Chapter 45 It's A Miracle

Chapter 45 Miracle


Chu Nan's words just hit the spot where Danyan was regretful. Danyan was furious and roared, "Son of a bitch, do you know I will beat you into a cripple?"

"Give it a try!" Chu Nan's voice was even colder!

Danyan was about to make a move when Chen Xiaofeng stood in front of Chu Nan. Danyan shouted, "Chen Xiaofeng, for the sake of being a disciple of Yunluo Sect, get out of my way."

"I won't let you hurt Lin Yun!"

"What?" Danyan asked coldly, then sneered, "You're not as good as trash. Can you stop me? I will beat you together."

"What if I join them?" Yu Dahai also stood in front of Chu Nan. Danyan's expression changed immediately and he said with a little lack of confidence, "Yu Dahai, we are fellow disciples. Why do you help him who is trash?"

"In my eyes, you are trash." Yu Dahai also said coldly.

Seeing the situation turn out like this, Danyan's master hurriedly shouted, "Danyan, back off!"

Danyan looked at Yu Dahai and knew that Yu would have a high position in the Yunluo Sect in the future as a genius with dual natures, so he had to step down bitterly. However, he still said to Chu Nan, "Trash, you're lucky today. You'd better pray that you don't meet me again, or I will definitely beat you!"

The word "trash" deeply stimulated Chu Nan and he said coldly, "You? Can you?"

As he spoke, he thought of his sword and then the heavy sword was in his hand. Because Chu Nan's spirit was already imprinted on the ring, he did not need to motivate the Origin Force to use it.

With the heavy sword in his hand, he drew his sword, jumped up, and took the first move of pushing the sky. With the sound of the wind, he struck straight at the ironstone weighed 150kg!

Even without using Origin Force, Chu Nan's first move of pushing the sky had strong strength.

After Chu Nan's action, the ironstone was broken!

Everyone was stunned!

Chu Nan, on the other hand, withdrew his sword, gave a friendly smile at Yu Dahai, and turned to walk out.

Looking at Chu Nan's back and the broken ironstone, Danyan felt a sense of fear. Even with his current state of the advanced martial master, he could not break the ironstone. This fear made Danyan anxious. He felt if he didn't kill Chu Nan, Chu Nan would kill him in the future.

However, as soon as Danyan thought about it, he saw Yu Dahai looking at him coldly. Danyan was afraid and hid the thought in the deepest part of his heart!

Chen Xiaofeng muttered, "Lin Yun, with your performance, I will never believe that you are a useless person. You are a strong person. You must be a strong person! I'll learn from you."

Not only were the reactions of the younger generation unusual, but even the faces of Yuan Sheng and the others flashed with a look of horror. How could this Lin Yun's power be so strong?

Yuan Sheng also had some regrets in his heart. "Is it a wrong decision to drive him out of Yunluo Sect?"

Chu Nan disappeared in the distance and walked his own path, not caring others of Yunluo Sect were stunned or regretting.

"Yunluo Sect doesn't accept me, but somewhere will! If there is no place left for me, I will create a world of my own!" Chu Nan walked aimlessly through Xiongluo City, looking for an inn to stay at, and then to see what to do next!

Through some blocks, Chu Nan heard the sounds of fighting. He didn't want to pay attention to it, but he heard someone saying, "Situ Yixiao, I'll kill you tonight and you can't stop me anymore."

"Han Meng, you are shameless, how dare you poison me!" Situ Yixiao's angry voice rang out, and then Chu Nan heard Situ Yixiao kept saying, "Sister, go away, go far away..."

"Go? Situ Yixiao, do you think she can leave? Your sister is a delicate girl. How can you let her run around?"

And Shen Moxin was still saying, "Brother, I'm not leaving."

"Go, if you don't go, you'll die."

"I won't leave even if I die."

"Han Meng, I'll kill you!" Situ Yixiao rushed up.

Han Meng laughed smugly. "Today, you will all die, unless a miracle happens. But, is there a miracle? Heh..."

At this moment, Chu Nan headed for the fight not far away...

Situ Yixiao was covered in blood, protecting Shen Moxin to escape!

At this moment, Situ Yixiao was going to do his best, regardless of the poison, and broke out his strongest move to protect Shen Moxin.

Han Meng would kill all of them. Maybe Shen Moxin wouldn't die now, but her ending would definitely be more tragic than death!

At this moment, Chu Nan walked towards them.

When Chu Nan was less than five meters away from them, Han Meng's men found Chu Nan and went straight to Chu Nan without saying a word.

Han Meng's men were basically martial warriors, and there weren't many primary martial masters.

According to what the crazy old man said, if Chu Nan could not inspire the Origin Force, he could not win against the high-level martial masters or above only by his body strength, but how could Chu Nan fear these men in front of him?

The heavy sword once again went from the storage ring to Chu Nan's hand!

There was nothing more to say. He raise his heavy sword and chopped horizontally and vertically.

Each time his heavy sword weighed 800kg was swung, someone would fall down. In less than three minutes, a road of others' blood formed behind Chu Nan.

Finally, complacent Han Meng realized something was wrong. Looking back, he saw Chu Nan moving forward like a Yama.

"Damn it, who dares to ruin my plan!" Han Meng shouted angrily and looked at Chu Nan again, only to find that this man was their prey this morning.

Han Meng laughed again and said, "It's you. I don't expect you to dare to come back. You kill my men, and I want your dead!"

As he spoke, a ball of yellow powder rushed straight to Chu Nan.

Situ Yixiao immediately said. "Be careful, the powder is poisonous. Get out of the way!"

"If you are poisoned, you can't be so rude anymore." Han Meng was full of sinister smiles.

Chu Nan was fearless and allowed the powder to surround him. He still kept to kill Han Meng's men. This was bloody.


Seeing this, Han Meng felt something was wrong. "Is it useless?"

While Han Meng was wondering, Chu Nan cut down three more people, getting closer and closer to him.

"That's impossible. I spent a lot of money to buy this Muscle-softening Powder, and it worked earlier. Why isn't this person poisoned? "Han Meng were filled with astonishment, and he suddenly thought of a possibility,"He is stronger than a great martial master, so he can temporarily resist its effect."

Han Meng thought of this and felt it's not reasonable. "If he is a great martial master, then why doesn't he kill me after what I do to him?"

In fact, in the morning, if Situ Yixiao hadn't come, Chu Nan would have killed Han Meng with his sword.

Even powder made by tall gastrodia tuber and dozens of poisons from Poison Sect could not affect Chu Nan. How could Muscle-softening Powder make Chu Nan fall?

Chu Nan took 13 steps and seventeen or eighteen people fell on the ground. Although Chu Nan had not killed them yet, those people were not far away from death. Smelling the blood, Chu Nan did not panic at all, and he didn't feel disgusted about it. He had long understood that survival was cruel!

With all his strength, Situ Yixiao firmly protected his little sister and watched this miracle as Chu Nan approached him to step by step.

Just now, Situ Yixiao was desperate and did not believe that any miracle would happen, but at this moment, the miracle happened in such a plight.