Chapter 529 Beautiful And Awkward

It was the first time he was so close, so close to his eyes.

In an instant, the red wine stained her cheeks, as red as a february flower dyed by a forest!

Dieyi Fairy just kissed Chu Nan's lips, circled Chu Nan's tongue, looked into Chu Nan's eyes, completely forgetting that beyond the halo, there were already close to a thousand lines of green demonic blade!

She was not deeply infatuated. This was her first time encountering such a scene. Dieyi Fairy, who was at a loss and at a loss for what to do, was stupefied, dazed, and didn't know what to do, what to do?

He forgot to breathe.

Only two hearts could be heard thumping wildly, but it was as if they had played the tune of "The phoenix seeks the phoenix" !

It wasn't just her, Chu Nan didn't know what to do.

Chu Nan woke up and saw such a beautiful scene, although he was still not sure what happened? But he knew that the reason why he woke up was definitely related to this charming, fairy-like Dieyi Fairy!

They had already given their kisses, and it was not known how many more sacrifices they would make.

So, Chu Nan didn't dare to move, afraid that it would startle the little bird. However, an uncontrollable emotion that was born in her heart grew up, "Her tongue is so soft. This feeling is really wonderful. And her..."

Before Chu Nan could think any further, Dieyi Fairy, who had regained his senses, let out a cry of surprise. He put his hands on Chu Nan's chest and was about to pop away. His lips were parted, and his face was filled with panic and sweet shyness.

At this time, Dieyi Fairy was not a fairy, nor an early martial king, just a little woman.

At this moment, Chu Nan was also relieved.

However, before he could finish, Chu Nan saw that Dieyi Fairy's red lips, which had been restored to the "Seductive" state due to his life force, came back with a blatant speed and a gentle attack!

At this moment, how could Chu Nan dodge? If he did, his grandmother really didn't look like a man!

As a result, Chu Nan could only greet him with tenderness.

The four lips, which were still warm and smelly, snuggled together again.

Dieyi Fairy's face turned even redder. This was not another kiss that she was reluctant to return, but a thousand green female fiery swords outside. She left him, and the halo did not protect him, so she had to kiss him in a wild manner.

Chu Nan did not know what Dieyi Fairy was thinking, but felt her kiss, the soft tongue, as if to poke in, and a little embarrassed, so she could only hover between her teeth.

The intimacy of the two angered Martial Emperor. Where did he try his best to cut out the blue swords, but the two people he wanted to destroy, you loved me, you loved me, you loved me, you loved me, and I loved you, so where did Martial Emperor's face go?

In boundless anger, Martial Emperor let out a loud roar. The whole thousand swords instantly merged into one, turning into a huge pillar of light, as if to pierce the sky, fiercely cutting into that circle of light, cutting into that pair of sweet people.

Just as the zuo wu emperor roared, the young female demonic inflammation in Chu Nan dantian was completely devoured by the Hanyu Lanyan King. The Pill Bead was resplendent. Chu Nan also felt that the intimidating imposing manner, as if it was really going to break the sky and the earth!

Chu Nan's eyes trembled, and a cold light flashed in them. He turned around and pressed the fairy butterfly under him in an instant.

Dieyi Fairy's eyes flashed with the word "Why," and her tongue slipped into his mouth while she flipped over, somehow. Dieyi Fairy was like a frightened little rabbit. The tip of her tongue was in his mouth, and she dared not move. She said in her heart, "Dieyi... Really did not mean it."

At the same time, a thousand swords were cut down. Because of the two people's mouths against each other, the halo still had to shine on Chu Nan. The green female demon, yan jianfang, cut down and squeezed the halo in as hard as she could!

The extreme compression of the halo made Chu Nan and Dieyi Fairy's bodies infinitely close to each other!

In his arms, he held an incomparably delicate and delicate body, feeling that delicate, soft, and that unique feminine smell that went straight into his nose and penetrated every cell. Which man could not be moved?

Not to mention Chu Nan, the man among men!

Inevitably, he looked like an angry python and lifted his head to lift the sky!

And straight between her slender and fleshy legs!

Dieyi Fairy froze, feeling a little uncomfortable, and couldn't help but reach out to take it away.

As soon as she grabbed the five fingers and felt the heat, Dieyi Fairy was struck by lightning, numbing her body, mind, will, and soul from the moment she held them, a flash of light flashed through her mind, and she immediately understood the position. She had not felt it before, but now it was as hard as an iron rod!

It was precisely because she knew that, that she froze. The tongue in her mouth did not dare to move, and the hand held on top of it did not dare to move...

Chu Nan, on the other hand, endured the pain and confessed, "This... Really wasn't intentional."

The two of them widened their eyes until the blade pressed the halo down to the point where it could no longer be compressed. The blade exploded, and a great deal of energy penetrated through the sky and earth, attacking Chu Nan. Chu Nan's body shook, and his facial muscles were abnormally twisted, obviously suffering a great deal.

When Dieyi Fairy saw this, he understood why Chu Nan had pressed her down. He didn't want her to suffer this great attack and hurt. A warm current ran through his heart.

Of course, Dieyi Fairy also took the opportunity to pull his hand away and tongue out. Chu Nan got up quickly and then reached out to pull fairy butterfly up from the ground. Their eyes met, and their faces were full of embarrassment.

Chu Nan thought he was a man. His lips moved and he said, "I'm sorry..." Just as he finished, Chu Nan remembered that Dieyi Fairy had saved him and quickly changed his words, "Thank you..."

When these three words came out, Chu Nan suddenly felt something was wrong.

Dieyi Fairy was so embarrassed that he only said "Yes" twice in his nose, thinking about the ridiculous scenes just now, and his face was so ashamed!

Chu Nan looked at the old bracelet in her hand again and turned around!

When she turned around, her embarrassment disappeared and her tenderness disappeared!

Some, just cold, just sharp, eyes like knives like swords, raging anger, a fierce sense of war!

Chu Nan stepped forward. Under one step, the earth shook gently, and five waves of power instantly poured into the bottom of his right foot, and this was not over. Pill Bead merged the seeds of the Death Vine, and life force would not be lacking for the time being. Therefore, a large amount of life force poured into the right foot of the power meridian, followed closely by the sixth and seventh waves of power. When the second step was taken, all the whirlpools spun on the right foot, and the earth shook.

In the third step, seven waves of power poured into his right fist, which was the ultimate power that he thought was bound to die and burst into life force.

On the fourth step, there were already nine waves of power swirling in the right fist.

After only four steps, the sky and the earth had changed color!

Martial Emperor Sima's eyes flashed. Ling Hao's eyes were filled with anger and wanted to shout, but when he looked at his son who had fainted for the second time in his arms and had not yet woken up, and saw that neither of Martial Emperor had spoken, he was very conscious of his silence and merely channeled his energy into his son's body.

Martial Emperor was shocked and felt Chu Nan's high and strong fighting intention, which was approaching him step by step, giving him a huge invisible pressure, which made Martial Emperor have an illusion that the Lin Yun boy opposite him was really a wild beast, an indestructible beast, and an even stronger beast!

Martial Emperor had been in Tianwu Continent for more than half his life, fighting with great experience, as well as the fiery fire that burned everything to the ground like the green female demon. It could be said that he was invincible and invincible, but now, he felt extremely depressed. He was forced to such a situation by a junior, a super junior, who had just been in his debut for only two years. The more he thought about it, the more he felt aggrieved, the more he wanted to flatten it, and the more he wanted to think about it. The more difficult it was for emperor Zuo Wu to improve. The momentum of battle!

But Chu Nan's momentum, with his steps, climbed!

Chu Nan had already ignited the war in his bones!

In terms of momentum alone, Martial Emperor had already lost. First, the rising sun, the newborn sun; second, the setting sun, the setting sun!

Chu Nan struggled back from the edge of life and death. As he walked, Chu Nan fell into a wonderful mood. He walked forward slowly and forcefully, each foot stepping on different earth, stone and dust, but it made no sound at all!

Martial Emperor Sima was shocked when he saw this. The sound seemed to contain the mystery of heaven and earth, and Lin Yun seemed to be integrated into this world, giving rise to an unmatched power.

"Power! Yes, power! Use your power to suppress others!" Martial Emperor Sima was shocked and shouted, "Brother zuo, if you don't do it, I will do it for you."

As soon as Sima wuhuang finished his sentence, Chu Nan stepped down the ninth step, and the two Martial Emperor's whole body couldn't help but tremble. Just as Ling Xiao woke up again, he deeply realized the "Power." Poor Ling Xiao did not even express his hatred in his eyes this time, and fainted for the third time. Ling Hao also vomited blood and fainted!

Martial Emperor regained his senses and understood that Chu Nan could not take this "Power" down again. He raised his head and let out a long whistle. The long whistle sounded like a piercing sound, breaking Chu Nan's artistic conception. Martial Emperor roared, "Son Lin Yun, my husband must kill you today, even if he lives to death!"

With that said, Martial Emperor was once again surrounded by the young female demonitis, two palms of flesh with fire, alternately patted, attacking and killing Chu Nan!

Chu Nan stopped and was as quiet as a virgin. In the next moment, he was as fast as the wind and moved like a rabbit. He punched Martial Emperor and shouted, "Lin yun, is that what you can call him?"