Chapter 49 Surrender

Chapter 49: Submission

"That's a good idea." Chu Nan immediately understood the key. "In this way, the Xu family doesn't need to invest any human resource, material resource and financial resource. Just wait to collect the money. Once there is a gang outgrowing their expectation, this gang will be killed and be replaced by others."

"That's right, our gangs are like grass. When we grow well, the Xu family will harvest us once, and then we will be safe and sound, waiting for the next harvest! Worse than robbers!" In Situ Yixiao's voice, there was some helplessness.

After listening to Situ Yixiao's words, Chu Nan understood Situ Yixiao's words that he had said before. "How powerful are the gangs? What is the highest level of each gang's most powerful martial artist?"

Hearing this, Situ Yixiao's eyes lit up, seemed to understand Chu Nan's plan. He said quickly, "I don't know the exact situation, but if you want to establish yourself in Xiongluo City, a medium-sized gang must have at least a senior martial master, while a large gang has a martial general. I heard that Lan Shan's gang master is already a middle-level martial general, and Heng Feng's gang master's strength is unknown. As for a big family like the Xu family, there must be a strong martial governor, maybe some old men are strong martial kings. For a small gang like us, a senior martial artist almost is invincible."

When Chu Nan heard what Situ Yixiao said about the distribution of force, he thought of Huo Ming and Feng Yang, who were only martial generals and were already presbyters of the Poison Sect. However, Chen Xiaofeng said that the Poison Sect was a small gang, and not famous for its military strength, but for its poison, which was understandable. But what about the other sects? Today, the people in charge of the Yunluo Sect's tests are at least intermediate middle martial masters, while the Yuan Sheng may be a material general. According to this calculation, the Yunluo Sect should also have a strong martial king; the two sects have a Martial Emperor. As for the Tian Yi Sect, Xuan Wuqi in the year that he poisoned my master was a martial monarch, and I don't know if he had broken through to martial honor in these years!

"In fact, the distribution of sects in North Qi kingdom is similar to that of in Xiongluo City, but there is a higher level. If you can't enter the sect, you have to build your own sect. If you want the sect to play a role, this sect have to become a powerful sect, in the meantime you can't let your sect be destroyed by the Xu family. Otherwise, everything will be in vain! As long as I am strong enough to be promoted to the martial governor, then the Xu family will be afraid, and our power can be preserved. As my strength increases, my sect can be better strengthened, until one day, to be able to compete with the Tianyi Sect. In other words, I should improve our strength as soon as possible and make myself stronger..."

Chu Nan's eyes shone with determination as he thought about it. He had made up his mind to establish his first force in Xiongluo City, so he turned to Situ Yixiao and asked, "Which sect do you rely on?"

"The Golden Fist Gang! The owner of the Golden Fist Gang is a later-phase martial master with relatively strong strength. He is in charge of several great martial masters. Now I can't find out the details yet."

"Tell me about the situation."

"The street we occupy now is at the southernmost, and is the poorest street. Before today, the Meng Gang was next to us, but from now on, they belong to us. There are also the Golden Fist Gang, the Flying Horse Gang and the Wolf Gang around, and so on, while the five gangs in the east, including the Fierce Tiger Gang and the Power Gang, are attached to the Qing Gang. The Fierce Tiger Gang and the Power Gang each occupied two streets, while the other three gangs each occupied one street. However, the streets they occupy are very rich!" Situ Yixiao spoke very carefully.

Chu Nan said, "It seems that you were prepared to know everything so clearly."

Situ Yixiao smiled bitterly. "It's a pity that I don't have the following part of the Flame Spell. Otherwise, I wouldn't be so down and out."

"Then why don't you join the sects? With your qualifications, I think those sects will fight to get you." Chu Nan asked doubtfully.

Situ Yixiao turned to look at the guys who were busy preparing dinner and said, "If I join a sect, what about my little sister and what about them? Those sects won't accept them, and I can't take care of them in a sect."

"He is a sentimental person." Chu Nan said in his heart and asked again, "How much power can you recover after 24 hours?"

"Eighty percent!" Situ Yixiao's eyes sparkled, and said affirmatively.

"All right, keep your strength up. After 24 hours, let's go!"

"Let's go?"

Chu Nan stood up and said, "Tomorrow, we will turn the territories of the Fierce Tiger Gang and the Power Gang into our territories!"

"Brother Lin, what's the name of our gang?" Situ Yixiao was extremely excited.

Chu Nan looked at Situ Yixiao and said it clearly, "The Sky Reversing Gang!"

24 hours later, it was noon.

Chu Nan with Situ Yixiao, took the Sky Reversing Gang, which including him had twelve members, to go to the Fierce Tiger Gang.

Although the Flying Horse Gang and the Wolf Gang were close to the street that Situ Yixiao had occupied, but they were only dependent on the Golden Fist Gang, which was equivalent to an ally. If they attacked an ally without any reason, they might be devastated. However, the Fierce Tiger Gang and the Power Gang were attached to the Qin Gang. If their territory is first taken over, things will change dramatically.

When they arrived at the entrance of the house where the Fierce Tiger Gang was located, there were two people that recognized Situ Yixiao and shouted sarcastically, "Situ Yixiao, you are not on Foul Water Street. What are you doing in the territory of the Fierce Tiger Gang?"

Situ Yixiao smiled. "Down with the Fierce Tiger Gang!"

As soon as he said this, the Fierce Tiger Gang members were stunned and immediately burst out laughing. "Situ Yixiao, it seems that you have lived enough. Don't you want to live anymore?"

"You are the ones who don't want to go on living!"

"Well, you're just a middle martial master. How dare you talk like that? Our gang master is already a senior martial master and is about to break through to a top martial master. Since you want to die, Situ Yixiao, today is your inevitable hour..."

"Why you talk so much nonsense? Let's kill them!"

Chu Nan shouted coldly with his heavy sword in hand, brushing two swords. The two men fell to the ground with their mouths open in shock! They were dead.

"Who dares to be so presumptuous in my territory?"

With a loud shout, Situ Yixiao said angrily, "Big brother, this man is the gang master of the Fierce Tiger Gang!"

"Okay, I'll deal with him. Keep your eyes on the others. Don't let one go." Chu Nan said these words without any emotion, only indifference, because he understood that to establish force in this world where the jungle law is practiced, all he needed was ruthlessness!

"Situ Yixiao, you don't want to live to come to the Fierce Tiger Gang and make trouble?" When the Fierce Tiger Gang's master saw Situ Yixiao, his face was even more ferocious. He wanted to rush over and cut him.

Chu Nan stood in front of the Fierce Tiger Gang's master as soon as the master stepped out. Without a word, the heavy sword was cut down in the air. The Fierce Tiger Gang's master didn't feel any original force on the heavy sword. He said, "With just one broken sword, you want to kill me? Dream to go to!"

As he spoke, the Fierce Tiger Gang's master pulled out his knife and blocked it. The blade had a khaki halo, which was the symbol of Earth Original Force that was famous for its strength.

The heavy sword fell and the broadsword came forward!


With the Earth Original Force gathering by the master, a broadsword was broken from the center by a heavy sword!

The broadsword was broken but the heavy sword was removed without any loss of strength. It went straight to the head of the Fierce Tiger Gang's master!

The Fierce Tiger Gang's master had not regained his senses yet. How could a normal sword break the sword that he had condensed into the replenishing because of an ordinary heavy sword? Is this person a top martial master? But why couldn't he feel his original force? Why...

As soon as he thought about it, with the question in his heart was not over yet, he felt death approaching. As he tried to avoid, the heavy sword fell on his head...