Chapter 524 To Hell with Your Grandmother, Young Female Demon

With this powerful aura, Chu Nan knew that it was Martial Emperor. It was indeed beyond Chu Nan's expectations that Ling Maison had Martial Emperor!

But what about the martial emperor?

Bie Zheng is not Martial Emperor? Qi Liansheng is not Martial Emperor?

And what happened to the two of them?

So, Chu Nan only spat out the word "Kill" coldly!

Martial Emperor's breath suppressed, and many of the people present collapsed to the ground without any resistance. Even the fairy butterfly yi, the first rank martial king, had to use all her strength to resist. Even so, Dieyi Fairy still could not stop trembling!

Ling Xiao, who had no hands or feet, was lying on the ground like a dog. When he saw Martial Emperor coming, his heart was filled with confidence. He became arrogant again and roared, "Martial Emperor, help me kill him, cut off his hands and feet, cut off his flesh piece by piece..."

When zuo wuhuang saw Ling Xiao's miserable state in the void, he could not help but feel a chill in his heart and said, "Lin Yun, you are really cruel. You can do such a cruel and inhumane thing."

"I am still far worse than you. I need to learn a lot from you." Chu Nan said lightly, his right fist was already accumulating waves of strength, "So, I'm ready to wash Ling Maison with blood!"

"With my husband here, little Lin Yun, how dare you say the word' blood bath'?"

"You are also the one who has been washed with blood, and you are among the ones who have been washed with blood!"

When Chu Nan said this, there were already five waves of power swirling in his right fist, and a sixth wave was being injected into it!

"Arrogant!" Martial Emperor was dismissive of Chu Nan's words, and Ling Xiao roared with bloodshot eyes down below. Martial Emperor ignored him and turned to Chu Nan and said, "Son Lin Yun, my husband has given you a way to live because it's not easy for you to cultivate!"

"There is only one way for me to kill you, or to be killed by you!" Chu Nan gritted his teeth and said, enduring the violent vibration from his right fist. Although with the help of life force, in the pine mountains, the sixteenth meridian broke through its limit and could hold six waves and twenty kilograms of power, the pain was still penetrating.

Chu Nan not only gritted his teeth to endure it, but also compressed his strength and vitality to his right foot!

Martial Emperor saw the trembling of Chu Nan's right arm and did not think much about it. He only thought that Chu Nan was afraid of him. But when Martial Emperor heard what Chu Nan said, he frowned and said again, "As long as you submit to me, I can teach you all my skills!"

"No, you can't give him a chance to live. You want to kill him, kill him for me..." Ling Xiao lay on the ground and roared like a madman.

When Martial Emperor heard Ling Xiao's voice, he showed an extremely unhappy look and said coldly, "If you interrupt me when I speak, if you continue to bark and bark, you will never want to have both hands and feet again."

"What? Can I still have hands and feet?" Ling Xiao was stunned and stopped shouting, but he looked into Chu Nan's eyes, still full of hatred and wanted to eat Chu Nan alive.

Martial Emperor was very interested in Chu Nan, mainly because their organization was interested in lin yun. They had pursued him before, but because of Lin Yun's sudden disappearance, the investigation had to stop. Now Lin Yun appeared again, of course, they would not let him go. Therefore, Martial Emperor was still trying his best to persuade him, "Son Lin Yun, in this world, the strong are respected, the weak are strong, the strong are strong, and the big fists are strong. In order to live better in Tianwu Continent, as long as you can become stronger and live better, what's the little bit of kindness you have at the Artifact party?"

"There is a difference between humans and animals!" Chu Nan is putting a fifth wave of power into his right foot!

Martial Emperor, who was scolded as a beast, looked very gloomy. "Little Lin Yun, do you know what happens when you refuse an old man?"

"You die, that's all."

"You want to die!"

Zuo Wu emperor personally persuaded Chu Nan with his martial majesty. After being ridiculed and ridiculed by Chu Nan many times, he finally lost all his patience and shouted out two words coldly.

With a wave of his hand, a blue cloud of fire immediately covered Chu Nan's head!

Then, the cloud of fire fell like rain, drop by drop, the blue cloud of fire fell on the ground, and a violent explosion immediately occurred. The earth and rocks flew, and the previous bodies were directly blown into nothingness. The people who had collapsed on the ground were also dispersed in the fire rain. When Ling Xiao was about to follow them, Martial Emperor raised his hand again, and immediately, with a strong force, blew Ling Xiao 500 meters away.

When Dieyi Fairy saw this, her face changed greatly and retreated violently, retreating five hundred meters away. Even so, she could still feel the burning pain. Her face was already pale. Looking at the blue fire rain, her heart could not stop trembling!

And Chu Nan, just like that, stood straight under the blue fire cloud!

When Dieyi Fairy saw that Chu Nan was ten meters away, the air was already in a mess, and an indescribable feeling welled up in his heart. He was nervous, worried, and angry."

Martial Emperor had a smug look on his face, clearly satisfied with the blue clouds of fire before him. He glanced down and said again, "I'll give you one last chance. Surrender or..."

"Fuck your grandma!"

Before Martial Emperor could finish his sentence, such a cursed voice came out from under the raging rain!

"Someone scolded my husband? How dare someone scold my husband?" Martial Emperor had not recovered from the scolding. A figure jumped out of the fire and kicked back in the air. A 180 degree somersault and jumped up. On his head and foot, the right leg with five waves of strength kicked back at Martial Emperor's head!

The murderous intent was unparalleled!

"Eh? Is the disease ineffective?"

Emperor Zuo Wu was startled. He reached out to block it. With five fingers, he wanted to grab Chu Nan's right leg and smash it into pieces.

Chu Nan spun his right leg and kicked Martial Emperor in the right arm.


Without any replenishing fluctuations, it was a pure power kick that slammed heavily on Martial Emperor's right arm. Martial Emperor, who had been indifferent and did not take Chu Nan's foot seriously, suddenly changed his face. He felt a great power, an unimaginable power, rushing into his right arm violently, and his right arm immediately became unconscious!

In the distance, Dieyi Fairy was once again shocked by Chu Nan. She had seen Chu Nan kill the Paradise Palace, a high ranking martial king, but she did not expect this person in front of her to not only kill the high ranking martial king, but also dare to fight with Martial Emperor. She murmured, "No matter what the outcome of this battle, victory or defeat, lin yun's name will become a legendary existence!"

When Ling Xiao saw this scene, he immediately petrified and completely forgot the sharp pain in his body. Three words came to his mind: "Impossible, impossible..."

Martial Emperor did not believe what had just happened and exclaimed in astonishment, "Little Lin Yun, you..."

Chu Nan, who was surrounded by colorful lights, did not hesitate at all. With the help of his right foot, he threw himself into the air. His right fist was like a hammer, just like Mars.

When emperor Zuo Wu saw that Chu Nan was coming again, his eyes were burning with anger, and he would not retreat. Martial Emperor also clenched his left fist, but it was as big as a disk, and his whole fist was wrapped in golden female demonic flame, like a meteorite falling to the ground, and he faced Chu Nan's right fist with six waves of power. He said, "Ignorant boy, dare to defy the might of the emperor. Today, I will tell you, What kind of existence is a martial emperor!"


When the two punches collided, Martial Emperor immediately flew backward, thousands of meters away. Martial Emperor felt the power of this punch, even greater than the previous one, and his left arm was numb again. His throat surged, as if to vomit blood, but he was forced back by him. After all, Martial Emperor was beaten to vomit blood by the yellow-haired child who only looked like a beginner Martial. What a shame!

Chu Nan also felt bad. Although he had the protection of the colorful defensive halo of the Mixed elements Ring, Martial Emperor's punch with the green demonic flame directly broke the colorful defensive halo, and the green demonic flame rushed into his right arm, intending to burn his flesh and blood, even the sixteenth meridian, to nothing!

Chu Nan was shocked by this feeling. The greatest weapon he had against Martial Emperor was the meridians of power. If the meridians of power that he had finally opened were destroyed...

Then Chu Nan had no choice but to die against Martial Emperor!

As soon as that feeling struck, Chu Nan frantically poured life force into his right fist, wrapped the 16th meridian, and resisted the burning of the green female demon. At the same time, the replenishing set up a fire array, and the white fire of the sky, also attacked the green female demon!

The life force dissipated very quickly, and the fire of burning the sky was no match for the young female demonic inflammation, but when the two were combined, it was finally able to withstand the young female demonic inflammation!

However, it was not completely destroyed!

In the long run, when Chu Nan's life force is exhausted, when the Five Elements can no longer give birth to the replenishing, Chu Nan will turn into nothingness like those people before him!

"This fire, which does not belong to the cultivation of a martial artist, should be some kind of strange fire..." Chu Nan thought in his heart, but he did not have the slightest timidity, instead, the intention of war was like a cloud, densely spread in the sky, "So what about the strange fire? I tempered you!"

Although Chu Nan was below at the moment, and although the right fist still had the torment of the demonic disease of the young woman, and although there was a stuffy blood in Chu Nan's chest, he still pressed the strength of the two meridians to the limit, raised his fist and kicked his legs, and shot at Martial Emperor!

Not now?

When more?