Chapter 526 Crazy! Crazy! Crazy!

There was no life force or fire burning in the sky!

The strength of the inferior sect could not stop the burning of the young female demon!

The fur layer had been burned to nothingness, and the next breath was about to burn flesh, veins, bones...

Except for the mysterious Hanyu Lanyan King fire that fell from the sky, although it was a cold fire and the green female demonic flame in front of him was a tyrannical yang fire, Chu Nan really had no other choice but to gamble and fight!

The Hanyu Lanyan King also seemed to hear Chu Nan's roar of either swallowing or accompanying him to his death, which caused the Pill Bead to vibrate violently, facing the young female demonic flame that was whirled straight into the dantian.

The young female demon had already entered the dantian. If Chu Nan lost this bet and the Hanyu Lanyan King could not resist it, then Chu Nan would directly burn the dantian to death!

Perhaps the Cold Jade and Blue Flame king wanted to maintain the dignity of its king, or maybe it didn't want to die here. Chu Nan felt that there was no sea of fire, no river of water, and the very gloomy Pill Bead, emitting a sense of returning to death, death without shaking, death after death, death after death, and death after death!

Just like what Chu Nan did!

Boom, boom, boom!

Dantian became the battlefield of the Hanyu Lanyan King and the young female demon. The two clashed violently inside. You killed me, hacked me, and manipulated me. You were more ruthless than you.

Chu Nan had a hunch that dantian was about to explode, and his whole body was about to explode. Every trace of blood hidden in his body was boiling, shouting in unison, "Live! Or destroy!"

On the ground, Dieyi Fairy's myriad black vines, which tightly encircled him, broke apart when Martial Emperor's green demonic palm slapped the ground. The butterfly fairy did not provoke any more black vines, but just stared blankly at the green flame and rushed straight down to the ground!

"Will there be any more miracles?" Dieyi Fairy said.

Zi Menger, who was thousands of miles away, was leading the Sea Wolf Clan to exterminate another group of pirates, expand its power, and take another step towards her ultimate plan of counter-killing. However, her joyful face suddenly revealed an extremely painful color, and pain came from her heart, as if the most important thing in her life was disappearing...

"Idiot, is that you? Is that you? You can't do anything. Otherwise, I won't forgive you. Never, never, ever!" Zi Menger said with absolute certainty, without any basis. "Idiot, live, live. Don't you want to hug each other? Don't you want to enjoy the beauty of qi? Then you must live..."

Tears, from the corner of Zi Menger's eyes, from the broken pearl, dripping down, suddenly surging into a tide!

And Nangong Lingyun, who was on the way to the south of chu, felt a throbbing pain in her heart, as if something deep in her body was moving away from her. She looked up into the distance, her eyes becoming more and more crystal clear. She thought about all the roots and could never come from her Nangong family, who only regarded her as a chess piece. There was only one possibility left, and it could only be him.

"Is that you? If it was you, please stay, stay..." Nangong Lingyun's body trembled, completely taking Lie Feng, who was standing by her side, as air.

Qing Kingdom, a quiet courtyard, a beautiful middle-aged woman, pale and praying, suddenly spat out a few mouthfuls of blood. She looked at the blood and said, "Why am I so flustered? Did something happen to Naner?"

Chu Nan didn't know that he was still fighting for his life. The Water Elemental Crystal joined the fight, the whirlpool of the Water Elemental Crystal joined the fight, and even that power joined the fight...

But still not.

There must be help!

Martial Emperor stood with his hands behind his back, his eyes looking down into the ground, and he was saying, "Now, you must die! Return the dust to the dust, return the earth to the earth. In this way, you can still avoid the crime of whipping the corpse after death!"

However, as soon as Martial Emperor's last word came out from between his teeth proudly, his face was as gloomy as a dark cloud. Because he felt the deep earth shaking again, Martial Emperor's eyes narrowed sharply!

Deep in the ground, Chu Nan let his whole body whirl around, taking in the Earth Origin Force crazily from the big, the earth yellow light, rushing into his body crazily, straight into the dantian, wrapping up the green female demon!

Earth Origin Force flooded in very quickly, but the rate at which the Earth Origin Force was consumed was even faster!

Moreover, Chu Nan felt that the cold jade and blue flame king could not hold on under the fierce attack of the green female demon, as if he wanted to retreat. If he retreated, everything of Chu Nan would be retreated completely, including his life, his love, and his rebellion...

"You are the cold fire, it is the yang fire, yang ke han, han also ke yang, you fell from the sky, you can give birth to the majestic Bingyan Island, this fire from the earth, you can't deal with it? You can get rid of it! Bite him, bit by bit, swallow him up!"

Chu Nan was like a ferocious beast, roaring before he died. Chu Nan had never doubted han yu lan yan's extraordinary character, but now it was too weak to grow up at all. Compared to qing mo yan, the Hanyu Lanyan King was like a child, and qing mo yan was an adult. Even if the child's talent was good and the seed was good, he was no match for an adult before he grew up.

Chu Nan understood all of this, but he was not willing to die so miserably!

"Even if I die, I will never die because I give up. If I die, I will die with a bang - bang - lie - lie!"

Roaring, Chu Nan whirled out of the deep earth, carrying a majestic boulder behind him, and five waves of power surged into his right fist. But this time, Chu Nan did not stop. "I'm going to die anyway, so give me the most amazing final blow of my life!"

The sixth wave of power, coming in!

Without the power of life, no matter how dangerous Chu Nan was in the situation, they kept crying. Their crying was to tear Chu Nan's bones apart and grind his flesh into mud...

"If I die, you die too. Pass it to me! Turn! Turn!"

Chu Nan roared, and the six waves of power began to spin at an incredible speed. These powers were not tamed by Chu Nan. They still exuded a violent aura, but Chu Nan did not care so much.

Then, the seventh wave of power came in!

At the same time, that dan zhu, not only the Hanyu Lanyan King was excited by Chu Nan's words, but also the Water Elemental Crystal was crazy. The whole of the apple, also with Chu Nan's crazy beat, carried out the final blow of life.

With only a thousandth of an breath, Chu Nan rushed to the ground and punched Martial Emperor with seven waves of power. Martial Emperor looked at Chu Nan with a thick turtle shell on his back and was shocked. "He's not dead yet!"

Emperor Zuo Wu retreated with a look of surprise on his face and turned into anger in an instant. "Such a person must die today. If not, he will become a great disaster in the future. Now he is so powerful that you can imagine it in the future. Since you are not dead, then the old lady will give you another ride!"

Immediately, Martial Emperor's Divine Thoughts, condensed into a sword, and stabbed Chu Nan Divine Thoughts.

Without the protection of life force, Chu Nan's Divine Thoughts was immediately stabbed into a mess in the wind, consciousness like the tide receded, as if it would disappear in an instant, but Chu Nan's Divine Thoughts had been stabbed to pieces by Martial Monarch Hei Jun once, this time again, it actually had a shred of immunity, like a tempered body, after a beating, and then encountered a beating, there was a certain degree of resistance to fighting.

With that little bit of immunity, Chu Nan used the belief of "Living," and the madness of" dying to strike the last blow," casting a rock in god's mind, blocking the rock that receded like a tide!

The attack, once again, was like a god's arrow!

At this moment, Martial Emperor confidently said, "This time, there's nothing you can do!"

However, what made zuo wu huang vomit blood was that chu south africa was powerless, but after a pause, he was killed in front of him. In a hurry, emperor Zuo Wu raised his fist to meet him, and the green female demon flame shield protected his whole body!


The green female fiery shield was shattered, and Martial Emperor's right arm heard the cracking of bones!

His body retreated a thousand meters, two thousand meters, three thousand meters...

Blood gushed out of Martial Emperor's throat!

The clothes were torn apart, and there were cracks on the flesh!

As Martial Emperor retreated, an idea flashed through his mind, "He's not dead! Stronger? How is that possible!"

At this moment, the old man with purple hair, who was under the ground, brought Ling Xiao's father to the ground. He was also shocked to see Martial Emperor's tragic situation. "Even the old man with purple hair who faced the Artifact Sect last time did not fall into such a terrible situation!"

Shocked, the purple-haired old man raised his hand and stopped Martial Emperor from retreating, but he did not say anything. He just looked forward and wanted to see what kind of holy person Martial Emperor was!

Then, the old man with purple hair saw a figure flying in the air, and his whole body was surrounded by the green female demonitis.

In fact, the punch that Chu Nan had just punched was extremely timely. The seven waves of power in the sixteenth meridian had been chaotic and violent to the critical point. Even if Chu Nan slowed down by a thousandth of a second, the seven waves of power directly blew himself up.

Although Chu Nan unleashed seven waves of power on Martial Emperor, when he broke the green female demon's flame shield, the green female demon came in with his fist, unable to resist the pearl, and was even more unbearable.

It seemed that Chu Nan was flying in the air. The next second, he was gone, and there was no trace of him on tianwu continent.

As they approached the boundary of nothingness, a black vine wrapped around Chu Nan's body, but a black vine could not hold Chu Nan back at all. Swiftly, black vines exploded, ten, one hundred, one thousand...

Black vines naturally belong to plants!

Conditioned reflex, the tenth meridian runs, life force enters the body...