Chapter 528 First Kiss, Old Bracelet

Dieyi Fairy kissed Chu Nan at such a dangerous and fatal moment.

Dieyi Fairy's beautiful eyes widened as he looked at her lips and pressed them down on his!

It was not like the golden wind and jade dew met, winning countless lives on earth; nor was it like a meteorite falling to the earth, with fire shining everywhere, shining the sky...

It was just that the two of them were running frantically from the edge of death to the other side of life!

Only by running can one survive!

Otherwise, there would only be one death.


Four lips collided.

Under a kiss, there was no so-called charm, no romance, no love, no amorous feelings...

There was only blood splashing around, and blood and fire were tempered.

At the moment of the collision, something in Dieyi Fairy's dantian broke away from her, cut off the connection with her, and reached her throat. A surge slid from her soft tongue to his lips.

However, Chu Nanzheng was burned to destruction by the young female demonitis and had no consciousness at all.

Dieyi Fairy had no choice but to turn the tables on him, tapping his teeth with his tongue, and was about to wrap it around his tongue...

At this moment, the green female demonic blade was cut on Dieyi Fairy's back. Although there was a backlash of the halo triggered by the ancient bracelet, there was still a surge of energy that hit her body. Blood gushed out of her body and immediately reached her throat. Then, mixed with that thing, it slid into Chu Nan's mouth.

That blood, from the body of the butterfly fairy to the body of Chu Nan, that thing had just entered the body of Chu Nan, the tenth meridian, the third level of "Tree and Grass," like a hungry fierce wolf, saw the delicious and tender fat sheep, immediately turned to the extreme!

In an instant, a majestic life force erupted, and Chu Nan's whole body felt cool and comfortable.

This thing is not an ordinary thing, but a seed!

It's the seed of the Death Vine!

Just like the Hanyu Lanyan King had nurtured a sea of fire, it was a seed.

It was through this seed that Dieyi Fairy was able to promote the endless Death Vine, but now, Dieyi Fairy gave the seed of the Death Vine to Chu Nan!

Why would he do that?

Dieyi Fairy really couldn't say one, two, three. The two of them met like old friends at first sight and developed a good feeling because of similar experiences. Was it his mystery that attracted her? It was his will to never bow down and never admit defeat that moved her to the point of fighting to the death? Was she the one who wanted to see him create more miracles and knock the two high up Martial Emperor to the ground?

Or was she still determined that she could find her father with him?

Or maybe she just wanted to live a simple life!

Because she had helped Chu Nan before, even if the two Martial Emperor spared her from death, they would certainly make her suffer inhumane torture. How could Dieyi Fairy allow such a situation? She would rather be broken than complete!

The seeds of the Death Vine had already reached the dantian, and after a colorful whirlpool, they directly melted into the dan bead, as if they were one, which should have been the right way!

Life force, suddenly surging!

Through the whirlpool, it spread all over Chu Nan's body, as if he was bathed in a pool of life force!

Chu Nan seemed to hear the counterattack horn of the Hanyu Lanyan King and the cheers of every flesh and blood cell in his body.

The triumphant and triumphant young female demon was entangled in the life force, and immediately stopped. She then rebelled frantically, burning layer after layer of life force, but it burned off one layer and immediately jumped up ten more layers...

In the meantime, there was also the restraint, biting and swallowing of han yu lan yan wang!

Chu Nan's consciousness was slowly recovering from the endless life force. The Divine Thoughts was patched up bit by bit. Chu Nan was on the way to recovery...

At this moment, Dieyi Fairy and Chu Nan's lips were still close to each other, and even her soft tongue pressed against the tip of his tongue, feeling the vitality.

Dieyi Fairy's pale face lit up with a smile. She knew that she had made the right bet, that she had succeeded, and that she had helped him continue his miracle...

Dieyi Fairy, who was immersed in joy, suddenly felt the tip of his tongue move. Instead of pushing her tongue out, it was like a small snake wrapped around it. Dieyi Fairy, who had been extremely bold before, suddenly felt a surge of excitement. Her body was tense, and the black gems in her eyes were dyed to the sky with thick ink.

Chu Nan had not fully woken up yet, and the fluttering of the tip of his tongue was entirely instinctive. The temptation of having four lips to each other, coupled with the many times of that joy, the burning Chu Nan, was not a novice. Although he was not proficient, he was also extremely proficient. At least he was more than enough to deal with Dieyi Fairy, who was as green as the beginning of the world!

At this point in time, Dieyi Fairy finally realized what was going on between her and him. Instinctively, she wanted to refuse, because she kissed him without any other distractions. She just wanted to transfer the seed of the Death Vine into his body and save him.

Just, that's all.

Dieyi Fairy's tongue, however, did not seem to be at his beck and call. Instead, it was driven by the tip of Chu Nan's tongue, which was somewhat entangled and twisted around, like two fish playing in the water.

A true love for each other!

All of a sudden, the smell gave Dieyi Fairy an infatuated feeling.

This kiss was her first kiss. In the years before that, except for her father, she had never let any man be so close to her. Not to mention a kiss, even within three feet of her, there were very few, almost nothing.

And now...

Dieyi Fairy's tongue was also moving.

Ling Xiao, who had just swallowed a high-grade elixir and was assisted by ling haoyuan, happened to wake up and turn around. He saw it clearly. Suddenly, jealousy burned through every cell in his body. His anger was raging in his heart. There was no other reaction. Ling Xiao spat out three mouthfuls of blood and immediately fell to the ground, fainting.

Martial Emperor and Martial Emperor Sima were also surprised, not by their deep and forgetful kiss, but by the powerful life force ripples emanating from Chu Nan's body. Martial Emperor could clearly feel his young female demonic inflammation weakening.

The two Martial Emperor looked at each other. The Zuo Wu emperor was ruthless. He raised a sword in his hand and shouted, "Since you want to die so badly, I will let you be a pair of ghost mandarin ducks in purgatory and destroy my husband!"

Ten zhang long green female demonic flame sword, with the mighty power of heaven and earth, fiercely cut off!

The old bracelet also seemed to sense greater danger. While the green blade was still in mid-air, it triggered light to block it and the green female demonic sword bounced back!

Martial Emperor's eyes were cold. "I don't believe it. I can't cut your magic weapon!"

At once, the ten zhang sword's awn rose by a hundred zhang!

A hundred zhang green female demonic sword, with Martial Emperor's fury, was cut down!

As a result, it was still bounced back by the halo!

"Chop again!"

Immediately, the green blade changed from a hundred feet to a thousand feet.

Boom, boom, boom...

The whole lingyuan garden had been destroyed by the continuous explosion. More than half of Dongyue City was destroyed by the green female demonic sword, which was hundreds and thousands of feet long.

The so-called fire at the city gate, which affected the fish in the pond, was the same.

The ancient bracelet was somehow a magical artifact that made Martial Emperor's young female demonic flame unable to attack at all, but it had power to penetrate, and Martial Emperor Sima frowned. He was thinking about what kind of sacred masked woman this masked woman was, and the person who had such a magical artifact to protect her would never be an ordinary person. Anyone would not believe it if he said it out.

What's more, Martial Emperor had already said that before, if he Sima wuhuang took action, wouldn't he not give Martial Emperor face and trample on his self-esteem, so that the two of them might have a conflict and a gap.

Therefore, before the last resort, emperor Sima would never take action!

And Martial Emperor's eyes were already red. If a thousand zhang sword could not be used, then ten, twenty, fifty, one hundred...

The dense green swords truly covered the sky and the ground.

Cut towards the halo.

Outside the circle of light, the blade shot out and exploded like thunder.

In the circle of light, spring is full of vigor, and spring is limitless.

The two of them greedily sucked and exchanged blood and life force. The Death Vine seed, which had never given off life force in Dieyi Fairy's body, passed through the tenth meridian in Chu Nan's body and gave birth to life force. The life force returned to Dieyi Fairy's body, which also made Dieyi Fairy's injury take a step forward to recover!

This was also one of the reasons why Dieyi Fairy was infatuated.

And the reason why the fairy butterfly's lips did not leave was because she wanted to protect Chu Nan under the halo. If not, Dieyi Fairy was worried that the halo would only protect her, not him!

Dieyi Fairy didn't want to go through so much trouble that the first kiss she gave to the person she saved was cut off by the blade, so she endured the pain and leaned on Chu Nan's lips and teeth.

Inside the dantian, Cold Jade and Blue Flame wang was throwing off his arms and devouring them bit by bit. Previously, the Hanyu Lanyan King had been forced to a desperate place, and the cornered rabbit was still able to bite people, not to mention the tangtang's, under the protection of life force, it devoured even more fiercely. The green female demon had been completely defeated, not only had no power of counterattack, but also had no ability to fight back. Trying to escape, but there was no escape. The whirlpool of Five Elements held it back and waited for the Hanyu Lanyan King to come and devour it.

At this moment, a hundred thousand zhang swords were cut on the halo.

The energy was unimaginably large, and the halo did not bounce it back, but was compressed by the blade. The halo became smaller and smaller...

Martial Emperor did not stop. He was still on two hundred, three hundred...

He kept cutting his sword.

Soon, the halo was squeezed tightly against Dieyi Fairy's body. As their tongues were still intertwined, the halo had to be separated and surrounded by Chu Nan.

Five hundred, six hundred, eight hundred...

The halo seemed to be unstoppable. Dieyi Fairy's blood was gushing out more and more. If it weren't for the life force that Chu Nan had returned, Dieyi Fairy would have been blown away by the energy.

"The man continued to cut off. Can the halo still hold?"

This thought had just popped into Dieyi Fairy's mind, but he suddenly saw the closed eyes, opened them, and revealed a deep curtain...