Chapter 6 Swear to the Sky

Chapter Six Swearing to the Sky

Ruoxue's tears flowed like spring water...

"Brother Chunan, let me hold you." Ruoxue sobbed. Chu Nan forced a smile. "Little Ruoxue, I can do it."

Tears glistened and dripped down. Ruoxue covered her mouth with her small hands, not letting herself cry out loud. She followed beside Chu Nan in small steps. No, it should say dragging, because Chu Nan's feet never left the ground...

The other protagonist of this incident, Bai Zeyu, had blood oozing from the corner of his mouth and endless pain in his body. However, these were not the most surprising things for Bai Zeyu. What shocked him was that the father of that crap had already reached the level of Martial General, and obviously for quite a long time. Wasn't he a blacksmith in Bai Family Village? Even if he made the farm tools very well, it was impossible for him to have such a great cultivation base. Besides, how could he be reduced to the Bai Family Village as a martial general?

Looking at Chu Tianfeng walking towards him, the fear in Bai Zeyu's heart grew crazily like a vine. As a high-level martial master, his cultivation base was just like an ant when confronting the martial general.

The gap between Bai Zeyu and Chu Tianfeng was just like the gap between Chu Nan and Bai Zeyu, but did Bai Zeyu have an unyielding spirit and crazy will just as Chu Nan did?

"What... What do you want... want to do?"

Bai Zeyu said shakily to Chu Tianfeng, who was only five steps away from him.

Chu Tianfeng took a step forward with a cold face and a murderous aura.

"No... Don't... don't kill me." Bai Zeyu panicked and begged for mercy. "Please, don't... kill me..."

Chu Tianfeng stopped in front of Bai Zeyu and said dominantly, "I won't kill you!"

"Thank you, sir. Thank you..."

"Your life will be ended by my son!" Ruthless words again.


Bai Zeyu looked panickily at Chu Nan, who was standing straight in the distance and moving forward slowly. The rage in his heart rose sharply with fear. "No, it's impossible..." He shouted.

Chu Tianfeng ignored Bai Zeyu's screams and spat out with no mercy, "Go to the hell!"

His words were full of murderous intent. Bai Zeyu trembled and didn't dare to stay any longer. Chu Tianfeng, who was at the level of martial general, put too much pressure on him. He was afraid that Chu Tianfeng would kill him in anger like killing an ant!

So, Bai Zeyu spat blood and turned around to escape. He was stumbling around, but his heart was filled with resentment, and he muttered resentfully: "Impossible, Chu Nan is crap, he can't end me. How could rubbish kill me? He was crazy and talking nonsense!"

Unfortunately, as Bai Zeyu said this, the image of Chu Nan being knocked down by him and then standing up kept appearing in her mind. The viciousness in Bai Zeyu's eyes showed up again. "Do you think a martial general is powerful enough? My master is already a martial king. When I return to the Holy Flame Sect, I will definitely ask my master to cripple your martial general cultivation base. You'll be crap like your son. And I will humiliate you by that time!"

"You'll see, I will avenge! You punched me today, and I'll definitely smash you one day!" Bai Zeyu grudged and spat out another mouthful of blood. His hatred grew even stronger.

Chu Nan, who was walking at a snail's pace, heard his father's words. "Your life will be ended by my son!" He gritted his teeth, clenched his fist, and imprinted them in his heart. "Father, I will not disappoint you. I will definitely end Bai Zeyu's life. I will!"

After murmuring that, Chu Nan took a firm step forward!

At this moment, the setting sun in the west shone like blood!

The setting sun fell, and the bright moon rose into the sky, shining Chu Nan's shadow long and slanted. His eyes never dimmed, and he fixed his eyes on the front because there was always a great figure ahead of him, which was his father!

On Chu Nan's left was Ruoxue, whose face was still filled with tears.

On Chu Nan's right, there was a beautiful figure. It was Chu Nan's mother, Lin Xueran. Unlike Chu Tianfeng's indifferent appearance, Lin Xueran was full of strong maternal love. She wanted to bear the endless pain in place of her son, and even all the humiliation caused by the severed meridians...

Lin Xueran's worries were well known to Chu Nan. He turned around, raised his lips, and tried to say in a relaxed tone, "Mother, I'm fine. Father told me that only those who endure the most become the highest. Although I am enduring now, I am also improving myself!"

Lin Xueran nodded, tears rolling in her eyes.