Chapter 7 She Fainted in Pain

Chapter Seven: Pain and Fainting

"Mother, I can do it."

"Yes, Naner, you can do it." Lin Xueran kept herself from crying.

Looking at his father's back and listening to his mother's voice, feeling his father's love which was as heavy as a mountain and his mother's love which was as tolerant as the sea. Chu Nan took every step so firmly, so decisively, "Father, mother, you love me so deeply, raise me up to now, have done so much for me, and mother shed so many tears, why shouldn’t I keep at it? Why should I waste my life? Is it the reason that all my meridians are severed? No! Absolutely not! In order for my father and mother to have a happy smile all the time, I will bet on my whole life and my pride and dignity of never letting myself become a good-for-nothing, I swear to the sky: I, Chu Nan, want to be strong, the strongest in the world!"

Chu Nan, who made such a vow to the sky, walked under the moon, indomitably...

It was not until the shadow of the moon disappeared, the east turned white, and the sun rose, that Chu Nancai came home. Just as he entered the courtyard, Chu Nan was overjoyed, and his tensed nerves relaxed, and then he suddenly fainted. Lin Xueran quickly called out, "Naner, Naner..."

Chu Tianfeng immediately moved to his son's side, his hands flashing purple flam had patted forty-nine times on different parts of Chu Nan's body, and then he said: "There is no big deal. He's just tired. Let him rest, then he’ll be ok."

"Isn’t this a big deal? Look at Naner. Is there any inch of his skin being okay? Why didn't you do it earlier? Why didn't you carry him back? Why did you ask him to beat Bai Zeyu, putting so much pressure on him? Why are you so cruel? No matter what, Naner is your son!" Lin Xueran finally lost her temper, regardless of Little Ruoxue's presence.

"Because he is my son, I have to be cruel!" Chu Tianfeng's voice was still as cold as iron.

"But, you know that Naner's meridians have been completely severed and he can’t practice martial arts. How can you let him defeat that genius Bai Zeyu? We could leave Bai family village, go somewhere else, and let Naner live his life in peace as an ordinary person does, isn’t it better for us?"

"Yes, we could leave Bai family village, but can you assure that in other places, there are no other people like Bai Zeyu in the Bai family village? Xueran, where there are people, there are grudges."

"Then we can find a place where no one knows. We can live in seclusion!" Lin Xueran was still fighting for it.

"Chu Tianfeng's son, he has no chance to be an ordinary person, and he can't be an ordinary person either. As a man of our Chu family, he can never live under the title of trash. If he lives like that, he might as well die!"

Lin Xueran cried out when she heard those ungrateful words, "Chu Tianfeng, you!"

"Xueran, do you think my father will leave a man who goes against his will alive? Do you think my brothers and uncles would be at ease because I had left the Chu family? As long as I'm not dead, they won't be at ease, and they'll..."

"Tianfeng, you mean the Chu family is still looking for us?"

Chu Tianfeng was silent, and Lin Xueran looked alarmed. "Will they find us here? What on earth do they want?"

"When our son recovers from his illness, we will leave the Bai family village." Chu Tianfeng said, bending over to pick Chu Nan up. Just a step forward, he said again, "Xueran, do you also think that our son is good-for-nothing?"

"I..." Lin Xueran wanted to say no, but her son's meridians were severed, which had been a fact that no one could change.

Chu Tianfeng smiled. "I never thought that my son was trash. Have you ever seen trash who was thrown into the water for ten hours after he was born but didn't die? Have you ever seen a useless man who was judged by the prophet to be less than eight years old and lived for sixteen years?"

Lin Xueran was surprised. Yeah, why didn't she think of that?

"Is a man with all of his meridians broken sure to be useless? Can't he be strong anymore? I, chu tianfeng, don't believe in heaven or god. I only believe in myself. Heaven rewards diligence and man wins heaven! Although no one in Tianwu Continent has ever been able to practice martial arts with severed meridians, our son may be the first one!" After that, Chu Tianfeng said again with a sarcastic tone, "Do you really think Bai Zeyu is a genius?"

"Isn't he? Bai Zeyu, a 17-year-old senior martial artist could be called a genius in Qing Kingdom, even in Tianwu Continent."

"You're wrong. If our son is knocked down by him today and can't stand up, I believe that Bai Zeyu will soon be able to break through to become a great martial artist..."

"What? A 17-year-old martial arts master, but why did you let Naner..."

"Unfortunately, from now on, Bai Zeyu will never become a great martial artist."


Chu Tianfeng smiled brightly. "Because of our son!"