Chapter 522 Martial Arts Fusion to Dongyue

"Xiaolan, not one!"

Chu Nan said this in the midst of thousands of swords, and Xiaolan chased the Tianyi Sect disciple who was about to escape with the jade ganoderma coral. Xiaolan stabbed directly into the back of a high-ranking Martial, and then pierced out from his chest. In this short instant, the blood in the body of the Tianyi Sect disciple was almost non-existent, and he was completely at a loss. He did not know what happened. When his body fell to the ground, Xiaolan had already emerged from the chest of the third Tianyi Sect disciple.

Disaster began to befall the Tianyi Sect disciples.

In the face of disaster, they had no choice!

Those Tianyi Sect disciples who threw out countless magic weapons and threw them at Chu Nan, who fought with Chu Nan to the death, died even more miserably. Among them, there were many elementary martial kings, and more senior Martial.

Chu Nan had been able to kill Martial a long time ago, let alone grow up on the edge of life and death for so long. When he was killed, it was like chopping a melon or a vegetable. No one could stop him.

The magic weapon that came from the attack was shrouded in a brilliant and dazzling light. The next moment, the light disappeared, but those magic weapons were hanged into pieces, burst out, and a large number of people immediately fell to the ground and died.

"Don't huddle together, come separately, run separately and spread the news!"

Another Tianyi Sect disciple shouted. They who were still alive could no longer raise the confidence to kill them. They turned and ran away, saying, "Devil, devil..."

"I can't run away."

Chu Nan said plainly, he was immersed in his various skills for a long time, and as he waved faster and faster, the whole world seemed to be filled with his sharp sword and killing awn; and slowly, those originally messy, different, from different sects, and even unrelated martial arts, in Chu Nan's repeated performance, actually let Chu Nan have a feeling of "Fusion" in his heart!

It seemed that those martial arts, like the golden yuan whirlpool and the power whirlpool, wanted to melt!

At that moment, Chu Nan's heart moved, dancing faster, and subconsciously kneading a number of martial arts moves!

I didn't expect it to work!

First of all, it was the fusion of sorrow and desire, which was good to say, originally "Sorrow" and "Desire" belonged to seven emotions, and the fusion was normal. Even later, the skill of "Chopping yuan" was also integrated into it, which was within the normal range. After all, it was the same "Chopping" skill!

However, the skills of the chaotic wind gang chopping also melted into it; then followed by the opening of heaven and earth, it was the fourth chopping of the split yuan, it was the Wild Wind Saber Sutra, it was the hundred chopping thirty-six, it was the setting sun and the end of the moon chopping...

The last move was the separation of the flesh and blood from master dark-faced hell!

All of these skills were integrated together!

Chu Nan did not understand how these skills could be combined, but he knew that it would do him no harm. Chu Nan's enemies had become stronger and stronger. Although he had just realized a "Force Fist" trick, it was still not enough to see in front of those people. And the powerful skills combined with this trick could more or less play a role.

Since he could become stronger, Chu Nan would never let go of this opportunity!

The heavy sword swung faster and faster, blending those skills together more skillfully.

Of course, it was all Chu Nan who had practiced to blend together, and those such as the eighteenth of the opening day and the eighteenth of the splitting earth did not blend in.

Even so, the fusion of martial arts is full of horror!

With one stroke, the Tianyi Sect disciples had a confused and incredible feeling, both the feeling that the replenishing was sealed up and could not be used, and the feeling that they had forgotten to worry and forget to be in a daze, but also the feeling that the wild horse's power to break the sky and the earth...

After the sword passed, the bodies of the Tianyi Sect disciples broke apart. Bai Gu and the miserable flesh and blood were clearly separated!

The next moment, it crumbled into pieces.

The eyes that rolled on the ground were full of shock, horror, and death!

In this area, there were no living Tianyi Sect disciples, but Chu Nan was still wielding his heavy sword and experiencing the "Melting" mood over and over again. The surrounding trees could not bear the endless murderous atmosphere and burst into pieces. The ground under his feet was full of holes and criss-crossed sword marks.

The Tianyi Sect disciples in the mountains were all coming here when they heard the noise, but what they encountered was a jade ganoderma coral. The jade ganoderma corals were not polite and rushed up to whoever they saw...

The Tianyi Sect disciples fell, fell, and fell again without any suspense...

Pour as much as you can!


Chu Nan's skill of "Melting" with his sword was to cut across the cliff of the high mountain opposite him. The whole mountain trembled as if it was about to jump off the ground. Then, the mountain burst out into a big hole, with the big hole as the center, and several cracks spread out in all directions, as if they were torn apart by the giant's hand!

"If I were at my peak, with my strength and the Five Elements, this mountain..."

Chu Nan did not continue, but clenched his fists, his eyes overflowing with the intention of war, and then spat out a mouthful of blood, using the heavy sword to support his body, a war, although he was in an absolute advantage in the slaughter, but the energy consumed by the body, which was already seriously injured, was somewhat unbearable.

As he walked into the green space in the distance, the tenth meridian was running, and life force was coming to him continuously...

The third floor of the Tree and Grass was launched for six hours!

When Chu Nan opened his eyes and was full of strength, he recalled the battle with two Martial Emperor. After a summary, he fed the sword, black egg, and Xiaolan with blood and put them into the storage ring. Then he looked at the large area south of the mountains, which had become a desert, and there was no more than a shadow of a disciple. There were only over 700 ganoderma corals guarding Chu Nan.

"It's time to go. It's time to go to the Ling family."

Chu nan stood up with a wave of his hand and the replenishing released them. After putting away the storage rings one by one, a torrent of black flames erupted from his fingers, turning them into powder and disappearing into the mainland.

Then, chu nan went down the mountain and went straight to dongyue.

In the battle in the pinewood mountains, Tianyi Sect disciples lost nearly a thousand people. Anyway, those who saw Chu Nan using the heavy sword, or heard that Devil Dao was Lin Yun, were all destroyed. After Chu Nan went down the mountain, those who caught up with the rest of the Tianyi Sect disciples survived. They just looked at the desert and trembled involuntarily!

Just as Chu Nan punched Qilian sheng into the mountain and took his nucleus, the life card belonging to him on tianyi mountain broke into pieces. Xin Yizhen exclaimed. Hei Jun frowned deeply and said after a while, "When I recover to 60 %, you can go down the mountain. I'm afraid Manlan and the others will be poisoned."

"Isn't he really Devil Dao?" Xin Yizhen muttered, "If you really want to hear what you said, then the speed at which he grew..."

The two of them were silent. After a while, Xin Yizhen said, "Manlan and the four of them are together. There shouldn't be anything wrong." Xin yizhen's tone was filled with a sense of comfort, and he began to heal black jun.

Chu Nan, on the other hand, had already considered Qi Liansheng's nucleus of the intermediate martial emperor. Chu Nan decided to use it to open the meridians of strength. The seventeenth meridians would be in his right foot!

But Chu Nan did not refine the nucleus in the mountains. The mountains were already dangerous. Although he did not know that Manlan and the four candlelight warriors were not a day away from Pines City, it did not hinder Chu Nan's judgment, and Chu Nan was eager to find the Ling family.

So, Chu Nan ran away.

And so, a day later, Manlan and Zhu Zhiwu came to the mountains and saw that the ground was vast, and a chill rose in their bodies. More of it was anger. Candlelight shouted, "Devil Dao, no matter who you are, the old lady will make you pay a hundred times the price!"

Immediately, the four of them had a discussion. They formed a group of two and searched for it. They were rewarded not only for the Tianyi Sect disciples but also for all the sects in North Qi kingdom. If they could provide information, they would be able to provide 10,000 top-grade Origin Stone and 500,000 medium-grade 9.a sector-level dharma artifact, not a disciple, but could directly become an inner sect disciple or even an elite disciple.

The rewards spread, and the North Qi kingdom martial arts practitioners became excited, all turned into a pair of eyes looking for Chu Nan, and among them, there was Lie Feng, who was thinking in his heart: "If I could find him, with these rewards, the Nangong family would not reject me, right? Lingyun might also look at me differently." Lie Feng thought beautifully and made up her mind.

Unfortunately, Chu Nan, who owned the Unending Changing Techniques, was not something they could find.

It was Elder Mo, the ugly old lady who ran to wherever she heard about Devil Dao, and she had no clue!

At this moment, Chu Nan was sitting in a precipice of Dong Maison. He had already created the seventeenth meridian with the nucleus of Qi Liansheng's intermediate martial emperor. Then, he hurried on.

The closer he got to dongyue city, the more Chu Nan felt that this trip to the Ling family was not that simple. It was so easy. "What's with the Ling family?" Chu Nan asked and said, "Whatever it is, I will go. I will kill these traitors under the heavy sword!"

On the way to the Ling family, Chu Nan was not idle. He was already trying to let the Hanyu Lanyan King devour other fires. Chu Nan first used the lowest level of true blue fire, which enveloped the company.

Although it was only the lowest level, the Hanyu Lanyan King in the red pearl still rejected it. Chu Nan had no better way for the time being. Besides insisting, Chu Nan kept the flame of true orchid wrapped around the Pill Bead, thinking that they would not reject it after they were familiar and used to it.

A few days later, when the setting sun shone down on the long river and the sun was setting, and the west was full of fire clouds, chu nan stood at the gate of a city!

Above the city gate, two big words: dongyue!