Chapter 9 Longjiao Mountain

Chapter Nine Longjiao Mountain

"It hurts!"

As soon as Chu Nan practiced, he felt the pain hundreds of times more intense than before, and blood oozed from the corners of his mouth.

"What's the matter? 'The fireworks formula' is the fire attribute Martial Sutra, 'the Mang Mountain' is the earth attribute. Fire can make the earth, and there is no conflict between them. Why are you so painful?"

Chu Nan could not come up with an answer. Thinking of Bai Zeyu's contempt for him that day, thinking of what his father said, his puzzled eyes became firm. "As long as I can get stronger, I will endure the pain!"

So, Chu Nan gritted his teeth and trained in pain, hitting the limit of the pain again and again until he fainted!

Chu Nan was dizzy. Chu Tianfeng walked over and carried his son into the house. Lin Xueran sobbed and asked, "Why did you stop me from preventing Naner's practice? He used to break all his meridians. That day, Bai Zeyu beat up Naner's meridians with the fire of the genuine yang. Naner practiced like this. He endured severe pain and torture. The practice was useless at all. The replenishing power could not be stored at all."

"Who says it's useless?"

"What's the use?"

"The replenishing power can't be stored, but the practice can train his will!"

Lin Xueran paused for a moment and then said, "What's the use of strong will? Bai Zeyu could kill Naner with just a Fire crack fist! Tianfeng, you know better than me why Bai Zeyu left earlier. It only takes a month to go from Holy Flame Sect to Bai family village. If you take the flying monster, it only takes ten days..."

"With me around, no one can hurt my son."

"But... Why don't you, Tianfeng, give Naner the Chu family top-one secret 'The End of the World' and let him have a try?"

Chu Tianfeng shook his head. "He's in such pain just practicing a low-grade yellow Martial Sutra like 'The Fireworks Formula'. 'The End of the World', that's a low-grade local Martial Sutra. If our son were to practice it, he would probably die immediately!"

Hearing this answer, Lin Xueran felt desperate. She walked to the bed and grabbed Chu Nan's hand. Tears welled up in her eyes and she was filled with unwillingness. "Why? Why does god torture our son like this? Why?"

Chu Tianfeng was dismayed. If his son's meridians were intact, with such a strong will, he would work hard to practice. Even if he was ordinary, he would still be a mid-level martial artist! Unfortunately, things didn't work out the way they planned!

"Is there a Martial Sutra that is suitable for people with damaged meridians to practice?" Chu Tianfeng thought about this question. Ever since his son was born and knew that he was born with severed meridians, Chu Tianfeng had been thinking hard about it. However, 16 years later, he still had no answer. "It is almost impossible for someone with severed meridians to practice Martial Sutra and have replenishing power."

"Since God has failed to take my son's life, then, my son can create miracles, he will." Chu Tianfeng comforted himself in his heart and went to make medicine for his son.

This time, Chu Nan was not in a coma for another three days. At dawn, Chu Nan woke up.

When Chu Nan woke up, he reflexively got up and wanted to practice. Lin Xueran happened to come in. Seeing this scene, her eyes immediately turned red. She said quickly, "Naner, let's not practice. If we don't practice, we can still..."

"Mother, don't you think I'm fine now? I'm okay. I can bear the pain, really." Chu Nan spoke with ease, but his body was still trembling involuntarily. "Mother, I'm hungry..."

"I'm going to get the pastry, I'm going to get it..." Lin Xueran ran out of the room, and Chu Nan started practicing "The Fireworks Formula". The pain spread all over her body again, because Chu Nan was practicing very fast and fiercely. When Lin Xueran came back with the pastry, Chu Nan fainted again.

Lin Xueran froze on the spot, tears silently creeping up her cheeks; Chu Tianfeng sighed in his heart and brought in a bowl of medicinal juice...

As soon as Chu Nan woke up, he sometimes ate something, then he practiced until he fainted. Chu Nan kept going on and on until the sixth day when Chu Nan woke up from his coma again, there was some confusion in his eyes.

"If I continue like this, even if I have practiced for hundreds of years, I can only be a loser. I can't continue like this. I have to think of other ways." Chu Nan racked his brains for ideas and frowned for a long time...

Suddenly, a light flashed through Chu Nan's mind, and a smile appeared on his pale face. He remembered a story that Ruoxue's grandfather once told him about a powerful man in Tianwu Continent who had been humiliated into a loser because of his poor aptitude. The man could not bear being humiliated and wanted to jump off a cliff to commit suicide. However, his suicide failed. Instead, he fell into a cave where there was a tree with a fiery red fruit. After the man ate the fruit, he was reborn and made great progress. In less than ten years, he went from the realm of a martial artist to the realm of a martial king, and then killed all those who had humiliated him to vent his anger!