Chapter 527 Mingteng

Then, that figure actually shot straight into the air from the depths of the earth, sending Martial Emperor, who was so high up that he could look down on them and despise them, out with a punch!

What is a real man?

Perhaps this figure in front of me can be interpreted!

However, after a fierce punch, the figure became a kite with broken strings and fell with the wind, but she felt so clearly that with his breath of life, like a dim candle, once the fire went out, people would die.

Dieyi Fairy was very clear, very clear, in such a situation, with two Martial Emperor's situation, if she wanted to live, then she had to take action to kill him to take his life.

Unfortunately, the black vine, but to wrap him up, no longer floated away.

Why would he do that? Dieyi Fairy, who had traveled all over Tianwu Continent and was determined to find his father, frowned his beautiful eyebrows out of the five mountains and rivers, but could not give an answer!

The power of Chu Nan's punch was like the earth shattering, and the power of his retreat was earth-shattering, so Dieyi Fairy was able to pull him back with tens of thousands of black vines in an instant.

But the next moment, Dieyi Fairy was surprised to find that her black vines, called Death Vine, were disappearing, not because they were torn into pieces, nor because they were blown to pieces, but because of the rapid loss of vitality and withered away.

And because of Dieyi Fairy and the Death Vine, she sensed the loss of life force, flowing into Chu Nan's body!

"How did this happen?"

Dieyi Fairy exclaimed, but did not stop stirring up the Death Vine!

However, Dieyi Fairy was once again flustered to find that the speed at which she inspired the Death Vine was not as fast as the rate at which the Death Vine withered and disappeared!

"What happened to him?"

After another question arose in Dieyi Fairy's mind, he immediately remembered that in Qintian City, he had heard that Childe had come to Qintian City because of an unusual situation in which a forest in the hengduan mountains had turned into a desert.

"Could it be that the forest turned into a barren mountain was his handiwork?" Dieyi Fairy xuexue was smart and guessed right away, "That is to say, the life force of destroying the Yuanming is very useful to him?"

With such an idea in mind, Dieyi Fairy's eyes suddenly flashed with determination. "You really did create a miracle just now. Dieyi really wanted to see if you could create more miracles!"

Suddenly, Dieyi Fairy's hands spun faster. Thousands of hades wrapped Chu Nan up in layers, but the Yuanming grew faster and dissipated faster.

As a result, Dieyi Fairy did not dare to stop for a second, his face turned pale...

On the other side, emperor Zuo Wu stopped, quickly took out a pill from the storage ring, swallowed it, and brought it to Martial Emperor's body. It was very unusual, extraordinary, and the huge power evaporated in Martial Emperor's body, recuperating his body, and restoring his replenishing.

The shattered right arm, which had lost consciousness, also recovered under the immense force of the medicine. The broken bones were also closed, seemingly in good condition, but something was not right. There seemed to be some kind of power in it, but Martial Emperor did not go into it carefully. He was already disturbed by Chu Nan.

"Are you still alive?"

Martial Emperor looked at the group thousands of meters away, his eyes cold and sharp, and he thought of a question, "Even if Lin Yun is a peerless genius, it is impossible for him to grow so fast, unless he took some kind of heaven defying fruit spirit medicine, and he practiced the highest level of Martial Sutra martial arts, and was previously sent to snow by the Artifact, two years ago he was released, and became famous in the world..."

If Martial Emperor knew that two and a half years ago, Chu Nan was still a cripple with a severed meridians, then he would never believe it!

At the same time, Ling Xiao's father, ling hao, finally saw his son, his son without hands or feet, and immediately let out a shriek sharper than a woman's. "Xiaoer, who did this to you? Who did this to you?"

Ling Xiao was also affected by Martial Emperor's palm and caused internal injuries. He was unconscious and fainted. Naturally, he could not hear his father's voice. Ling Hao was not a fool. He stared at Chu Nan and screamed, "Lin Yun, I don't know how powerful you are. I want your life!"

The purple-haired old man frowned and felt a change in the mass of black vines. When he heard Ling Hao shouting beside him, he said coldly without looking back, "As long as he's not dead, we can let him live. He has hands and feet like a normal person, and his cultivation can be greatly increased!"

"Really?" When Ling Hao heard this, he was very excited. After asking, he felt bad. He immediately said, "Martial Emperor Sima, the Ling family will cooperate with that plan. It must be up to the seniors."

Martial Emperor Sima didn't care about the Ling family at all. They stayed at the Ling family for strategic purposes, "Do what you have to do. We won't treat you badly."

"Yes, yes, yes..."

Ling Hao nodded endlessly. Although his son could still recover and be stronger than before, his son was killed like this. Ling hao was furious and his eyes were filled with venom.

Martial Emperor Sima ignored Ling Hao and his son and penetrated the Divine Thoughts into the dark vines. He frowned. He felt the vitality emanating from the vines, so he turned around and looked at Martial Emperor.

Then, Martial Emperor Sima raised his hand to destroy the living creature.

Just then, Martial Emperor said, "He is mine. I will destroy him with my own hands."

"All right."

Martial Emperor Sima withdrew his hand. When he saw that Martial Emperor did not destroy him immediately, he did not care. After all, with the two of them, Martial Emperor, the one in front of him who was on the verge of extinction, could he still turn over like a salted fish?

Martial Emperor naturally felt something strange coming out of it, but his pride was so strong that his Martial Emperor's dignity could not be swept away. In addition, he had the same thoughts as Martial Emperor Sima and thought that there was no worry at all.

Therefore, Martial Emperor did not choose to destroy immediately!

Martial Emperor had no idea what he had missed!

He just asked Dieyi Fairy coldly, "Who are you? Do you want to be destroyed like him? Burned to nothing?"

Dieyi Fairy didn't answer. It wasn't that she didn't want to answer, but that she didn't have the energy to answer. All her energy was focused on stimulating the Death Vine. The life force that the body needed was too huge. There was blood oozing from the corner of her mouth. I can't see the end!

"What should we do?" Dieyi Fairy asked in his heart.

Chu Nan, the tide of death had completely submerged him, his body was burning, the vortex of the dantian was no longer spinning, the Pill Bead was crumbling, just by instinct, breathing for a few breaths. At the moment when the last bubble came out and the fire of life was about to be completely extinguished, a glimmer of light pierced through the darkness and shone in.

This light was the life force that Chu Nan was so familiar with!

Chu Nan was like a drowning ant, holding onto the last straw. No matter where the life force came from, he was just tirelessly and greedily absorbing the life force, and then using it to stop the young woman from swallowing the last trace of life force!

In an instant, more and more vitality, the dantian whirlpool spun again, and under the shout of the Hanyu Lanyan King, the danzhu launched another "Dare to die" attack!

The situation was changing little by little...

But in general, it was still the young female demon that had the upper hand at the moment. To kill Chu Nan, it was just a matter of flipping her hands.

Martial Emperor saw that Dieyi Fairy did not answer, and he had lived for hundreds of years. In his anger, he would not cherish her. Moreover, Dieyi Fairy was still wearing a mask. Martial Emperor, who did not see her face, cut off his hand.

A wisp of green flame turned into a knife and cut straight at Dieyi Fairy!


The blade fell on Dieyi Fairy's protective shield, which immediately shattered. Dieyi Fairy was about to be burned down by the blade. An old, completely unattractive bracelet on her wrist suddenly flashed a light and bounced the blade back.


Martial Emperor and Martial Emperor Sima exclaimed in surprise at the same time. "What magic weapon is that? Not only is the young female demonic inflammation invincible, it is also rebounded!"

Although Dieyi Fairy escaped the burning disaster, she had already consumed most of the replenishing because of the promulgation of the underworld, almost to the point that the replenishing was overdrawn, and in this space, there was not a single bit burned by the green female demon. Therefore, as the first rank martial king, she could not get a little from heaven and earth, relying on her own support.

Moreover, Dieyi Fairy's graceful body was also hit and flew out, flying in the air and spitting out blood several times. Finally, his body happened to hit Chu Nan by accident, and his face was extremely pale.

Then, Dieyi Fairy saw the Death Vine wrapped around Chu Nan's body turn into nothingness in an instant. Immediately, Chu Nan's body began to tremble violently, white smoke came out, his body was boiling hot, getting higher and higher, and the smell of destruction became stronger and stronger...

It was in Chu Nan's dantian. Without the help of life, the young female demon became extremely arrogant again!

Dieyi Fairy saw this and knew that Chu Nan needed the Death Vine at the moment. She quickly spat out a mouthful of blood, trying to inspire the annihilation of the Death Vine.

However, in the distance, another wisp of green demonic sword came.

Dieyi Fairy's body shook violently and her face was deathly pale. She tried to stir it up, but between the flipping of ten jade fingers, there was no Death Vine.

It turned out that there was no replenishing in Dieyi Fairy's body!

And the third blade of the green female demonic flame cut through the air again.

Dieyi Fairy's eyes burst into a frenzy that tasted the same as Chu Nan's when he saw the blade coming through the air. He lifted the mask, his pale, tender lips, and kissed Chu Nan's bloody mouth...