sighed in his heart, Yu Dahai walked up to the five pillars. He ran his Original Force on each of them, and there were only pillars glowed at the same time! They were the brown-green pillar and the light yellow one. The brightness of the light yellow pillar was weak, but it definitely could be seen by eyes.

"A person with dual attributes..."

Everyone there said in surprise, and Yuan Sheng was even more excited. "The rare dual attributes of Earth and Wood. The Yunluo Sect is going to have another genius! Dual attributes of Earth and Wood..."

Yu Dahai had already been labeled as a "Genius," but Yu Dahai had a personality like the ocean, calm and peaceful. He only had his eyes on Chu Nan. He was staring at Chu Nan, and his gaze was like two strings of lasers.

Everyone had recovered from the shock of Yu Dahai's test result and shifted back their attention to Chu Nan. Yuan Sheng and the others had their eyes full of expectation. Not to mention anything else, they were hoping to recover the Origin Stone that they took out from Chu Nan!

Dan yan, on the other hand, wasn't cursing anyone at the moment. He was numb from the shock. Lin Yun's performance didn't have to be as amazing as Yu Dahai's. As long as he could get picked by the Yunluo Sect, he would get a different position.

"Lin Yun, it's your turn."

Chu Nan walked forward, and everyone's eyes moved with his movements. What they did not know was Chu Nan was also feeling a little uneasy at the moment. He was completely different from the others. Although he had loads of Original Force stored in his body, he had no meridians at all. Other people's Original Force were all triggered through meridians. He could only force them out of his body. He didn't know if these pillars could feel the Original Force in his body.

If the pillars couldn't detect the Original Force in his body, he probably won't be able to become a Yunluo Sect disciple!

Despite all these, Chu Nan first grabbed the golden pillar and tried to stimulate the Original Force in his body, but the golden pillar didn't make any difference at all. Then, Chu Nan put his hand on the brown-green pillar and tried his best, but it didn't light up either.

One by one, he tried all five pillars. None of which burst into light, not even a single glimmer. Five pillars were exactly the same as before.

By now, there was only disappointment left in Yuan Sheng and others' eyes. In fact, they were so disappointed that there was only one step away from despair!

"No attribute at all? None? How could it be like this?" Yuan Sheng could not help but grumble.

Danyan could not help but snort. This sneer was so harsh. "What did I say? How can a person with such poor qualities like you become a disciple of our Yunluo Sect? You really overestimate yourself!"

Danyan didn't expect the man he dreaded the most to fail in the third round. Danyan no longer had to worry about bowing to him in the Yunluo Sect. Not only did he not have to bow to him, but he could be condescending and disparaging!

Danyan was still laughing at Chu Nan. It was only when Yu Dahai turned around and glared at him that Dan Yan restrained himself because he knew Yu Dahai was a real genius!

"No attributes!"

Yuan Sheng and the others looked at Chu Nan full of resentment in their eyes. For the sake of a miracle, they sacrificed all the Origin Stones that they had saved. However, they didn't get a miracle, in fact, they got nothing! Yuan Sheng was especially upset. He even took out a top-grade Origin Stone.

Chu Nan wasn't discouraged at all when he saw the result as he predicted. Well, he was a little bit upset. If he made it to the Yunluo Sect, his training would be a little bit easier. However, if he didn't make it, he would just have to train even harder.

Chu Nan could even endure the pain of death. Would he be scared of tough training?

"It's up to your Yunluo Sect to seize the chance." Chu Nan thought in his heart. He knew that he was tested to be a non-attributes, but in fact, he was a five-attributes! He was the most unique and qualified person among them all!

If the Yunluo Sect could let him in, there would be a day that everyone would know about the Yunluo Sect because of Chu Nan!

What would be the choice of the Yunluo Sect?

Chu Nan remained silent. Yuan Sheng tried to read something on Chu Nan's expression, but he failed to do so.

Yuan Sheng turned to look at other brothers in the Yunluo Sect. Danyan's master's eyes flashed with a light, and he said, "If we return to the Yunluo Sect with a disciple who has no attributes and poor qualities, I'm afraid the other masters will blame us."

When Danyan heard his master's words, his face immediately burst into a smile. He knew that the chance of Chu Nan getting into the Yunluo Sect just got even slimmer.

Sure enough, the others nodded in agreement, and some people mumbled, "He passed the first and second levels with such amazement. Who knows that in the end, it is a waste. I lost so many Original Stones because of him."

"That's right! It's like throwing marshmallows into the water! You can never get them back!"

These people all started to mumble. Yuan Sheng saw that his brothers in the Yunluo Sect all disagreed to accept Chu Nan, and he was afraid that the other masters would blame him. Thus, he said, "Lin Yun, you can't become Yunluo Sect disciple because you have no attributes."

Hearing this, Danyan laughed out loud. Chen Xiaofeng stepped forward and said anxiously, "Brother Lin Yun can lift 1,500 pounds and stay in the Three Meis True Fire for sixteen hours. Although he has no attributes, ..."

"Chen Xiaofeng, shut up! You're just a Yunluo Sect disciple who just entered! How dare you speak up here?" Danyan said. He murmured in his heart, "Chen Xiaofeng, I will deal with you later when you enter the Yunluo Sect. I will let you suffer!"

Chen Xiaofeng didn't have any idea about what Danyan was going to do to him. He went to Chu Nan and said sympathetically, "Brother Lin Yun..."

Chu Nan smiled, interrupted him, and said, "Brother, come on! Though I am not qualified, I am determined and diligent!" Chu Nan called Chen Xiaofeng "Brother" for the first time because he could feel that Chen Xiaofeng was really worried about him.


"Make a name for yourself in the Yunluo Sect. If I get bullied, I can let them know I am being protected by you."

"Brother Lin Yun, I will work harder. I will not let others bully you!" Chen Xiaofeng clenched his fists and said firmly. Chu Nan nodded, said, "Take care," and then walked out of the yard.

Chu Nan walked past Danyan, and Danyan said sarcastically, "A trash who still thinks of himself as a genius!"

"Trash?" Chu Nan had not heard this word for a long time. He turned around and said coldly, "Your surname is no longer Dan!"