Chapter 525 Swallow It for Me

Martial Emperor groaned in the air and used all his strength to stop the retreat. As he removed the force from his arms, he shouted in anger, "With your cultivation, how could you hurt my husband? The old man is Martial Emperor!"

Chu Nan could not fly freely in the air, but two leaps, bouncing off the ground and using force, came to Martial Emperor in an instant. His right leg swept across, and his right fist shot like a bow and arrow from behind.

"I don't believe it!"

Martial Emperor roared, not using any magic weapon, but also raising his hand and throwing his foot to fight with Chu Nan's fists and feet. However, there was a green female demonic flame on Martial Emperor's fists and feet, and the momentum was burning!

Obviously, Martial Emperor had turned his martial emperor into a martial emperor, and all of them had burst out to wash away the great humiliation of being beaten back a thousand meters by Chu Nan just now!

Chu Nan's body arched into a bow, one punch at a time.

Martial Emperor's left fist blocked his foot, but his right fist condensed into a small green sword and hit Chu Nan's right fist.

At that moment, the rumbling sound of explosion broke the sky!

Martial Emperor retreated once again, his body still flipping in the air, and Chu Nan's colorful defensive halo was broken again. Blood was shot out of his right fist, and his body was violently thrown on the ground, causing a huge crack in the ground, centered on where Chu Nan hit the ground.

Such a terrifying scene, one could imagine how powerful it was!

Chu Nan's body fell to the depths of the earth, a hundred meters!

Tough**, badly hurt!

However, to Chu Nan, the injuries that seemed to break apart, flesh and bones, were definitely not the most fatal!

The most fatal thing was that the young female demon not only burned two meridians again, but also hit Chu Nan's heart!

The life force of the trees and grasses that were swallowed up in the pine mountains quickly disappeared.

"This man's fighting power is better than Qi Liansheng's. When he won the battle against Qilian, he used many means to kill him. And this man's strength is just enough, especially that green flame. It's like a tiger adding wings to a tiger. How should he fight? And how to kill it?"

A series of thoughts flashed through Chu Nan's mind. This battle could be said to be the most dangerous, worst, and most deadly battle that Chu Nan had encountered since his debut. If anything went wrong, he would die without a doubt!

Martial Emperor stopped awkwardly, dispelling the frantic snake dance in his arms, giving him a sense of shock. He covered the ground with the Divine Thoughts, focused on the deep pit, ignoring the abnormal and weak strength in his arms, but did not get rid of it. He mumbled, "How dare you fight an old man? This is your fate, little Lin Yun. You really don't know what to do. Death is not worth cherishing!"

"Is he really dead?" Dieyi Fairy asked in his heart, looking at the horrifying crack, his beautiful eyebrows locked, full of regret, "Such a genius, if he really died like this, then... It's definitely a war of heaven! Can you still stand up? If you can, Dieyi..."


It was not Martial Emperor who was the happiest person to have beaten Chu Nan to the depths of a hundred meters. Martial Emperor was also filled with anger and unhappiness. To deal with such a small person, he did his best and was beaten to the ground. It would be strange if this were to be spread out and not let the world laugh at him!

The happiest one was Ling Xiao!

Ling Xiao ignored the fact that laughter would make the pain worse and shouted, "Lin Yun, aren't you crazy? Aren't you arrogant? Stand up and continue to be arrogant. Lin Yun, do you have a day to die? Hahaha... Ben childe told you that even if you were dead, you wouldn't rest in peace. Ben childe would hang your body in the city, expose it to the sun, whip it, let the rotting vultures suck it, and finally, crush your bones one by one, and throw it into the gutter, hahaha..."

When Dieyi Fairy heard this, her eyes, which were colder than a knife, pierced Ling Xiao as if she was going to kill him and cut him into seven pieces. At the same time, an idea arose in her heart, "If you really die, butterfly will let you into the ground! Don't let anyone disturb you!"

Ling Xiao's extremely vicious words were immediately unheard of by Chu Nan. He was thinking of a way to deal with it, and he was fully and wholeheartedly resisting the attack of the green female demon. "If you want to live, you must temper this green flame. Otherwise, there is no chance of survival."

Chu Nan's heart hardened as he thought about it. He grabbed it back with both hands and revealed two colorful whirlpools, madly absorbing the thick earth from the earth!

At the same time, Chu Nan no longer resisted the green female demonic inflammation, but through the fire array to ignite the flames of heaven, the green female demonic inflammation layer upon layer, and then wrapped a large amount of life force.

Immediately, he introduced the young female demonitis into his body!

Despite Chu Nan's double insurance, the mighty green female demonic flame still burned Chu Nan's flesh and blood through the fire and life force, burning Chu Nan's consciousness. "It's still not possible. This green flame is too powerful, and the life force is also consumed too fast. The fire of burning the sky can't keep up with..."

Chu Nan thought, wrapping the Earth Origin Force that had been absorbed from the earth outside the life force, and the energy that could be released from the red bead, all wrapped up in the green female demonic flame. After using so many means in an instant, Chu Nan's sense of death dissipated a little.

However, the situation is still not optimistic!

Chu Nan was still on the edge of life and death, and the pain was like a tsunami, ravaging Chu Nan's body, consciousness...

"Hmm? Not dead yet?"

Martial Emperor sensed Chu Nan's movements and felt a surge in his heart. "You didn't die after being hit by my husband with all your strength? The name of a genius is really worth it. If you give enough time to grow up, in a few hundred years, maybe my husband is really not your opponent. Unfortunately, you will never have this chance again. Even if you are a cockroach that can't be killed, today, my husband will let your peerless genius fall. Let Tianwu Continent, no more lin yun this person!"

With that said, Martial Emperor stood on his back in the air, five fingers of his right hand folded into palms, and fell from the sky at a high speed. Martial Emperor's body was completely surrounded by the green female demonic flame. The closer the fireman got to the ground, the purer the green female demonic flame was. It covered the high sun, and its mighty power spread to the whole of Dongyue City in an instant!

At this time, the city lord of dongyue received news that he was leading his troops on the way to Ling Maison. He suddenly felt this kind of authority and stopped immediately. He did not dare to move any further. Not only the city lord's group, but also the entire people of Dongyue City felt this way, as if they would be burned if they moved.

Dieyi Fairy saw Martial Emperor's movement and immediately understood that Chu Nan was not dead, but before she could feel a tinge of joy in her heart, she saw Martial Emperor's full strength. The green flame was not something she could resist. She retreated and retreated, stimulating the defensive artifact. Her hands turned like flower wheels, and the black vines grew out frantically, surrounding her from top to bottom, tightly...

In the secret chamber of Ling Maison, a thousand feet deep, the old man with purple hair also felt the power and could not help but say, "Who on earth is this person? How dare you force lao zuo to use such a trick! This kind of person, the old lady wants to see it!"

With that, the purple-haired old man walked to the ground, followed by a man, Ling Xiao's father!

On the ground, Chu Nan sensed that Martial Emperor was coming again, and the earth moves in other directions. At the same time, the colorful whirlpool of his hands was still sucking in the thick earth.

"Escape? If I let you escape today, I won't believe you!"

The words of emperor Zuo Wu fell, and the green fire palm hit the ground with a bang!


The earth shook, like the waves of the sea, one wave after another, with the power to overturn the river and the sea!

At an incomparable speed, with the rolling waves of mud spreading to the earth, it reached a hundred meters deep and immediately struck behind Chu Nan, chasing after Chu Nan. No matter how Chu Nan escaped, the green female demon was like a ground worm, clenching its teeth tightly. Chu nan turned left, and the green female demon was turned left. Chu nan turned right, and the green female demon was also burned to the right. Chu nan turned down, The young female demonic flame also descended ferociously!

Chu Nan tried his best, but he could not escape from the attack of the green female demon.

In the next instant, the young female demon bit the bottom of Chu Nan's foot.

Immediately, the young female demonic infection spread to all directions and immediately surrounded Chu Nan.

In an instant, Chu Nan's body was completely covered by the green demonic inflammation. From the tip of her black hair to the heart of her feet, there was nothing but the shining green demonic inflammation.

Chu Nan's body was originally enveloped by the flames of heaven, life force, Earth Origin Force, and the young female demonic inflammation, which was slowly tempered, was also triggered. It began to run amok in Chu Nan's body, and the colorful whirlpool in Chu Nan's hands disappeared. The life force in the red bead had been released completely, not a drop by drop, not a single cent. But under the burning of such a fierce young female demonic inflammation, there was very little life force left in an instant!

Death enveloped Chu Nan as if he were in the depths of purgatory and could not see a single light.

"Am I going to die? Just die like that?" Chu Nan could not help but ask these two questions in his mind. Immediately, Chu Nan's eyes shot out with a piercing look, and he still had a crazy demonic desire to fight. "How could I die like this? What I said, what I promised, I will do it, and I will die like this. What kind of man am I to his grandmother? What other powerful people are you talking about? I want to live! I want to live! I want to live..."

In the hysterical cries that erupted with life, the last shred of life was burned clean; the last fire that burned the sky was also burned clean; the green female demon was like a soldier after breaking through the city, receiving the order to slaughter the city, rushing crazily into Chu Nan's body, burning every drop of blood, every cell...

At the moment when the life force and the fire of burning the sky were completely consumed, chu nan rushed towards the god of death and let the whirlpool in the dantian whirl up, turning all the green female demons into the dantian!

"Hanyu Lanyan King, swallow up this green flame, or else you will die with me!"

A roar of life rang out among the jedi!