Chapter 47 You Can't Afford It

Chapter 47 What you can't take it

Hearing Situ Yixiao say this, Shen Moxin also understood. Regardless of Chu Nan's young age, she hastily said, "Senior, can you save us? We agree to whatever you want us to do."

"Power! Whatever you want!"

Hearing their words, an idea suddenly came to Chu Nan. In Free Town, after spending half a year with five masters, Chu Nan understood that if he wanted to grow rapidly, he had to hold a mass of useful resources, such as Origin Stone for cultivating, the inner alchemy of demonic core for development, and all kinds of materials to reforge weapons. If one was powerful enough, it would be easy to obtain; if he was alone, he had to find everything himself. In this case, when would his Five Elements Practice reach the second level?

In short, if he wanted to cultivate quickly, wealth was the most fundamental element. Took the simplest example, if his master Lengmian Yama hadn't left so many pills, he would have to spend a lot of money to buy and eat so many things per day.

Although there were still a lot of gold coins and amethyst coins in Chu Nan's storage ring, there would be one day all were used up.

Therefore, just to survive, Chu Nan had to find a way to make money. In the case of not being able to enter other sects, Chu Nan could only establish his own power first!

As long as one had power, he could use all kinds of methods to improve himself!

The higher his strength, the more responsibility he could shoulder!

Moreover, Chu Nan still had to deal with North Qi's strongest sect, the Tianyi Sect. If he alone wanted to overthrow Tianyi Sect without enough power, unless he trained to the legendary Martial Honor level!

Thinking of this, Chu Nan looked at Situ Yixiao and thought about what he had done. Chu Nan still had a good impression of him, so he asked bluntly, "Whatever I want you to do, right?"

"Whatever I want you to do, right?"

Chu Nan asked in a loud voice. Situ Yixiao did not hesitate at all and replied neatly, "Yes!"

"Can I trust you?" Chu Nan asked again.

Situ Yixiao recognized the other meaning in Chu Nan's words, paused for a moment, and then nodded affirmatively. "If you senior are willing to put trust on my shoulder, then I will not betray it."

"Don't call me senior. My name is Lin Yun." Chu Nan replied, "Lead the way."

Situ Yixiao was glad that as long as this person was around, the safety of the brothers would be settled.

"Brother Lin, this way." Shen Moxin was also happy and said voluntarily, "Brother Lin, let me get your sword!"

"Moxin, don't be rude." Situ Yixiao hurriedly shouted. To a martial artist, the weapon was his second life. "Where there is a martial artist, there is his sword." Although the younger sister was out of good intentions, she made a big taboo.

So, Situ Yixiao quickly stopped Shen Moxin and said to Chu Nan, "Senior, my little sister is really unintentional. Please don't take it to heart..."

Chu Nan smiled and said to Shen Moxin, "You can't take it."

Shen Moxin was a little worried and panicked when she heard her brother's shout, but when she saw Chu Nan say this with a smile, her female emotion swelled, "I don't believe it. How can I not take such a sword? You know, I'm also a junior martial artist..."

Chu Nan heard this and did not refute it. He handed over the heavy sword and planted it in the ground, "Try it."

Shen Moxin glanced at her brother and put her hand on the handle of the heavy sword. In her mind, she lifted it lightly, and the heavy sword would definitely rise from the ground.

However, with Shen Moxin's strength, the heavy sword did not budge.

"I don't believe I can't even lift a sword." Shen Moxin's stubbornness came up. Disregarding the influence of the Muscle-softening Powder, she desperately lifted up the Original Force, tried it again forcefully.

However, the heavy sword did not move even an inch at all.

Shen Moxin's face was flushed red, and she could move the sword!

Shen Moxin had no choice but to give up, pouting and saying, "Forget it, this sword is really heavy!"

Situ Yixiao looked at this scene and guessed that the heavy sword must have weighed several hundred pounds.

Chu Nan smiled, "This heavy sword was 1600 jin (about 1763pounds)."

"Ah!" Shen Moxin covered her mouth in surprise; meanwhile, Situ Yixiao's eyes brightened. Looking at Chu Nan, he suddenly made a decision.

Watching Chu Nan pick up the 1600 jin heavy sword with ease, they recalled he had just killed Han Meng as well as his gang and showed their awe.

However, Shen Moxin's eyes lit up.

It took about 15 minutes to get back to Situ Yixiao's house. The houses were really shabby, and there was a pungent smell in the air. Situ Yixiao said shyly, "Senior, here..."

"If you don't mind, just call me Lin Yun."

"Ah..." Situ Yixiao looked at Chu Nan's eyes that meant not to be rejected. He had to shout, "Brother Lin!"

"Bro Situ, do you have anything to eat? I'm a little hungry."

"Right away, Brother Lin, wait a moment."

"Better prepare more." Chu Nan reminded him.

"Of course." Situ Yixiao said with a smile, then asked Shen Moxin to keep Chu Nan company. Shen Moxin looked at Chu Nan, about to speak, but saying nothing. In the meantime, Chu Nan didn't waste any seconds. He knelt on the ground and began to cultivate.

Although in this kind of place the spirit energy was very poor, the effect of cultivation was very small, which can be described as very little, Chu Nan still cultivated. He had read in the wild history: "A tree is born from a little bud; A nine-storied tower rises from a mound of earth; A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step."

The meaning of this sentence is: no matter how far you go, you can only reach it step by step. No matter how difficult it is, you can succeed if you do it little by little, carefully and seriously.

If Chu Nan wanted to be strong, how could he reach a thousand miles without taking every simple step?

When Shen Moxin saw that Chu Nan had started to practice, she could only curl her lips and sit down beside him, quietly looking at Chu Nan.

After less than ten minutes of cultivating, there was a cry. "Brother Situ, please let puppy Xiaowu go. Brother Situ, I beg you..."

"Wu, listen to me, I promise I'll pay you back ten in the future!"

"No, I want puppy Xiaowu. I don't want anything better than that. I want puppy Xiaowu. Brother Situ, I beg you, don't kill him!"

Situ Yixiao couldn't bear it, but he still said with a stiff heart, "Wu, you have to be obedient!"

"As long as you don't kill puppy Xiaowu, I'll do whatever you want me to do. Please..."

Chu Nan opened his eyes and saw a boy of fifteen or sixteen years old begging for mercy. In his arms, he was holding a pure black dog tightly. Chu Nan immediately understood that Situ Yixiao wanted to kill the dog to entertain him, but Wu was reluctant to give up puppy Xiaowu.

Shen Moxin saw Chu Nan open his eyes and said, "Brother Lin, save puppy Xiaowu. Wu regards puppy Xiaowu as lifeblood."

Chu Nan stood up, walked to Wu and said, "You want to keep puppy Xiaowu?"

Wu nodded his head. Although he didn't go out today, he also heard people say that this person was their savior, and Brother Situ wanted to kill puppy Xiaowu to repay his kindness. "Benefactor, please forgive puppy Xiaowu, please..."

"It's no use begging me. You're the only one who can help yourself!" Chu Nan said, Wu was stunned and confused.

Chu Nan continued, "If your Brother Situ and all of them fall for Han Meng's trick today, do you think you can still keep puppy Xiaowu? Can you still save your own life? Even if I can save puppy Xiaowu today, what about the future? Therefore, the only person who can save you and keep puppy Xiaowu is forever yourself. As long as you are strong enough, no one can hurt you and puppy Xiaowu."