Chapter 520 The Word "die," Fist

After a long pause, Qi Liansheng looked up and burst into laughter. "Devil Dao, did you hurt your brain?"

"No?" Chu Nan asked with a smile.

"Nonsense!" Qi Liansheng didn't believe it. "The reason why you killed Bie Zheng so quickly..."

Chu Nan interrupted Qi Liansheng and said with a smile, "To be precise, it was a second kill."

Qi Liansheng's face darkened and said, "That's because you shot out the Haotian Arrow. At this distance, I can guarantee that if you pull out the bow, you can take the head off your neck!"


"Yes, death is your only ending."

Chu Nan asked faintly, "Do you know how you ended up?"

"Kill you, take your various treasures, and then kill all the people you saved, such as those in Lilan River, those in huoping village, and those in Pines City. After killing the people who are grateful to you, you are dead!"

Chu Nan said coldly, "Your hearts are still as cruel as they were three hundred years ago. Kill the others and plant the blame on me."

"Thank you for the compliment, but I am the winner. The winner is the king. Haven't you heard of it?" Qi Liansheng didn't take it seriously on the surface, but he was also secretly looking at those strange bugs. Those strange bugs could bring him a lot of trouble, so he said, waiting for the Tianyi Sect disciples to surround him and help him block those strange bugs, so that he could capture and kill Devil Dao in one fell swoop.

Chu Nan shook his head. "This is not your ending. Your ending is..." Speaking of this, Chu Nan paused and looked at the sky above him. After three seconds, he lowered his head and said to Qi Liansheng, "You flew up into the sky and looked down at the ground. You know what your ending is."

Hearing this, Qi Liansheng laughed. "Devil Dao, do you think that such a simple trap will fall into my hands?"

"So you don't have confidence in yourself. You're afraid that once you fly into the sky, the old man will disappear and you won't be able to catch him again, right?" Chu Nan asked with a smile. Qi Liansheng looked embarrassed and replied, "Will the old lady be afraid of you, a dying man?"

"Then why don't you dare to fly up into the sky and take a look?" Chu Nan said scornfully. Qi Liansheng was about to get angry, but he suddenly smiled. "Devil Dao, Devil Dao, your provocation is useless. I won't fall for it. Just accept your fate! If you cooperate and answer my question honestly, I might be able to save you a whole body!"

"You think too highly of yourself. Will my husband provoke you?" Chu Nan was full of disdain and said, "If old madam doesn't want you to find out, do you think you could have found out earlier? Can you still stand here?"

Qi Liansheng recalled the scene at that time. If this fake demon daoist did not use that secret method in front of him, he might not have noticed it. He thought so in his heart, but it was impossible for him to agree. He looked at Chu Nan and found that Chu Nan did not have any signs of escaping. He said, "Okay, old man, go and see what you want to do!"

He immediately leaped into the air and looked down at the earth.

Looking around, he could see the endless mountains, and could not see the end. Qi Liansheng said, "There is nothing strange about it."

Just as Qi Liansheng was about to fall back to the ground, he saw those green roofless beings and said, "These places were destroyed by the fake Devil Dao. It's simply..."

As he spoke, Qilian triumphantly kept the blank space in his eyes.

Before Qi Liansheng could finish his sentence, the blank spaces in his vision actually formed a pattern in his mind. Qi Liansheng frowned. "This picture is a little like a word."

Immediately, Qi Liansheng lowered the picture in his mind, and the word floated in the sea of his consciousness.

And Qi Liansheng's face, suddenly rippled with boundless murderous anger, an old face, full of extreme anger!

Why did Qi Liansheng react so much when he saw that word?

Just because that word was the word "Death" !

Qilian victory fell back to the ground, and before Chu Nan had a hard time, Chu Nan smiled and asked, "Look at you, you can see the ending. How is it? That ending suits you very well!"

Chu Nan said that Qi Liansheng's anger, which he had been teased before, had reached its peak under the word "Death." His anger was so intense that he almost spat out a mouthful of blood. Fortunately, he held it in. Just as Qi Liansheng was threatening to attack with rage, Chu Nan smiled and said, "You want to spit out blood, right? If you want to vomit, just vomit. It's so hard to hold it back. Aren't you afraid that it will turn into an internal injury?"


Qi Liansheng finally couldn't help but spit out a mouthful of blood. Qi Liansheng's whole body glowed with a yellowish-green light. The Earth Origin Force in the ground under his feet gathered frantically towards Qi Liansheng. Then Qilian raised his right hand, no longer the "Giant palm of the spirit," but clenched his fists and roared, "Devil Dao, the old man killed you! Kill you!"

"Fist, right?" Chu Nan's eyes shot a cold light, and a whirlpool stomped on the ground, spreading the thick Earth Origin Force that were rushing towards Devil Dao, shouting, "Today, I will let you die with one punch!"

Qi Liansheng also stomped on the ground and stepped forward. Ten meters away from Chu Nan, he suddenly shouted, "Earth fist!"

"The name is quite impressive. My punch is probably called the Force Fist!" Chu Nan calmly said, but also his body suddenly accelerated, and bravely faced the Qilian victory boom!

Qilian victory one style earth fist, eight sides prestige, the fist became like a war hammer, and the earth yellow light on the fist was even more intense than the sun's light, the surrounding earth, also trembled because of him, what a powerful!

Chu Nan, on the other hand, was calm. There was no sign of anything. The ground was still motionless and the wind was still blowing. Even the fist was the same size as usual.

But this silence, compared to Qi Liansheng's stormy momentum, was somewhat frighteningly quiet. There was a kind of smell of you letting yourself be, and I pointed at the hill from the breeze.

Qi Liansheng saw the size of the head of chu nan fist, and the circle of green, felt the life of the wooden yuan inside, and said scornfully, "Mu Yuanli can also be called the Force Fist, let the old lady with the power of the earth, smash your body!"

Ten meters away, completely ignored, the voice fell, their fists collided!

Qi Liansheng had already thought about how that fist had been destroyed by his "Earth fist," and then Devil Dao's body had turned into dust!

But at the moment of the collision, Qi Liansheng felt a sense of shock.

Before he could find out why he was shocked, the sound of the "Boom" explosion had already sounded in this world, in Qi Liansheng's ears, and in that "Shock" heart!

At that moment, in Qi Liansheng's dazed eyes, he saw that the fist, which was less than one-tenth of his size, was not broken or cracked, but firmly blocked his fist, preventing him from entering another inch.

Moreover, the seemingly weak fist actually emitted a suffocating power, making Qi Liansheng feel that the fist was the earth fist, and his was just a huge stone fist.

"That night, this Devil Dao was never as strong as he is now. Why was he so powerful in just a few days?"

Qi Liansheng had a lot of questions in his heart, but he knew that this was not the time to think about it. The power of the intermediate martial emperor erupted, constantly absorbing the Earth Origin Force from the earth to resist Chu Nan, and then killed him.

"Earth fist? Do you deserve the power of the earth?" Chu Nan said in a cold voice, with two murderous looks in his eyes, he went straight into the depths of Qi Liansheng's soul, causing Qilian sheng's heart, which was already in a state of panic, to tremble and shake, while Chu Nan shouted, "Is it the intermediate martial emperor? In front of the old man, what can a middle rank martial emperor do? Give me back! Back off! Back off!"

In the midst of a series of "Retreating" explosions, Chu Nan's five waves of whirlpool whirled, and more than a million pounds of power poured out. Qilian triumphed, retreated and retreated. Chu Nan held his fist and hit him all the way back.

After five waves of power surged, Chu Nan began a new round of gathering power, wave after wave of power, in an instant, filled with the sixteenth meridian of the right fist, each wave of power carrying a lot of life force, there was no possibility of explosion.

Qi Liansheng spent a lot of time playing with the replenishing first, then saw the word "Death," and was provoked to vomit blood by Chu Nan; then he was shocked by Chu Nan's punch. At this moment, he was panicked and didn't expect to fly to the sky. He just wanted to fight back, to knock Chu Nan down, and shouted loudly, "Old man is a mid-level martial emperor, you can't beat old man..."

"The old man said, in front of the old man, you don't deserve to call yourself the old man!"

With Chu Nan's powerful voice and millions of pounds of force, Qi Liansheng felt the numbness in his right arm. As he retreated, Chu Nan pushed the magic path and broke the giant towering tree, crushed the huge rock, and crashed into the air.

A lot of Tianyi Sect disciples who got up saw this scene, and many were immediately shocked. "Well, the one who was pushed back was the master of Qilian in Tianbo Peak? Is that Devil Dao?"

After a large area of trees and boulders hit, what appeared in front of Chu Nan was a high mountain cliff!

Faced with this, Chu Nan did not stop, but his eyes were full of war!

The sixteenth meridian, is suddenly surging into the six waves of power!

Although Chu Nan also spat out blood in his mouth, and his body was still trembling violently, as if it was a premonition before the explosion, Chu Nan still pushed Qi Liansheng towards the tall mountain and crashed into it!

"What about the mountains? Let the old man in!"