Chapter 48 I Only Want Brothers

Chapter 48 Friends Are What I Care the Most

Hearing this, Wu almost saw their hope, and other people was also encouraged.

Chu Nan tilted his head and said to Situ Yixiao, "I can only eat steamed bread."

After that, Chu Nan walked away and intended to continue his training. Wu's face was filled with joy, because he knew that puppy Xiaowu would survive.

However, when Chu Nan had just taken three steps, a voice came behind, "Brother Chu, can you teach us how to keep ourselves alive?"

Chu Nan stopped.

Situ Yixiao continued saying,"If you can, we will follow your orders from now on!"

"If you can, we will follow your orders from now on!"

When Chu Nan heard this, he turned around and looked at Situ Yixiao, not only to see if he was trustworthy, but also to see if he was gritty enough to be strong, which was much more important than being capable of training.

"Give me a reason!" Chu Nan replied.

"I want to be strong!" Situ Yixiao's eyes shone brightly. "I want to protect my sister and my friends. I want them to live a good life. I want us to be no longer despised or looked down upon, and nobody dare to bully us. I don't want to be the frog in well. Instead, I'd like to form a strong organization and become the most powerful person of this continent. I want to make a deep impression on this world!"

After a pause, Situ Yixiao added, "For this reason, I swear to the sky with my blood and my life that I will always follow you around! Respect you as my master!"

Situ Yixiao said this straightforward. He knew it was a precious opportunity. If he missed it, he would miss it forever. So he had to hold on to it. He believed he would be right!

Chu Nan, hearing that, saw in him a mirror image of himself. He also wanted to become strong for his family and loved ones, for not being called a waste, for standing higher...

"But I am not strong enough now!" Chu Nan replied.

Situ Yixiao smiled. "You're better than me, so you're the strong one in my mind!"

"There are so many people who are better than you! I'm not the best choice."

"But you are the only one who saved my life. You are the only one who can make me willingly respect as my master!" Situ Yixiao remained steadfast.

"What if one day I am no longer stronger than you?"

"A person who doesn't even waste a minute would definitely become strong. Besides, I have an intuition that you will make it!" Situ Yixiao had this intuition from the moment he saw Chu Nan kill bad guys in a cool, calm manner.

Chu Nan's eyes brightened. He thought of his master's Qiankun Nine Turns, the precious training methods which he wouldn't pass on easily. He just said coldly, "You have to agree to one more condition."

"Please go ahead."

"I don't want to be your master. I just want you to be my friend!"

Situ Yixiao was once again shocked, and even the blood in his body was boiling after hearing the word "friend." His eyes were fixed on Chu Nan who continued talking, "I want all of you here to be my friends who can share joys and sorrows, who can do anything for each other and even be willing to sacrifice ourselves!"

"Bro!" Wu said excitedly and feelingly, with puppy Xiaowu in his arms. His eyes were filled with gratitude.

Situ Yixiao also said decisively, "Well, from now on, you are our big brother, and we will be your most reliable friends!"

Chu Nan stretched out his palm and gave a high five with Situ Yixiao, and the two of them said at the same time, "Bro!"

At this moment, a sudden voice sounded beside Chu Nan. "What about me?"

Chu Nan looked at Shen Moxin and smiled, "You're my bro too."

"I'm a girl."

"A girl can also be my bro!"

"I don't want it!"

"Then be my sister."

"That sounds not bad." Shen Moxin pouted and said.

After what happened just now, Chu Nan had become part of Situ Yixiao's group. Situ Yixiao was going to prepare food, but Chu Nan stopped him. Chu Nan asked, "Could you tell me your story and the situation in Xiongluo City."

Situ Yixiao spoke without hesitation.

It turned out that Situ Yixiao and Shen Moxin grew up in Xiongluo City, but they used to be beggars, and the street they had lived on was a place for the poor. Beggars were naturally bullied and looked down upon all day long. One day, Situ Yixiao accidentally got a Martial Sutra called "The Flame Spell," then he practiced it and spent only one year becoming senior martial warrior. Afterwards, Situ Yixiao called on his friends to practice this sutra. However, maybe his friends were less talented, and they only became senior martial warriors after so many years. Moreover, Wu finally reached the intermediate level of martial warrior not long ago. The only thing comforting him was that Shen Moxin had became a junior martial master. As for Situ Yixiao, he spent another year to promote to intermediate martial master and then could not improve himself for the lack of the superior training spell, although he had amazing talent.

Situ Yixiao, with the cultivation of a mid-level martial master, as well as the ruthlessness and hard work of his friends, managed to snatch a street in this jungle as a place for them to settle down!

Chu Nan was shocked when he heard Situ Yixiao's story. He believed that Situ Yixiao's talent was definitely much better than Bai Zeyu. In just two years, he had reached the intermediate level of martial master. If Situ Yixiao had complete form of The Flame Spell, then he would be the superior martial master by now.

"If Situ Yixiao could continue to practice Qiankun Nine Turns from Qiankun Sect, he might be able to as famous and powerful as my master!" Chu Nan thought to himself and then asked, "what is the distribution of power in Xiongluo City?"

"The power of the city president, also known as the power of the Xu family is the biggest in Xiongluo City. There are many gangs under the power of the Xu family. There are two big gangs, one is called the Blue Light Gang, the other is called the Cold Cloud Gang, and there are dozens of medium-sized gangs. As for the small gangs, there are hundreds of them, just like the Hunk Gang of Han Meng and my group which only occupy one street!"

"The Xu family is the most powerful, so why are there so many other gangs allowed? Why don't they eradicate other gangs to dominate the whole Xiongluo City?" Chu Nan didn't understand.

Situ Yixiao smiled and said, "Neither did I. But after thinking about it all these years, I understand a little."


"In fact, six years ago, there was a super big gang called Tianwei Gang in Xiongluo City, which was almost as powerful as the Xu family and might even replace the Xu family. Unfortunately, this super big gang was completely wiped out overnight. All 700 members were killed."

Chu Nan sighed, "How merciless. It must be the Xu family."

"Yes, the Xu family is one of the three great families in North Qi kingdom. That night, the Xu family sent killers to Xiongluo City to destroy Tianwei Gang." Situ Yixiao knew this through hearsay and his own thinking. "After that, I thought hard and finally figured it out. The Xu family was able to have a monopoly on Xiongluo City and they would not interfere the following gangs fight. But regardless of the size of the gangs, all gangs must hand over a certain amount of property every month. Gangs like the Hunk Gang and mine, must hand over ten gold coins every month! And those medium-sized gangs turned in more. As for the two big gangs, they must hand over dozens of times more property than we did, such as amethyst coins, origin stones, herbs, magic treasures and weapons. Small gangs are attached to medium-sized gangs, so their gold coins are handed over to medium-sized gangs. Medium-sized gangs are turned over to big gangs, and then big gangs are turned over to Xu family. If they don't meet the standards, then they would suffer terrible difficulties. Therefore, the two big gangs, Blue Light Gang and Cold Cloud Gang, now control their power in case of being recognized and attacked by the Xu Family..."