Chapter 50 Snatch Five Gangs in A Row

Chapter 50: defeating five gangs in a row

Suddenly, the sword came, splitting his head into pieces and his body in half!

The power of one such move was extremely fierce!

All the members of the Fierce Tiger Gang were still locked in the battle with Situ Yixiao. They suddenly saw their gang leader killed by a single strike and heard someone shouting, "Our leader is dead, our leader is killed..."

Immediately, they lost the will to fight. Situ Yixiao took the opportunity to kill several people, and even Shen Moxin took the life of a junior martial master!


Chu Nan spat out the word coldly!

There was a dead silence.

"Otherwise, die!"

As soon as he spoke, Chu Nan's heavy sword once again descended from high above, and a head immediately flew into the air, splattering blood for three feet long!


The twelve members of the Heaven Defying Gang shouted at the same time. Those from the Fierce Tiger Gang were frightened and dared not to speak. How could they possibly resist with their strength? In despair, before another "Surrender" came out, they all knelt down and kowtowed.

In fact, the members of the Fierce Tiger Gang were used to being submissive. There were hundreds of gangs in Xiongluo City and fighting happened every day. They followed and served whoever won. Since they did it for survival, they felt no guilt.

Of course, there were also extremely loyal people, but they all bled to death under Situ Yixiao's attack!

"The next target, Power Gang!" After finishing speaking, Chu Nan turned and walked out the door.

Situ Yixiao shouted, "Take your weapons and follow us!"

At the entrance of the Power Gang, its two members saw more than 30 people rushing towards them with a murderous look on their faces and were puzzled to find that there were people from both Situ Yixiao and the Fierce Tiger Gang. "When did Situ Yixiao get mixed up with the Fierce Tiger Gang? Did Situ Yixiao turn to the Fierce Tiger Gang? But wasn't there a war between Han Meng and Situ Yixiao last night?"

But before they could go on thinking, the crowd already came to the door, and the two quickly stood in the middle of the gate, shouting, "Stop."

"Get out!"

"How dare you run wild in the Power Gang..."


Chu Nan said a word, and an 800-kilogram sword brushed against their bodies like a bamboo leaf, while the next moment the two people were cut straight by the waist!

What a bloody and shocking scene.

The members of the Fierce Tiger Gang who followed behind saw this scene and immediately threw the idea of betrayal out of their minds. The man would kill anyone immediately as soon as he said it and would not show mercy. If he found out that there was something strange going on, they would definitely be killed.

Chu Nan led them in and Situ Yixiao shouted, "Li Shi, get out!"

Li Shi, who was training hard to be a great martial master, woke up from his cultivation when he heard this roar. He was stunned and his face changed the next moment. "Who's the one attacking the Power Gang? The Flying Horse Gang or the Wolf Gang?"

Li Shi ran out in a hurry and saw Situ Yixiao standing in the yard. He couldn't help but laugh in anger. "Situ Yixiao, it's you, you little brat. I was wondering who it was. What are you doing in my territory? To take refuge in me?"

"To take your life!"

"You? Are you tired of living?" Li Shi knew that Situ Yixiao was a mid-level martial master. The 30-year-old Li Shi was already at the peak of martial masters. For him, killing Situ Yixiao, although he would be injured, would only take a little effort.

"Situ Yixiao, I like your ruthlessness very much. As long as you surrender to me, I will spare your life!"

"It is you who should surrender." Situ Yixiao smiled.

Chu Nan dragged his heavy sword towards Li Shi.

Li Shi's face suddenly changed.

Li Shi's face changed.

It was because he saw Chu Nan dragging a heavy sword across the ground, leaving a deep mark!

"This sword is strange."

Li Shi said in his heart, looking at the grim-faced Chu Nan. For no reason, a feeling that he was no match for him arose in his heart!

"I wonder what kind of Original Force this person is cultivating. Why can't I feel it at all? How would I, a senior martial master, be afraid of this person in front of me!" Li Shi encouraged himself, raised his sword, and then shouted, "Golden Light Chop!"

Li Shi unleashed all of his golden Original Force, and a ray of light shot through the air towards Chu Nan!

"The first move of pushing the sky!"

Chu Nan's sword, without any fluctuations of Original Force, collided with the golden light.

In an instant, the golden light shattered, and Chu Nan's momentum was still unrivaled as he fought forward.

Li Shi's face changed in horror. He felt that he had been locked in by the sword and had nowhere to run.

The heavy sword cut down fiercely with an invincible momentum. It landed directly on Li Shi's chest. Suddenly, his chest split open and burst into Blood Mist!

Even if Chu Nan was unable to mobilize the Original Force at this time, how could a senior martial master withstand his incredibly powerful force that could break more than 50 kilograms of boulders with a punch and 150 kilograms of ironstones with a sword?

What happened next was again the killing to establish authority. They subdued more than 20 people from the Power Gang, and went on to kill the next gang.

It took less than half an hour to defeat the two gangs in a row. Both gang leaders were killed by Chu Nan's one sword move. At this time, news of the annihilation of the Fierce Tiger Gang and the power gang had yet to spread.

Then, without any suspense, Chu Nan destroyed three gangs in a row with a momentum of sweeping away millions of enemy troops and again, killed three gang leaders by using only one move!

After the annihilation of the five gangs, the Heaven Defying Gang owned nine streets in total including Han Meng's street and Situ Yixiao's poorest street. Nine streets were considered a big force among the small gangs.

The number of Heaven Defying Gang members increased to 100. However, even if Situ Yixiao was counted in, there were only four mid-level martial masters and ten junior martial masters, and the rest were still martial warriors.

It was very difficult for such a group to keep the territory of nine streets. The only person they could rely on was Chu Nan. As long as he could withstand the attack of a great martial master, the Heaven Defying Gang could have a chance to develop.

"Yixiao, gather all the property of the five gangs together, and look for Martial Sutra of all kinds of elements. We must improve everyone's power, otherwise, everything is just a wasted effort!"

"Yes, big brother." Situ Yixiao took the order. Fortunately, everyone in those gangs had seen Chu Nan's ferocity, and no one dared to hide anything from him. They all told him what they knew honestly.

Three hours later, Situ Yixiao ransacked all the property of the five gangs, totaling six hundred gold coins and nine amethyst coins. But there was no Origin Stone or spirit medicine.

However, they found a lot of Martial Sutras, including five elements of "metal, wood, water, fire and earth." One of them was" The Flame Spell," which had seven levels of cultivation methods. Situ Yixiao looked at it and said happily," This is enough for me to break through to a great martial master."

In addition, there were a lot of martial arts. Although the best of these Martial Sutras and martial arts were only at the superior level of yellow rank, but they were enough for these members of small gangs!

Chu Nan was still hesitating whether to pass the Qiankun Nine Turns to Situ Yixiao. After all, it was very important. Chu Nan wanted to continue his investigation before making any plans.

Looking at the six hundred gold coins, he could not help but say in his heart, "In the Free Town, these gold coins can be only equal to a hundred steamed buns." Then, he pressed down his thoughts and turned to ask, "Yixiao, how much gold coins do we need to hand over to the Golden Fist Gang as what we are now?"

"Five hundred gold coins a month."

"Five hundred?"

"Yes, our territory is quite big now. The Golden Fist Gang certainly doesn't want us to grow, so they will suppress us. Perhaps, 700 gold coins won't be enough for a month." Situ Yixiao sounded a little worried. "Although we can earn about a thousand gold coins a month on these nine streets, there's not much left for our brothers after deducting the money we hand in. That's how the Golden Fist Gang intends to control our development."