Chapter 515 Chase And Kill

The sharp pain made Chu Nan bared his teeth and open his mouth, but Chu Nan's movements were not slow at all. He rolled his big hands and rolled up four Haotian Arrow.

Immediately, he ran frantically towards the mountains, and only in the mountains did he have the chance to overturn them!

The mountains were full of life force!

"Today's blood feud will be repaid twice in a day. These four Haotian Arrow will be taken care of by my husband. Just wait and see. Wait and see for blood - debt - blood - compensation!" Chu Nan's figure flashed like a ghost, and his voice came out of the purgatory!

"Under the hands of the great spirit, I will see how you escape!"

Qi Liansheng didn't take it seriously. The "Devil Dao" below, the replenishing, was almost non-existent. It was obvious that they were at the end of their tethers. They were just holding on. With a single blow from the great spirit palm, "Devil Dao" would be smashed to pieces and turned into a pancake!

In the next moment, the giant spirit held the power of hao hao and fiercely suppressed it.

The black egg dashed towards the palm of his hand, and was overshadowed by the impact. The giant spirit palm continued to press down on Chu Nan, and the colorful defensive halo inspired by the Mixed elements Ring, due to the lack of Chu Nan replenishing, was only blocked for a moment, and was immediately broken, hitting Chu Nan firmly.

With this huge force, Chu Nan's palms and internal organs were about to be patted out. Blood was gushing out and his body was like a kite with broken strings. He quickly flew far away and chased after the black egg that had been slapped before.

Qi Liansheng watched coldly, waiting for Chu Nan to fall to the ground.

However, five breaths passed. Not only did Chu Nan not hit the ground, he was still flying in the air. He also held the black egg in his arms and put it into the storage ring.

After all, Chu Nan's body was still strong. Although he was in a fragmented and endangered situation, he survived the life force hidden before the release of the Pill Bead. The 800 ganoderma corals in the spirit beast bag were also released. Under Xiaolan's leadership, he tried his best to carry Chu Nan forward.

Seeing this scene, Qi Liansheng's face was so dark that he was about to wring out water. He gritted his teeth and said, "Even if you are a cockroach that can't be beaten to death, I still have to beat you to death today!" With that said, Qilian marched away triumphantly.

Bie Zheng did not catch up, but stomped the ground. The huge arrow floated in the air. He drew his bow and smiled, "This time, can you still block my arrow? I told you you were going to die under my arrow!"

At the end of the sentence, a huge arrow shot out!

If the meteor landed and the huge arrow hit Chu Nan's back in the blink of an eye, Chu Nan "Wow" spat out a large mouthful of blood, flying in the air, the whole body of blood and bones, seemed to be separated from each other, running around, if not for that skin wrapped, afraid that it would have burst open.

However, flesh and bones are not directly shared by flesh and blood, but like the lotus root, the lotus root is broken!

The life force of the plant essence stored in the danzhu rose out in an instant, patching up Chu Nan's body and continuing to fall forward. After two great pushes, the mountains were already close in front of him!

Just as the giant earth arrow hit Chu Nan's body, Qi Liansheng's murderous spirit had already locked on Chu Nan, but under the impact of this arrow, Chu Nan actually broke away from his lock, and after jumping into the air, Chu Nan's body fell into the mountains.

"Still alive?"

Bie Zheng's eyes became flustered, and Qi Liansheng's cold voice came down, "Chase him, you must not let him escape, whether he lives or dies!"

The two of them knew how powerful it was. Although this "Devil Dao" was definitely not the powerful Devil Dao three hundred years ago, this fake demon dao also brought great disaster to the Tianyi Sect. Even master Hei Jun's divine power was destroyed by this person. In the long run, it is not possible that the fake Devil Dao in front of him will be more powerful than Devil Dao before!

Just as the two of them were about to try their best to catch up with each other, something flew in like them and stared at them, but it was a group of strange insects, all kinds of colors, and dazzling, making a piercing hissing sound. What surprised them the most was that the killing spirit emanating from these strange insects was so fierce.

Qi Liansheng and Bie Zheng were stunned. They absorbed the blood of Five Elements children in the forbidden area, and then the mutated jade ganoderma coral directly pierced their spikes into their bodies.

The pain went deep into her bones!

The two of them came back to their senses. The blood in their bodies had already lost a lot of hair, especially Bie Zheng, who had lost too much of his energy in the battle with Chu Nan. His strength had not even recovered from three Chengdu.

"Damn it, little ant, you dare to suck my blood, I'll crush you to death!"

Bi zheng was so angry that he reached out to grab the coral and squeezed it hard, but it didn't turn into powder as he had imagined. After another squeeze, the coral was still alive. At the same time, the blood in his body was lost by a large part. Bie Zheng panicked and didn't bother to pinch it anymore. He pulled the coral out of his body, threw it out and strangled it with the haotian bow.

Even so, Bie Zheng had to put in a lot of effort to kill one, but there were 400 yuzhi corals attacking him. If he was at the peak of his strength, he would not be afraid, but now this situation, the replenishing had very little left, and Bie Zheng panicked.

"Uncle shi, save me!"

Bi was calling for help from Qi Liansheng, but he didn't know that Qi Liansheng was in a bad situation either. Although he was in a better situation than Bie Zheng, he was not much better. Especially the blue bug, whose body was incredibly strong and whose speed of sucking blood was even more terrifying. "This devil's body is strong enough to be terrifying. The worms he raised are just as terrifying as he is!"

As soon as he finished reading, Qi Liansheng heard Bie Zheng's cry for help. With a loud roar and a wave of replenishing all over his body, he shook most of the yuzhi coral off his body. Xiaolan and a few others were still dead on Qi Liansheng. Qilian was in a state of shock, and the sword in his hand swept away, chopping it hard on the yuzhi coral that rushed up again.

"Uncle, help... Me..."

Bie Zheng's breathing became weaker and weaker. Due to the lack of water and blood, his body was already dehydrated and his skin and flesh dried up. Qi Liansheng's mind flashed and he shouted, "Follow the ground, follow the ground!"

Hearing this, Bie Zheng hurriedly did what he had to do, but where else could he follow the ground? Qi Liansheng saw the situation, looked at the place Chu Nan fell in front of him fiercely, stepped next to Bie Zheng, swept over with one palm, swept away most of the yuzhi coral, and then grabbed Bie Zheng, and followed the ground.

At the moment when the two of them followed the ground, Xiaolan and the other corals quickly pulled away and flew to the place where Chu Nan had fallen. Some of the slow ones, who had not been pulled out, were brought to the ground to be slapped to death by Qilian sheng.

Qi Liansheng took out the elixir and asked Bie Zheng to swallow one, "Bie Zheng, you will heal in the earth. When the wound is almost healed, you will immediately search for it. At the same time, you will issue an order to gather the Tianyi Sect's outer disciples and search around the mountain. I will go first. I will not give him a chance to escape."

"Yes, master."

Bie Zheng's face was much better after he took the pill, and he was a Earth Origin Force cultivator, and the earth was really the best place for him to heal. It could speed up his recovery and improve his strength.

Qi Liansheng did not rush out of the ground and walk in the air, shuttling straight through the earth. Fortunately, both of them practiced Earth Origin Force. Otherwise, they did not know how to get rid of the yuzhi coral entanglement!

"Where else can you run if you are so badly injured? You can't run away, you can't run away..." Qilian sheng sped through the air, mumbling as if he was trying to cheer himself up, because he remembered that in Tianyun Peak, his injuries were not light, even unconscious, and he still escaped.

In an instant, Qilian sheng reached the ground where Chu Nan landed and jumped out of it.

However, Qi Liansheng, who was floating in the air, did not see the seriously injured Chu Nan. In his vision, the green trees had disappeared, some were just dead branches, and there was no blood on the ground. And these dead trees, they look strange..."

Qi Liansheng opened up the Divine Thoughts, which was seven or eight hundred meters long, and searched it back and forth, but he didn't find anything. Qi Liansheng was furious, and the replenishing gathered in his palm to vent, but before he could wave it out, the dead trees turned to ashes and filled the air.

In the midst of the dust, Qi Liansheng sensed the strange bugs before and rushed over. Qi Liansheng was furious, but he was ambushed and bullied by a group of bugs. How could this be called human kindness?

However, Qi Liansheng did not release his anger, waved his hand and fought with the ganoderma lucidum coral, but walked into the earth neatly. Now, to him, catching and eliminating the seriously injured "Devil Dao" was the most important and critical thing!

Qi Liansheng wandered around the earth, the Divine Thoughts kept searching outside, and hours later, nothing was found. Qi Liansheng did not give up and searched deeper into the mountains. "As long as you're alive, my husband will find you!"

At this moment, Chu Nanzheng's breath was completely restrained, running the eleventh meridian, absorbing the essence of grass and wood, and mending the broken body. He did not stay in one place and did not move. Instead, he shot and changed a place!

Even so, there were a few times when Chu Nan almost let Qi Liansheng find out that there was a jade ganoderma coral that covered him, and Chu Nan found another hiding place, sucking on the vitality of the grass and trees, feeling that his body was slowly recovering, and said, "Wait for me, I will give you a big surprise, a big surprise!"