Chapter 12 Unexpected Visitor

I felt like my eyes were like a bloodthirsty beast trying to destroy everything in front of me.

"Tell me what to do!" I roared.

Elder sister Hong should have seen my hatred, and that was exactly what she wanted to see.

She didn't blame me for my rudeness, her tone was as calm as ever.

"Money. As long as you have money, you have people, and you can fight Huang Debiao's people."

I smiled miserably and shook my head.

"Elder sister Hong, if it's really like what you said, then you're so rich, why do you have to rely on me?" I asked sarcastically.

As if she knew what I said, she answered me without thinking, "Of course you can't do it alone, but you still have me behind you. You're just a backgammon. With me holding him back on the surface, it's much easier for you to do it behind your back."

I stared into elder sister Hong's eyes, trying to see something in them, but nothing came of it. I knew I was being used as a gun, but what else could I do? No... I would never be willing to do that, just give me a chance...

"Okay! I'll take care of this! You said you could help me. I need money now!"

I said loudly. I tried to straighten my back so that I didn't look like a dog.

Elder sister Hong seemed prepared. She looked at the middle-aged man standing next to her. He immediately took out a card from his arms and put it on the counter in the box.

"Here's 500,000. Take it. I'm sure you'll spend it well."

Five hundred thousand is a huge number for me, but it seems like fifty yuan from sister hong.

But I wasn't polite either. I put the card in my pants pocket and silently turned to leave. When I reached the door, I suddenly turned around and pointed at the middle-aged man and said, "I need his help!"

Elder sister Hong spread his hands and said, "No problem, but... He won't show up now."

I took a deep look at her, opened the door and left.

In the next few days, I asked the company for a few sick days to recuperate. Maybe it was because of elder sister Hong. The company didn't make things difficult for me, and I was on paid leave, but now I don't like these small money. After all, I still have a huge 500,000 yuan in my pocket.

During this time, Su Mei came once, and I had a good time with her. Su Mei looked at the wound on my body, probably because of guilt, and did all he could to serve me in bed, and unlocked many new positions that he had never tried before.

Su Mei also brought me a lot of news. For example, after I left, Huang Lei's boy became active again, and his anger became more and more arrogant. In private, there were rumors that he pushed me away, so some wavering people began to change sides.

As for the people who were close to me before, he used every means to suppress them. Even Su Mei was hinted at by him to let her leave me.

But that's not a bad thing either. Through this matter, I can also sift through some of my true confidants, such as the kind of wallflower, no matter what.

Before I left, I comforted Su Mei and told her not to panic. It would be good if she could restrain herself a little. Huang Lei's good days were numbered.

For the rest of the time, I was thinking about how to use the money in my hands to cultivate my power. I had to pull out the thorn in Huang Lei's eye, but I had no idea how to implement it.

Just then, there was a sudden knock on the door. I looked through the cat's eyes and saw a person who would not appear in front of my door.

I accidentally opened the door and a messy figure staggered in. As soon as I got up, I grabbed my arm and cried, "Brother ho! Brother ho! Save me!"