Rose Fragrance

Chapter 1 Did You Miss Me?

To be honest, I've been staring at Su Mei for a long time. Although she's not the best player in our game, she's pretty hot.

One day, when we were just at work and there weren't many guests, Qin Feng and I were chatting and farting in the hallway. Su Mei swayed her slender waist and passed us, glancing at us.

"Did you, goblin, sleep with her sooner or later?" Qin Feng said through gritted teeth.

I didn't say a word, but I couldn't help but swallow as I stared at Su Mei's flapping hips.

This su mei is really a demon. I want to sleep with her too.

But it's easy to say. She's a princess of the night club. Any tip is worth half a month's salary. Why should she let me sleep?

But I didn't expect that the opportunity would come soon!

My name is Wang Hao. For the sixth time in high school, I was called a parent because of a fight. My dad realized that I wasn't the type to go to school, so he told me to get out of school.

After two years of struggling in society, I came here under the introduction of Qin Feng from the same village, a nightclub ktv.

Until now, I have been working for more than a year. I know a lot about the rules, but my courage is getting smaller and smaller.

One day, I saw that the guest in room 7 had left, so I went in to clean up. As soon as I opened the door, I saw Su Mei alone, half lying on the sofa, a little tired.

These days, you can't just look at people's faces. Su Mei is a demon, and his body is exploding. He has a slender waist and long legs wrapped in black stockings. If he could hold my waist and roll it under me, it would be more comfortable than a fairy!

Our princess, a total of three sets of uniforms, happened to be wearing my favorite one today, a black tight-fitting dress, with an exaggerated slit to her belly button, a fork at the bottom extending all the way to her waist, and a faint pink inside. This is is the most seductive uniform I find.

As I watched, I looked up coldly and saw Su Mei looking at me with his charming eyes. I was about to look away when she suddenly said, "Do I look good?"

She was half lying on the sofa, curled up like a cat, her voice soft and seductive, and heartrending.

"Good-looking, good-looking..." I replied subconsciously. After thinking about it, I felt like I was really useless.

She squinted and smiled, tilted her head, let her long lavender hair fall on her shoulders, and said drunkenly, "Do you miss me?"

As she spoke, not only was she not shy, but she naturally spread her legs on both sides, and my nosebleed almost didn't come out.

She laughed as she looked at my embarrassed face, smiling back and forth, her clothes on her chest being pulled open by her exaggerated movements, and in a moment, a white flower was exposed in front of me.

She stretched out her hand and smoothed her messy hair on her forehead. "Come here," she said with her charming eyes."

I walked over as if I had lost my soul. Suddenly, she reached out and pulled me to her side and sat down. Then, with one hand on my shoulder, she was half lying on my chest. Oh my god, happiness came so suddenly.

My blood spurted out and my gums were bleeding, but I didn't dare move. I didn't know what she was really trying to do. If it was a trap, I would be finished. In this line of work, I can't offend the princess. God knows how many rich and powerful men they know.

I can't eat any more of them.

"Answer me, do you want to have sex with me?" She leaned down, rubbed the mountain against my chest and asked.

My voice trembled and I spat out a word dryly, "Yes..."

She suddenly grabbed one of my hands and pressed it against her chest before I could react. The feeling of tenderness made my mind explode, empty, and unconsciously shook it. That feeling, suddenly went up into the sky!

I'm a little nervous. She won't be disgusted by this, will she?

She did not mind my movements, but moved closer. The fragrance blew on her face and whispered in my ear in a charming, thin voice, "You promised to help me with something. Maybe I could consider letting you go to me once."