Chapter 5 My Son Will End It

Chapter five Your life will be ended by my son

But Bai Zeyu was so scared now. When Chu Nan took one step, Bai Zeyu's scare became fear. Fear was still growing stronger in Chu Nan's will to fight even if he died...

This fear, when it reached its peak, it made Bai Zeyu had a sense of menace.

It came from Chu Nan, the trash what Bai Zeyu called as!

Bai Zeyu couldn't let the threat survive, so he wanted to kill Chu Nan, that rubbish.

After three steps, Bai Zeyu's was surrounded by flames, like the fire god. And the color of the flames became redder and redder, which was a sign of breakthrough!

Bai Zeyu was indeed a genius and a high-level martial master. After his heart was filled with anger, obsession, and madness of persisting in killing Chu Nan, he was about to break through and enter the level of the great martial master!

There are only a handful of 17-year-old great martial masters in the Qing Kingdom!

Chu Nan had no fear, no regret, and no retreat. He just took the second step with all his might. Bai Zeyu was only three steps away from him!

Bai Zeyu raised his fire fist and consumed the Original force in his body. He said coldly, "Trash, it's a pain for you to live anyway. Let me end your life!"

Chu Nan clenched his fingers into fists and pointed at Bai Zeyu as if he were going to die!

"Burning the sky with rage!"

Bai Zeyu roared, unleashed his ultimate arts, and attacked Chu Nan!

Burning the sky with rage, which made the area of the flame get bigger and hotter, and it felt like it was going to burn the sky. Before the fist could reach Chu Nan, Chu Nan's rags and black hair had turned into ashes...

The next second, so did Chu Nan's body, Chu Nan's life, that unyielding will, and that crazy spirit...

"Go to hell!"

Bai Zeyu's smile was full of ferocity and madness!

At this critical moment, a fist, burning with a purple flame, appeared in front of Chu Nan and took Bai Zeyu's attack!

In the next moment, the arrogant Bai Zeyu flew back at a tremendous speed...

He was so fast that Chu Nan could not see Bai Zeyu clearly. He could only see the fragments and the drops of blood falling from the sky!

"You are not qualified to kill my son!"

Cold words came from the owner who could punch out a purple flame fist...


Chu Nan called out with difficulty. His eyes were full of thrill.

Of course, it was unbelievable that his father had such a cultivation base. The fist and the purple flame represented his status, the martial general!

"Can you still walk?"

Chu Tianfeng disturbed his son's thoughts. There was no tenderness in his voice.

Chu Nan wanted to shake his head and say no. He wanted to lie on his father's back and enjoy his care. But when he saw his father's eyes shining with expectation, he gritted his teeth and said, "Yes!"

So Chu Tianfeng stopped talking, turned around, and walked in front of Chu Nan.

However, the moment his father turned around, Chu Nan saw his father's smile!

Enough, that was enough. Chu Nan's face was full of blood, but there was a bright smile on it. As long as he could make his father smile, no matter what he did, even if it was a hundred or a thousand times more painful than now, he was willing to bear it. He had no resentment! No regrets!

However, Chu Nan only saw the smile, but he did not see the pain in his father's eyes, the tenderness, the pity...

Chu Tianfeng must love his son. Otherwise, he would not live in the small Bai family village for more than ten years. So would he came here when Bai Zeyu wanted to kill his son.

However, Chu Tianfeng kept all his feelings in his heart, and then put on a coat of almost ruthlessness, because his son was different; sooner or later, he would die, even if he broke through into the martial king, he could only live decades longer!

He was dead then. What about his son?

There were so many conflicts even in the small Bai family village, for someone wanted to kill his son. What about the outside world? The number of people who could kill their son was even more numerous!

How did his son live for?

Although his son's meridians were completely destroyed. But the will to survive, the will to become stronger, must not be destroyed!

If the will was destroyed, he will become a real loser!

Therefore, Chu Tianfeng wanted to seize every opportunity to train his son's strong will. Even if his son was already covered in bruises and bones were broken, even his body was roasted by fire, he had to be cruel all the time!

On the side, Little Ruoxue, who had witnessed the whole incident, had an innocent and lovely face that had been covered by tears. She wanted to hold back her tears, but when she saw Chu Nan being beaten to the ground but stood up tenaciously, again and again...