Chapter 523 Lingfu Massacre


Chu Nan said two words softly, not looking at the tall, mighty, imposing Dongyue City, and so on. He went straight to the city, without concealing the strong murderous aura on his body!

The murderous atmosphere pervaded, and passers-by could not avoid it!

The four soldiers guarding the city, one of them, had just retracted his gaze from the slender, curvy woman who had passed in front of him, and reflexively reached out to Chu Nan for the Origin Stone he needed to enter the city!

"Hey, hand..."

The soldier only popped out two words and was blindfolded by his companion. The soldier, who was trembling all over, said to his companion, "You want to die. Don't you feel that suffocating murderous air? Don't drag us down if you want to die."

The soldier who asked Chu Nan for the stone had already sensed the chilling murderous air. Two rows of teeth were clattering against each other, and his legs were trembling at an extremely fast rate. At the same time, there was a stream of water from between his legs, but he was scared to pee in his pants.

The four waited for Chu Nan's back to disappear before their eyes before they discussed with lingering fear, "Hey, wang er, you... Who did you say this was just now?"

"I don't know. I feel that murderous, and I'm stupid."

"I saw this tall man's face and the sword on his back, and I felt as if he were a person..."


The other three turned around and asked.

The man stammered for a long time before he said with a trembling voice, "It seems... It seems... The Artifact Sect... That peerless genius... The first place of the Hidden Emperor List... The 18th place on the list of the hidden emperors... Lin... Yun..."

"Hiss -"

Everyone gasped and asked, "Then why did he come to dongyue city? Is it... The Ling family?"

Chu Nan did not know what they were talking about, nor did he care about it. He just walked as if there were no one else. The crowded and noisy street, which was originally full of people, wiped his shoulders and stepped on his feet, was suddenly quiet. Then, pedestrians took the initiative to stand on both sides of the street, leaving a wide path, looking at the person who seemed to be composed of murderous spirit, and walked over step by step.

There's no need to ask. Ling Maison is easy to find, right at the end of this straight street.

Chu Nan stood outside the gate of Ling Maison with a murderous aura. Ling Maison was built with a huge and luxurious scale. The two stone lions outside the gate were even more magnificent, not to mention the golden bricks and jade tiles.

"This, shouldn't have existed."

Chu Nan said lightly and walked forward. There were two servants of the ling family at the door. They shouted out in a dogfight, "Who are you? Do you know where this is? Get out of here, or we'll let the dogs divide you up when our old man comes out!"

Silence, only footsteps, only the heavy sword floating in the air.

Then, a golden light flashed, and a shrill cry came out of his throat. Two blood arrows shot at the vermilion gate. Two heads shot up into the sky and hung on two stone lions. When the pedestrians in the distance saw this scene, they were all shocked. Then, someone reacted and ran to the city's main residence.

The high vermilion gate could not stop Chu Nan's footsteps. With the heavy sword, the two gates turned into scraps of wood. Chu Nan was in the middle of Ling Maison, still moving forward at the same rate as before, and his murderous spirit was even more intense.

At this moment, Ling Xiao was sitting in the back garden with Dieyi Fairy. Ling Xiao was trying to please Dieyi Fairy, while Dieyi Fairy was trying to get him to say something. Ling Xiao was in a hurry and suddenly said, "We Ling family can't even afford to offend tianzong now. There's a Dieyi Fairy in this ling mansion..."

At this point, Ling Xiao paused and said, "If the fairy were to marry me, Ling Xiao, I would definitely enjoy an endless amount of glory and treasure. And no matter what you wish for, I can fulfill it for you."

Dieyi Fairy was about to answer, but he felt a strong murderous aura pervading the entire Ling Maison. "Where did the murderous aura come from?" Dieyi Fairy asked and suddenly understood. A smile appeared on his face. "You're finally here."

Then he ignored Ling Xiao and headed for the center of the murderous force.

"Coming? What's here?" After reading a few sentences, he also felt murderous and shouted, "Who dares to be presumptuous in Ling Maison?" As he spoke, he called out and rushed out.

As long as it was not a fool or a fool, they could feel the chill and the murderous air, and the people of Ling Maison rushed out, except for those who were discussing something in a secret room underground.

There were hundreds of corpses lying on the ground, their swords covered in blood and the smell of blood.

Dieyi Fairy appeared in front of Chu Nan and said, "It's you." Dieyi Fairy stayed in dongyue and heard of the Artifact's palin yun character. After she said one sentence, she quickly said, "Lin Yun, you should go. There is Martial Emperor here. Even the first Martial Emperor, compared with the senior martial king, it is completely two concepts..."

Chu Nan did not seem to have heard of it. He cut off the man who was about to shoot an arrow with a bow about 70 meters to the left. He cut him in half and continued to walk forward. Dieyi Fairy said a few more times and bit the word "Martial Emperor" very hard. Chu Nan said coldly, "Whoever stops me, who dies!"

Dieyi Fairy could not help but be extremely angry. "I have a good intention to remind you, but you treat my good intention as a donkey's liver and lungs. Well, if you want to die, then go. I won't stop you." At this moment, the fairy also became a mortal. Her eyes were filled with anxiety. There was no such thing as the high and aloof smell of the world when Chu Nan first met her. Dieyi Fairy said that, but she did not leave. Her eyes were still fixed on Chu Nan.

At this time, Ling Xiao rushed out, followed by four or five hundred people behind him. Ling Xiao was also stunned when he saw Chu Nan, and then laughed wildly. After a few voices, Ling Xiao shouted, "Lin Yun, you are not dead. Hahaha, god is too good to me. Send you to me. This time, I will treat you badly, hahaha..."

Chu nan walked straight ahead, expressionless.

Ling Xiao's face was twisted with excitement and he said ferociously, "Lin Yun, it's been so long. You're still a junior Martial. You haven't made any progress. Do you know what I am now?"

If Chu Nan wanted to appear as lin yun, it was naturally the first Martial.

Ling Xiao saw that Chu Nan did not answer, and said proudly, "I am already a mid-level martial monarch, you did not expect it!" With that said, Ling Xiao angrily shouted, "Today, I want to return all the humiliation I suffered before to you. I want to cut you into meat sauce. I want to cut you first, then I will cut Zi Menger that little bitch. No, before I cut her, I want to cut her..."

Ling Xiao, who was venting his anger, suddenly stopped shouting. He saw a blade coming at him. Before he could react, the blade fell on his arm, and his right arm was directly cut to the ground, spurting out thick blood.

"Zi Menger's name, did you call it?" Chu Nan's voice was cold, colder than the murderous one.

Ling Xiao was stunned and shouted fiercely, "Lin Yun, you dare to cut my arm, you dare to cut my arm, I..."

Another blade fell, and this time Ling Xiao's reaction was quick enough to dodge to one side, but the blade still cut off his left arm. Chu Nan walked and said, "Why did you betray the Artifact Sect?"

"You... You..." Ling Xiao finally understood the situation after being cut off by two arms, but he roared angrily, "Go, give me, give me all. Whoever kills this bitch, I'll give 100,000 chinese Origin Stone."

No matter when, there will always be brave men under heavy rewards.

Someone cast a magic weapon and wolfed down Chu Nan to take Chu Nan's life. They were still shouting, "How dare you break into Ling Maison? You're dead!" Ling Xiao also drank from the side: "You cut my two arms, I will cut you one by one, slowly cut to death!"

As the blood boiled in Chu Nan's heart, he was still as cold as a glacier of ten thousand years. He took a step forward and cut off the heavy sword with a golden light.

All of a sudden, these people who came up for the 100,000 medium Origin Stone felt the blade and went crazy, as if the sky had fallen.


With a muffled sound, the men were all frozen in place, like a puppet, each maintaining an aggressive posture, swords and other magical treasures, there was still a light shining on them, but it could no longer be activated.

Chu Nan strode past, and when he walked three steps, a miserable and desolate voice rose up into the sky. At the same time, those frozen bodies burst open, blood splashed in the air, as if it had been a blood drop!

There was no sound in the room. Ling Xiao's mouth was wide open and could not be closed at all. His heart was beating in a state of "Extreme fear." He tried to cover his mouth with his hand, but his hand was gone. He wanted to turn around and run away, but another blade came.

Immediately, Ling Xiao's legs were chopped to the ground!

Ling Xiao couldn't escape!


A terrible voice jumped out of the sky's throat, eyes full of fear, and a cold voice came from his ears, as if it was trying to kill him. "Why did you betray me?"

Ling Xiao rolled over and begged Chu Nan, "Lin Yun, please, spare me. I was wrong, I was wrong..." Ling Xiao looked at Dieyi Fairy and said anxiously, "You like this woman, right? I'll give it to you, I'll give it to you, I'll never talk to her again, I..."


A black vine suddenly flashed in the air and struck Ling Xiao in the face like a flash of lightning. Needless to say, it was Dieyi Fairy who attacked angrily!

Chu Nan asked coldly, "Why?"

"Please, spare me. It's not what we want to betray. Someone is forcing us to betray. If we don't betray, he will destroy our Ling family!"

"Who?" Chu Nan asked coldly.

Just as he finished asking, a voice exploded in the distance. "It's the old man, little Lin Yun. What do you want?"