Chapter 531 Zixiao Moon Spring Water

Another reason for Martial Emperor Sima to rush into action was that he saw the punch and kick of Chu Nan's fist. It was too terrifying. The more he fought, the stronger he became. It was as if he was born to fight and grew up in the middle of the war.

A long saber flashed in Martial Emperor Sima's hand. The faint tip of the saber was like the moon, and the sawtooth on the blade was even more chilling. This was Martial Emperor Sima's medium grade weapon, bin you Yanyue Saber!

Bin you Yanyue Saber under the wave of Martial Emperor Sima, issued a water like but completely different from ordinary water, showing a purple color attack, because the speed was too fast, the whistle was extremely harsh, the sound of the void was like a ghost whistle!

The thick purple water blade, like the roaring milky way in the sky, came roaring in unstoppable momentum. It was almost to split this space, split Chu Nan's body, and just the smell of the blade from inside, caused several deep cracks on the earth. The majestic power in between was unimaginable!

The purple water yuan blade came in an instant.

Chu Nan did not take back the right fist that hit Martial Emperor dantian, and the right fist continued to fall, but the whole body, a brilliant and dazzling multicolored light!

At the same time, the heavy sword appeared in his left hand and cut out a sword like an invincible sword. This sword was the "Fusion" skill that Chu Nan had learned by killing a disciple of the heavenly sect on the pine mountains and combining all his skills together!

As soon as the "Fusion" technique was performed, Martial Emperor Sima's face changed greatly, and the purple water yuan blade had already been cut together with the blade!


The earth's piercing light erupted in the air, making it impossible to open one's eyes. The intense energy swept across the sky like a raging wave, and the ground beneath them was constantly cracked!

In terms of martial arts alone, the "Fusion" technique was very strong, surpassing Martial Emperor Sima's cut, but the energy in between was slightly insufficient. After all, Chu Nan still had to distract himself from dealing with Martial Emperor. Chu Nan had to kill zuo wuhuang and never let him breathe. Otherwise, Chu Nan really had no confidence in the attack between the two intermediate martial emperors!

Even so, a single strike of the heavy sword also counteracted most of the power of the purple water element's blade. The remaining energy made the strange water, carrying it, crash into the colorful defensive halo. With a loud explosion, the colorful halo shook a few times and returned to its original state. But the purple water was attached to the colorful halo. A bone-chilling chill penetrated Chu Nan's body!

And the multicolored defensive halo, actually "Chi chi chi," a burst of white smoke!

Chu Nan's body was also hit by the energy, but at the same moment, Chu Nan's right fist had already hit Martial Emperor's dantian. With a "Bang" sound, Martial Emperor's body immediately split into eight large pieces and exploded in eight directions. Each part was splattered with blood, especially the head, spitting out Blood Mist, as if it was going to fill the sky.

And in the original position, what was left behind was a green nucleus!

The reason why Chu Nan could do this, in addition to each punch and every foot has a million jin of power, there is also every punch and every foot, Chu Nan will leave some of the power in Martial Emperor's body, the last punch, and all of these forces detonated, the power of nature is extraordinary!

Tangtang Martial Emperor, just like that, fell under chu nan's fist!

Chu Nan collected the cyan nucleus and looked at the purple water on the colorful halo, wondering what he was thinking.

When Dieyi Fairy saw this scene, she was so shocked that she could not be more shocked, and an indescribable emotion rose in her heart. Although she was looking forward to the continuation of the miracle, she did not expect Chu Nan to create a miracle. It was too shocking!

Sima wuhuang's face darkened as he looked at the eight big pieces of Martial Emperor's body that had broken apart. His heart was cold and he felt a sense of sadness. He remembered all the things in the past. When he and Martial Emperor were senior Martial, he knew each other. They met in a competition in the organization. Emperor Zuo Wu is pure The organization rewarded Martial Emperor with the seed of a green female demon flame, and he got the seed of a green spring water in Purple Sky Moon, which greatly increased his strength. The two of them teamed up, invincible, and even created a set of joint attack skills, which was also an important reason why they could still create a lot of damage to ziwu empress and escape calmly in the face of ziwu emperor.

Hundreds of years of brotherhood, that is quite deep, they all know each other very well.

Because of this, Martial Emperor Sima resisted the words that Martial Emperor had said earlier.

But now that Martial Emperor was actually killed by that Lin Yun, there was no need to regret it. He was too confident, too trusting of Martial Emperor, thinking that even if he was invincible, he would not have been killed by a little ant that still exuded the smell of the first Martial...

Who knew, emperor Zuo Wu had become eight big pieces!

"If I had known that, I shouldn't have cared so much. If I had joined forces with him, one water, one fire, wouldn't I have killed this kid completely?" What Martial Emperor Sima regretted even more was that he had not waved his hand out when the black vines surrounded the boy. Otherwise, the one who was alive now was his brother, not this hateful boy.

"Lin Yun, you will pay the price. How many punches have you punched him? I will give you back a hundred times. I will cut you into a thousand or ten thousand pieces. I will kill you in the cruelest way..."

Martial Emperor Sima said sadly and resentfully, while Chu Nan looked at the purple water and murmured, "Is this strange water too?"

With that said, Chu Nan raised his right fist and retracted the colorful defensive halo. The zixiao moon spring immediately rushed all over Chu Nan. Chu Nan immediately felt a cold and corrosive breath. Chu Nan's right fist suddenly revealed a water color whirlpool, and those Purple Sky Moon springs all rushed towards the whirlpool.

Just like the green female demon, Chu Nan also sucked the Purple Sky Moon spring water into the dantian. When the Purple Sky Moon spring water flowed in Chu Nan's body, many of the flesh and blood cells were directly corroded. If it wasn't for the Yuanming seeds and the protection of vitality, it was afraid that a wisp of Purple Sky Moon spring water would slowly corrode Chu Nan's whole body.

Chu Nan introduced Purple Sky Moon spring water into dantian and let the Water Elemental Crystal devour it. His idea was very simple. The original crystal of water could devour the water of streams and Heihe. Why not?

As a result, Water Elemental Crystal did the same thing before the Water Elemental Crystal!

However, the devouring of the Water Elemental Crystal was much easier, and not as tragic as before. The Hanyu Lanyan King also released the newly devoured green female demonic flame to help burn the spring water of Purple Sky Moon.

Martial Emperor Sima saw that Chu Nan had sucked into the spring water of Purple Sky Moon, and he couldn't help but be stunned. Then he smiled grimly. "You really don't know whether to die or not. You can also suck into the spring water of Purple Sky Moon." Martial Emperor Sima was about to laugh wildly when his eyes fell on Chu Nan's thumb and saw the Mixed elements Ring.

In an instant, Martial Emperor Sima looked extremely shocked. He pointed at Chu Nan and stammered, "You are... You are... Devil Dao!"

Chu Nan glanced at Martial Emperor Sima but did not speak.

But Martial Emperor Sima fell into an ice cellar, combined with the big moves of the Tianyi Sect and the heavy rewards, and exclaimed, "I understand, I understand..." Martial Emperor Sima learned the identity of the person in front of him, and no longer called himself an old lady, and reflexively changed back to "Me."

"No wonder, no wonder brother zuo is not your opponent, so you are... It's hard to imagine that Lin Yun and Devil Dao are the same person!" Martial Emperor Sima was still exclaiming. These words reached Dieyi Fairy's ears. After Dieyi Fairy was shocked, a question arose in his heart. "He's not that old..."

After Martial Emperor Sima accepted the facts in front of him, bin you Yanyue Saber pointed directly at Chu Nan and shouted, "I don't care if you are Lin Yun or Devil Dao, today you will take your life to sacrifice brother zuo's spirit in heaven! Let him rest in the nine springs!"

"You are only a middle rank martial emperor."

With that said, Chu Nan took out the Dragon Teeth and the dragon tendons from the storage ring and assembled the Jackie Chan bow again, placing the three waves of compressed power on the string of the Haotian Arrow!

Bow pulling, mirage, sand moving, dark clouds rolling!

And the right fist, which was pushed into nine waves of power, was pulled to four-fifths by Chu Nan in an instant!

Martial Emperor Sima's face changed and he moved quickly. Bin you Yanyue Saber cut out thirty-three swords in an instant. Thirty-three swords were interweaved into a web. The ordinary web had holes, and this web of blades, those holes, were all covered by Purple Sky Moon spring water.

A net attack! Arrows!

When the two met in mid-air, Purple Sky Moon spring water ran from the hole of the blade and attached to the Haotian Arrow. The sound of "Zizizi" immediately appeared on the Haotian Arrow, but it was slowly corroded!

Although the speed is slow, the power corroded is shocking!

The thirty-three blades, on the other hand, had to bypass the Haotian Arrow and attack Chu Nan.

Chu Nan narrowed his eyes and said, "Boom!"

The Haotian Arrow exploded, and the Purple Sky Moon spring water was blown up in the air, but it did not dissipate. Instead, it flew towards Chu Nan, and the thirty-three blades were blown everywhere.

Chu Nan reached out his right fist and swallowed the Purple Sky Moon spring water into his body.

Martial Emperor Sima's body had moved, holding the bin you Yanyue Saber, fierce cut, filled with murderous air...