Chapter 46 Anything?

Chapter 46 Do Anything You Want

Shen Moxin also recognized Chu Nan and said, "Brother, isn't this man Han Meng's prey this morning?"

Situ Yixiao had already recognized it and said with a smile, "We did a stupid thing this morning. We thought it was him whom we saved. Who would have thought that the person we saved was Han Meng!"

"Hum? Brother, why is this?" Shen Moxin was confused.

"Little sister, you can think about it. He's so powerful. And if we didn't have a hand in them this morning, Han Meng would fight with him. Do you think that it will do Han Meng a favor?"

"Exactly." Shen Moxin was angry.

But Han Meng was in a panic at the moment. He originally thought it was in the bag, who knew that Chu Nan would meddle in halfway. And he didn't expect a miracle to happen. Moreover, this miracle was just the prey that he picked out this morning.

Thinking of this, Han Meng was even more afraid and kept backing away.

Chu Nan was not at all soft-hearted. The Blood Python, the tragic ending of master Devil Dao and his son, and the miserable situation of the Free Town, all these had already taught Chu Nan that in a world where the weak were the prey of the strong, one could not easily have mercy on others!

He took three more steps forward. There were only three people left by Han Meng's side, and the rest of his men had all fallen to the ground and wailed.

"Rush forward. Hurry up, you three. Go and stop him." Han Meng ordered, but his only three men left did not dare to take half a step forward!

Then Han Meng shouted again, "You stop him first. I still have a kill action. It will take time for me to play it!"

The three of them looked at Han Meng in disbelief.

Han Meng said again, "Hurry up, I'll give you three hundred gold coins each!"

Since there was an unexpected tricky move and a reward, it seemed that it was worth fighting for him. Then the three men rushed forward, and Han Meng began to play his best card. His feet sank, and he took a deep breath and gathered his Qi...

Then, he turned back and ran away!

"Ho ho..." Seeing what Han Meng was doing, Shen Moxin laughed loudly. "Han Meng, your tricky move is to run away? What a great move!"

The three men who were about to rush forward to hold Chu Nan up turned round when they heard this. Seeing their boss running away like crazy, they were shocked, not daring to stop Chu Nan and following their boss to run away.

Unfortunately, when they thought about it, the heavy sword brushed across their abdomens. Blood spilled out immediately, and they all fell to the ground.

Looking at Han Meng, who was running further and further away, Situ Yixiao said regretfully, "It's a pity to let this villain run away. If I hadn't been poisoned by him, I would stop and kill him!"

Just as Situ Yixiao's voice faded away, Chu Nan, like a gust of wind, blew past him. Situ Yixiao could only see his shadow. Shen Moxin exclaimed, "Brother, he's so fast!"

Then, they saw the figure jump into the air and jump in front of Han Meng. The heavy sword pointed forward, and Han Meng really ran into it.

Han Meng used all his strength and ran very fast. In addition, the heavy sword appeared in front of him quite suddenly. When Han Meng felt something was wrong, he was only half a step away from the heavy sword.

Suddenly, Han Meng's face turned pale. He quickly inspired the Origin Force all over his body to smash the heavy sword to the side. He thought that as an intermediate martial master, it was not easy for him to smash a sword with his cultivation.

Unfortunately, reality and ideal often backfired with each other!

Han Meng turned all the Origin Force in his body into a desperate attack!

He would only have a chance to live if he broke through the heavy sword that was still dripping blood!

He had already been ready to run away from the heavy sword.

But when his arm headed straight for the heavy sword.

It remained motionless!

And his arm was broken by it.

A sharp pain suddenly spread all over Han Meng's body. And the feeling of death immediately surrounded him.

His foot, which was about to stretch out to the side, could no longer step out. He just saw his arm flying and spinning in the air, and floating in blood...

"How is that possible?"

This thought flashed through Han Meng's mind, but he couldn't think about it anymore, because Chu Nan had already punched him fiercely in the chest!

With one punch, a ** suddenly appeared on Han Meng's chest!

If Han Meng's body was harder than the boulder that had been deposited for tens of thousands of years, Chu Nan's punch would not have such an effect. But could an intermediate martial master's body be stronger than a hard boulder?

As a result, Han Meng's eyes were blurred, and blood sprayed out of his mouth. He fell to the ground and died.

It seemed that Han Meng was still thinking about the pride he had when he bought the Muscle-softening Powder back, the arrogance when Situ Yixiao and the others were poisoned, and that he would had two streets of territory in the future...

But all of this had vanished into smoke with the arrival of the prey in the morning!

Situ Yixiao, who was supported by Shen Moxin and his men, walked to Chu Nan. When he saw the ** on Han Meng's chest, his face was immediately filled with shock. His one punch just had such power. Moreover, he had not mobilized his Origin Force. If he mobilized his Origin Force, Han Meng would smash to pieces.

If Chu Nan could mobilize his Origin Force, he could really beat Han Meng into pieces, even into nothingness. However, Situ Yixiao did know that now Chu Nan could not mobilize his Origin Force at all!

Shen Moxin saw the miserable situation and closed her eyes. Obviously, the bloody scene had a great impact on her. However, after a short while, she opened her eyes and kicked Han Meng's body. "You damned villain, how dare you poisoned us, it serves you right..."

Situ Yixiao returned to his senses and said to Chu Nan quickly, "Predecessor, thank you for saving our lives. Without you, my, my sister's, and my eight brothers' lives would all be left here today."

Chu Nan calmed down and said with a smile, "You did me a favor this morning, and now I saved your lives, it just offset! And we are quits!"

"Predecessor, even without us, what happened this morning would not have hurt you in the slightest. We were completely superfluous." Situ Yixiao said respectfully. But Shen Moxin said in a low voice, "Brother, he's so young, maybe younger than me, why do you call him predecessor?"

"Little sister, the master is the teacher, so naturally he is my predecessor. Besides, he is also our savior!" Situ Yixiao scolded in a low voice. "Little sister, call him predecessor!"

Shen Moxin pouted, but had to listen to Situ Yixiao and reluctantly called out, "Predecessor."

Chu Nan was also amused. He didn't expect that he was also the predecessor in the eyes of others. Who knew that he was previously called a trash by a disciple of the Yunluo Sect!

"Don't call me predecessor." Chu Nan shook his head. Since he had already helped them kill the villain, he wanted to leave. Situ Yixiao seemed to have seen Chu Nan's thoughts and quickly said, "Predecessor, why not go to our place so that we can repay you for saving our lives?"

"I have told you that we are quits."

"But if we do not repay you, we will never feel comfortable in our hearts. Please let us repay you, predecessor." Situ Yixiao sounded a little flustered.

Chu Nan thought about it and said, "Well, you can do something for me, and we will not owe each other anymore."

"Predecessor, please speak it."

"Find me a place to live."

Situ Yixiao was overjoyed. "Predecessor, although my place is simple and crude, there is still some spare rooms for you to live."

Chu Nan was silent and did not reply.

Situ Yixiao suddenly bent down and said in a sorrowful voice, "Predecessor, please help us."

"Hum?" Chu Nan was confused. Shen Moxin also asked in bewilderment, "Brother, Han Meng has already dead."

Situ Yixiao still bent down and explained, "Predecessor, we have been poisoned by the Muscle-softening Powder. It will take 12 hours before the poison dissipates and we recover our energy. If there are someone else trying to kill us within these 12 hours, we can't survive at all. Therefore, please save our lives once more, predecessor."