Chapter 521 That Punch Was Stained with Blood

Although "Escaping" was a disgrace to Qi Liansheng, his intuition was that if he didn't escape, he probably wouldn't be able to breathe the next second of air and enjoy the next moment of sunshine.

Qi Liansheng immediately wanted to jump into the air!

Chu Nan sensed Qi Liansheng's thoughts and shouted, "Can you still escape now?"

Immediately, a whirlpool, a pure white whirlpool, appeared in the right fist with only six waves of power. The strong suction made Qi Liansheng unable to escape from it!

At this moment, Qilian sheng was really flustered. Previously, he thought that if he wanted to escape, there would be no problem. If he wanted to leave, he could leave.

But the current situation was not something Qilian sheng could walk away from.

Not to mention that the pure white fire of the burning sky was rapidly consuming his replenishing and burning him; Qi Liansheng's body, which was only a breath away from the cliff, was about to collide.

At this critical moment, Qi Liansheng finally remembered that he had another trick: the Divine Thoughts attack!

Generally, a martial emperor who is a stable practitioner can use this trick!

Thinking of this, Qi Liansheng could not help but smile. He collected all the Divine Thoughts and condensed them into a single stream, going straight to Chu Nan's mind attack. In his imagination, this fake demon dao in front of him would definitely not be able to stop the attack of the Divine Thoughts. In the instant of his confusion, he would break away from the fist of the fake demon dao and take the opportunity to turn to his back, followed by a giant spirit palm. Send the fake Devil Dao into the mountains!

And he turned defeat into victory!

The idea was good, but Chu Nan had been on guard ever since Martial Monarch Hei Jun's Divine Thoughts attack. When he saw the sinister smile on Qi Liansheng's lips, he immediately penetrated his idea. He quickly retracted the Divine Thoughts and huddled it up into a ball. With a lot of life force, he wrapped it up layer by layer!

So, when Qi Liansheng's Divine Thoughts attacked fiercely, it was instantly submerged in the sea of life force. Chu Nan was unresponsive and harmless!

Not only that, Chu Nan's crazy replenishing, the power did not have the consciousness to stop at all. During this period of time, the anger of being chased everywhere by the Tianyi Sect, the anger of being attacked inexplicably, the anger of not knowing where Zi Menger was going, the anger of not knowing whether he was alive or dead, the anger of not being able to return home, not seeing his parents, like a torrent filled every pore of Chu Nan!

A strong sense of destruction rose in Chu Nan's heart!

Chu Nan's face was twisted into a blood clot, every vein bulged, every muscle was shaking, every bone was cracking!

Chu Nan gritted his teeth and roared, "It's no use attacking the Divine Thoughts. Destroy the old man!"

The moment Qi Liansheng felt that his Divine Thoughts attack had failed, his heart was already dead. He was able to resist the attack of the Divine Thoughts. Either there was a special magic weapon to block the attack of the Divine Thoughts, or the other party's cultivation was higher than his...

Before Qi Liansheng could "Or" finish, Chu Nan unleashed that force like a raging beast. Qi Liansheng's body, without any resistance, was smashed into the cliff by Chu Nan!

The violent force made a great rumble between heaven and earth, and the mountain began to tremble and tremble, and rocks exploded!

At the same time, Qi Liansheng's "Earth fist" was directly blasted open, and his right arm was blown into powder!

At the same moment, Chu Nan's right fist, even though it was surrounded by a large amount of life force, was still unable to withstand the huge energy, burst open, crisscrossed wounds, dense and dense on the right fist; Chu Nan's face, full of blood, drop by drop, drop by drop...

But Chu Nan didn't seem to realize that the fist hit Qi Liansheng's chest, and his mouth was still screaming crazily, "Destroy - destroy - give - me - destroy - destroy!"


Qilian sheng spat out blood, his chest had been punched out a blood hole, his body had been embedded into the mountain, a full ten meters!

And Qi Liansheng had not stopped, he was still following Chu Nan's roar, continuing to enter the mountain.

Fifteen meters, twenty meters, twenty-eight meters...

It wasn't until Chu Nan broke Qi Liansheng's chest and heart that he stopped at 36 meters.

At this moment, Qilian is better than dead!

But those eyes were telling his shock, venting his unwillingness, and silently conveying his regret...

Perhaps at the last moment of Qi Liansheng's life, he regretted not coming forward so recklessly, regretting not being so arrogant and conceited, regretting why he used the Divine Thoughts to attack, not to detonate the nucleus with his divine will, so at least he could drag him to his death; unfortunately...

Qilian sheng had a lot of regrets!

But everything was too late!

Chu Nan did not sit down to take a breath. Although it was just a punch, this punch almost exhausted Chu Nan. If Qilian could win with this punch, then it would be him who died.

Dragging his crippled body, Chu Nan opened the bag of spirit beasts and let the ganoderma corals suck on Qi Liansheng's warm blood. Chu Nan took off his storage ring and swallowed the elixir in it for a long time. A warm stream emerged in Chu Nan's dantian and moistened Chu Nan's body.

And that nucleus, the nucleus of a mid-level martial emperor, which was half the size of bi zheng's nucleus, naturally entered Chu Nan's storage ring.

It only took twenty seconds to finish all this.

Qi Liansheng had been sucked into a dry body, and all the valuable and useful things on him were gone. A wisp of black fire from Chu Nan's fingertips flew onto Qi Liansheng's body and immediately turned into nothingness!

Chu Nan walked out step by step. The 36-meter tunnel that had been smashed out was telling the story of the tragedy and the story of Chu Nan's bravery!

Outside the cliff, more than 300 Tianyi Sect disciples were already focused.

They watched as Qilian sheng bumped into the mountain, and then Chu Nan, covered in blood, came out of it. Chu Nan was a hundred meters away from them, but Chu Nan took one step forward, and they took five or six steps back...

The Tianyi Sect disciple who saw Chu Nan's bloody punch was terrified to the extreme. His whole body was trembling, and he could not help but tremble violently, as if even his internal organs were about to tremble out.

Chu Nan took ten steps and the Tianyi Sect disciples retreated 200 meters away.

The Tianyi Sect disciples who had not seen Chu Nan's valiant punch came after them. When they saw Chu Nan covered in blood and in a mess, they felt that the opportunity had come. They had the opportunity to kill Devil Dao and make a name for themselves. They shouted, "What are you retreating from?" He was covered in blood. He must have been seriously injured. What was there to be afraid of? Let's go up together, kill him, kill him, whoever kills him, will be famous all over the world, and will receive countless benefits!"

Roaring, this group of people rushed up. The more than three hundred disciples in front seemed to be moved by what they said and thought they were right. The tough man was seriously injured and they could take advantage of it.

Therefore, these three hundred people also slowly walked up.

Chu Nan did not stop in his tracks. He looked up, his eyes full of blood, and he looked at a group of people in front of him who did not know what to fear and wanted to die. A cold voice came out. "Yes, my husband was seriously injured, but how could you ants desecrate it? Good, good, originally intended to let you go, but since you want to kill old man, then today, old man will start killing, killing one, sun - moon - wu - light! Inch - grass - no - life!"

Word by word, the breathtaking, suffocating murderous aura pervaded.

Chu Nan was not afraid of divulging the news, took out his heavy sword and killed the Tianyi Sect disciples who wanted to take his life. A few meters away, he threw out two unparalleled sharps, like a bright rainbow, and swept across the necks of the two Tianyi Sect disciples in an instant!

Suddenly, two heads belonging to the first rank martial king rose high and flew out at an angle of more than ten meters. Blood Wave sprayed two or three meters high!

"Hiss -"

This bloody scene shocked all the Tianyi Sect disciples present. The two primary martial kings were not one of his generals!

Besides, isn't this Devil Dao, this bloody man's hand, holding the weapon that the Tianyi Sect says is the sword?

Yes, that sword!

The heavy sword that had disappeared for a long time on tianwu land!

Someone shouted, "He's Lin Yun, this Devil Dao is Lin Yun, he's..."

Chu Nan smiled at the man. The Tianyi Sect disciple was silent and shrank his tongue back in fear. Chu Nan opened the seventh pose with one move and chopped it over. Not only was the Tianyi Sect disciple called Martial, who had advanced cultivation skills, split in half, but also under the seventh blade, all of them were chopped in half!

Shocking reappearance!

Chu Nan waved his heavy sword, one move of martial arts, sky-splitting, sky-splitting, sky-splitting, sky-splitting, Wild Wind Blows, chopping yuan and killing, Wild Wind Blows, chopping desire, chopping sorrow, hundred chop, moon-splitting, sunset, separation of flesh and blood, and so on. His skills blossomed on the heavy sword and were brilliant in this world.

Chu Nan was like an invincible killing demon. His long hair was dyed with blood, and he was dancing wildly without the wind, as if he wanted to join in the killing.

The Tianyi Sect disciples who rushed forward to take advantage of Chu Nan's head were killed silly.


After a terrifying scream from the soul, some of the Tianyi Sect disciples who had to fight for their lives and were also full of murderous energy launched a fierce attack, one by one with endless murderous energy raging towards Chu Nan.

Some of them turned around and escaped!

Chu Nan saw the Tianyi Sect disciples who turned around and ran away. He sneered, "Can you still run away when you see me with the heavy sword?"

With that, Chu Nan opened the spirit beast bag!