Chapter 8 Mangshan Technique

Chapter 8 Mang Mountain Sutra

"Naner? How could that be possible?"

"Nothing is impossible. Our son had broken his martial heart! Do you know why Bai Zeyu killed Chu Nan, who barely reached the low level of a warrior? Just because he felt fear and was threatened, so he wanted to nip it in the bud. Do you think Bai Zeyu, a martial arts practitioner who had fear in his heart and was afraid of nobody but a loser in his eyes, would still have breaks in his martial arts? Unless something unexpected happened or he had another adventure, that's all for his life."

Lin Xueran opened her mouth as if she was hearing a fantasy and she was surprised. So was Little Ruoxue. But most of her attention was still on Chu Nan, who was still in a coma.

"Now, do you still think a loser can do that?"

When he finished talking, Chu Tianfeng burst into laughter, which contained endless expectations for his son. He said, "My son, you have created two miracles, can you create another one? Bai Zeyu will be the first component you should beat!"

Chu Nan had been in a coma for three days!

Chu Nan, who was in a coma, did not know about his parents' talks about 'the loser'. Nor did he know, in the past three days, Chu Tianfeng poured his own Original Force into his body every six hours to heal him. Chu Tianfeng set his bones, massaged him, gathered herbs, and simmered them to herb decoction into which he put Chu Nan.

In the past three days, the Bai family did not make trouble with them. Bai Zeyu's father avoided Chu Tianfeng when he saw him. All the villagers in the Bai family village did not go to his little blacksmith shop to repair farm tools or make arrowheads. Even if they were in a hurry to use them, they would go to the neighboring village to make arrowheads. Behaved abnormally, they were warned by the village head of Bai family village obviously. Bai Zeyu had stayed in the village for only two days. When his wounds were recovered, he left in a hurry before celebrating his father's 40th birthday.

Three days later, Chu Nan opened his eyes. And the first thing he saw was his tearful mother. "Mother."

"Naner, you're finally awake. How do you feel? Does your body still hurt?" Lin Xueran asked a series of questions anxiously. Chu Nan smiled and shook his head. "Mother, it doesn't hurt."

"My son..." Of course, Lin Xueran knew what her son said was just to ease her heart.

Outside the door, Chu Tianfeng came in with a bowl of medicine. His voice was cold and hard. "Downed this bowl of medicine."

"Daddy, about that day..."

Before Chu Nan could finish his words, Chu Tianfeng interrupted, "Don't worry! Now, what you should do is to recover yourself."

"Yes, father." Chu Nan hid all the questions in his heart.

After another three days in bed, Chu Nancai finally could walk, but he was still weak. Chu Nan felt his body was empty, but he was not depressed and decadent. The title of "trash" was the greatest pressure, and also the greatest motivation. Chu Nan began to exercise immediately. He worked hard and practiced the Martial Sutra's "The Flame Formula."

Tianwu Continent, there were usually two kinds of martial arts practicing. One was the Martial Sutra, the other was martial arts; The former could practice and produce the Original Force, and it's like internal force mental method, which could produce the internal force and true Qi; As for the later, which was moves and skills could develop, utilize and even explode the Original Force.

Martial Sutra and martial arts have four levels, including heaven, earth, black, and yellow. Each level was divided into three grades, heaven level was the highest level and yellow was the lowest. And this "The Flame Formula" was the lowest Martial Sutra of the yellow level. It belonged to the local-stall stuff, and everyone in the Daqing Kindom could practice it.

Now Chu Nan was practicing the first level of "The flame formula". But he had just started to practice, and every corner of his body hurt like pierced by needles. In an instant, Chu Nan was sweating, and sweat poured from his body.

"What's going on?"

Chu Nan frowned. In the past, he practiced "The flame formula." Although he struggled against doubting odds, no matter how long he practiced, he could only store a little bit of Original Force. This was also why Chu Nan only had a slight flame on his first fist when he fought with Bai Zeyu that day, and after that, it was only a flesh fist.

But how could it ever be so painful!

Chu Nan didn't believe it. He tried again, and it still hurt like stinging! It was like he was being baked!

"Why? What happened? Could it be the last punch Bai Zeyu gave me that day..." Chu Nan thought and he suddenly said to himself, "Then I'll try the 'Mang Mountain Sutra'! See whether he would fell the same as "The flame formula"!"

The "Mang Mountain Sutra" was also local-stall stuff, but it was a bit better than "the Flame Formula". It was an intermediate of the yellow level. It could increase the strength of the martial arts practitioner and make his body as tough as a rock. There was no other use except this. However, there were also rumors saying that if you could practice the "Mang Mountain Sutra" to the ultimate level, your strength would be as much as a mountain, and your body as tough as a mountain!

However, only the first three levels of the "Mang Mountain Sutra" had been spread. The last six levels could be only obtained by joining a certain sect, or by spending a lot of money.