Chapter 530 Beating up Zuo Wuhuang

Under Martial Emperor's continuous clapping of her hands, the green flame surged into the sky, rushing straight into the sky. It was somewhat similar to the "Three fire clouds," but the scene in front of her was not three, but one after another, straight to the endless momentum.

Huge waves, layers of push, ups and downs, waves of fire energy over waves, filled the entire sky, completely shrouded Chu Nan, and even more showed that Chu Nan was small, not worth mentioning.

"Under the fire of the sky, there is no skin or flesh left. Will you destroy it?" Emperor Zuo Wu's palms seemed to be unmoving, but they were too fast for ordinary people to see them move. When his palms really stopped, he sent them forward with great force and shouted, "Mountains are falling into the sea!"

"It's just an ordinary fire. How dare you call it skyfire? Ridiculous!"

Chu Nan's cold voice was not loud, but it was very clear into the ears of two Martial Emperor. Martial Emperor's face was grim. "Big words, everyone will say it, Lin Yun child, you can come out and talk about it."

Chu Nan was engulfed in the flames by a sea of green female demons, which turned into thousands of swords, whips and hammers, as well as sticks and blades, and many other weapons, all at once killing, chopping, and smashing at Chu Nan...

Chu Nan walked into the fire like a tramp on the ground!

The fist of the right hand was motionless, the left hand flipped, and the whirlpool appeared!

At that moment, the sky full of green female demonic flame rushed straight into the whirlpool, like a galloping horse. After thousands of weapons rushed into the whirlpool, they were immediately reduced to green female demonic flame, inhaled into the left arm, and was pulled into the dantian by the Five Elements whirlpool.

Chu Nan was not in a hurry to rush out of the fire. He let the Hanyu Lanyan King devour him while he was refining his body. At this time, Chu Nan was in a very clear state of mind. Under the pressure of circumstances, the Hanyu Lanyan King devoured the green female demonic inflammation. And if it could devour the green female demonic inflammation, it meant that it could devour other things, whether it was cold fire or yang fire, the fire of cultivation or the strange fire, all of them.

"Hanyu Lanyan King, this is my freshman and your freshman. I will let you grow up and see where you come from!" Chu Nan murmured in his heart that the scene of iceland had been hovering in his mind.

Half an hour passed, and an hour passed.

Chu Nan had tempered most of his body. He had to rely on the colorful halo and life force to protect his body, but now it was no longer necessary. Martial Emperor finally found something wrong. With a murderous look in his eyes, he pulled his hands away, and the raging fire wave was pulled away from the center, revealing a passage of fire.

Immediately, Martial Emperor Sima and zuo wuhuang saw that the young female demon was uncontrollably rushing towards Chu Nan's left hand. Martial Emperor suppressed the shock in his heart, snorted coldly, and clapped his hands together.

The separated sea of fire merged together, and a huge power was squeezed out, as if to crush Chu Nan. Chu Nan's chest shook violently, and blood oozed from the corners of his mouth.

Martial Emperor parted his palms again. Seeing that his move worked, he immediately separated and closed his palms, then separated and closed them again...

Cycle back and forth!

Chu Nan was hurt a lot, but he, too, took the blow as a trial.

Of course, Chu Nan wouldn't have done that without the Death Vine seed.

So, another quarter of an hour passed.

Martial Emperor did not know how many times he had separated the fire, but when he saw Chu Nan staring at him, he asked coldly, "Is there any other way?"


Martial Emperor had worked hard for a long time, and in exchange for this sentence, the frustration in his heart once again hit violently, but the movements in his hands were not slow, as Martial Emperor gritted his teeth and flipped his hands, the countless waves of fire, into a wave!

This heavy wave did not pull directly towards Chu Nan, but was still changing and twisting.

In the end, a fierce beast appeared in the air, all condensed by his green female demonic flame, but it was not an imaginary thing, but a real fierce beast, the green female demonic beast! There were four hooves that were shaped like fire clouds, two horns that resembled a green bull, and a mouth that resembled a blood-striped crocodile. The hooves were about five to six feet in size.

It's just not like Martial Monarch Hei Jun's heijiao.

The young female demonic inflammation was obtained from the place where the young female demonic beasts lived.

Sima wuhuang looked at Martial Emperor and sighed in his heart. He knew that Martial Emperor's heart was in a mess.

Chu Nan stared blankly at the green female demon, but a very important question came to his mind. "The primordial underworld has a seed, and the Hanyu Lanyan King is equivalent to a seed. Should this green female demon also have a seed?"

At this thought, Chu Nan's face lit up with joy. "If there is, then you have to swallow it."

At the same time, Martial Emperor gave the order to the green female demon beast, "Swallow it."

Immediately, the green female monster roared and lunged at Chu Nan, kicking her stomach and biting her head!

Swallow me? I want to swallow you!"

Chu Nan raised his fist and smashed it into the mouth of the green female demon beast with his nine-wave right fist!

Suddenly, the beast, which was made up of the young female demon, let out a cry of grief, and then exploded. The green flame splashed in the air and fell to the ground.

Martial Emperor was stunned. This lin yun actually punched out the young female demon that he had gathered. There was no energy fluctuation in that punch, only pure strength. How much was it? A million? Or two million pounds?


Martial Emperor shouted, her hands flipped, and once again gathered the green female monster, which bit Chu Nan. Chu Nan waited for the green female monster to bite in front of him and kicked it hard with his right foot. The green female monster was kicked to the side directly, flying at a speed several times faster than when it pounced on him. It flew into the middle of nine days. At the highest point, it broke into pieces and the fire rain fell again!

"Green female demon beast, congeal it again!"

"As much as you congeal, I'll explode!"

Chu Nan said as he strode towards Martial Emperor. Martial Emperor Sima's fingers moved slightly, wanting to make a move. After Lin Yun woke up, he had become several times stronger. Not only did he see the young woman as nothing, but his strength was even more amazing. However, he looked at Martial Emperor, whose eyes had turned red from madness, and sighed in his heart.

Bang bang!

Every time Martial Emperor gathered the young female demon beast in front of Chu Nan, it was either smashed by a punch or kicked to pieces. Martial Emperor still refused to give up, and blood spurted out of his mouth, but it kept condensing.

But as they were about to explode again and again, the power of the green female demon beast that Martial Emperor had gathered became weaker and weaker. Its five or six feet long body was not even a foot long until now, and the fierce light in its eyes had turned into the light of fear.

Chu Nan, on the other hand, was only seven meters away from Martial Emperor!

"Is there any other way?" Chu Nan asked again coldly, "If not, then..."

"Little Lin Yun, don't be so arrogant. I..."

Martial Emperor's words came to an abrupt end!

Chu Nan's slow steps suddenly accelerated, leaving a shadow behind. He rushed to Martial Emperor so fast that Martial Emperor could not react at all. The nine waves of power in his right fist hit him hard in the chest.

There was no doubt that Martial Emperor had been beaten back so violently that blood kept splashing in his mouth. Chu Nan ignored Martial Emperor Sima at all and strode forward to chase after Martial Emperor. Martial Emperor Sima wanted to make a move again, but a voice came from Martial Emperor over there, "He's mine. Old man must kill him!"

Martial Emperor Sima sighed heavily.

Just as Martial Emperor's voice fell, Chu Nan punched again. This time, he didn't beat Martial Emperor back, but hit him on the ground and shouted, "I told you, Lin Yun is not something you can call! Return to lin yun, your grandmother's child!"


Another punch!

"Don't call yourself an old lady in front of me!"


One foot on the ground!

"Your grandmother wants me to betray the Artifact Sect! You want me to become a beast like you, and you want to teach me my skills. Are you worthy of your grandmother's? Does it match?"

"Bang bang!"

With two kicks and a straight punch, Martial Emperor's body became a sandbag, and the bones in his body could no longer be found intact, and the force that had previously made him feel a little strange was pouring in more and more; but at this moment, he, who was blinded by the blow, was so angry that he had nowhere to vent, did not notice it at all!

"The strong are respected, aren't they? The weak eat the strong, right? Now, who's looking for death? Who is it? Aren't you supposed to be eaten by me?"

Every question, there must be a punch, or a kick. Martial Emperor was beaten to the point of vomiting blood, and wounds all over his body spilled out of the Blood Arrow. The young female demon was also beaten to the point of being unable to condense.

Martial Emperor Sima narrowed his eyes and made his final decision.

Dieyi Fairy stood there in a daze, looking at Chu Nan like a humanoid tyrannosaurus, beating up Martial Emperor, who had been high up in the air before. His thoughts were turbulent. "Is this a miracle?"

Then, Dieyi Fairy looked at the bracelet on her wrist. She never knew that it was such a defensive magic weapon. She kept it on her hand because it was a gift from her father. Dieyi Fairy frowned. "Daddy, you must still be alive, right? I'll find you..."

With that, Dieyi Fairy's eyes fell on Chu Nan again.

Chu Nan was still fighting and said, "You are only a first and middle rank emperor. Do you think you are heaven? Is it invincible? I said, you die, I said, I want blood to wash you!"

Martial Emperor was already scared and could not fight back, and every time he was punched, he felt the energy in his body, as well as the green female demonic inflammation, decreasing rapidly, and the strong smell of death surrounded him tightly.

"Spit out the seeds of the green female demonitis for me, and your primordial nucleus for me!"

Chu Nan shouted and punched Martial Emperor dantian.

At the same time, Martial Emperor Sima struck!