Chapter 13 Liu Rong's Surrender

"Liu Rong? How did you find this place? What happened?"

The flustered woman in front of me was Liu Rong, who had a good time with me, but today she was no longer as pure and lovely as she used to be. Her face was bruised and her clothes were torn, as if she had escaped from somewhere.

Liu Rong grabbed my arm tightly, tears falling like golden beans, crying, "Brother ho, save me, Huang Lei... Huang Lei is not a human, he tortured me, beat me, even... Even sent his dog legs... To force me!"

Hehe, it seems that those photos did bring Huang Lei a lot of excitement, but I don't have much sympathy for what happened to Liu Rong. After all, this green hat was put on by Huang Lei herself. Now who can blame it?

Of course, I couldn't express these emotions. I closed the door behind me and pretended to be in a difficult position, "Liu Rong, it's not that I don't want to help you, but look at me now. I'm a mud buddha crossing the river. I can't protect myself."

Liu Rong was anxious because if I didn't help her, then she would face a hell of a life.

"But if you don't help me, no one can help me. Brother ho, I beg of you. You're the foreman. Huang Lei wouldn't dare do anything to you."

I was silent, and liu rong bit her lips, as if she was upset, and said in a low voice, "Brother ho... I have something here... That might help you..."

My eyes lit up! That's what I'm waiting for. I don't believe that Liu Rong has been with Huang Lei for so many years. It's impossible that he doesn't have any leverage. Now, it seems that he does.

Seeing my interest, Liu Rong took out a cell phone from his pocket without hesitation and clicked on a video to show me.

After watching a few videos, I really wanted to laugh up at the sky and think to myself, "Huang Lei, I'll see if you die this time!"

"Very well, with these things, I have the confidence to deal with him." I touched liu rongsi's smooth face and said with a smile.

"Brother hao, my business..." Liu Rong asked tentatively.

I waved my big hand and said proudly, "You can rest assured to stay here! You will work with me from now on!"

Thank you! Thank you, Brother ho. I... I'm going to take a shower first..." Liu Rong thanked me profusely and then looked at me with a bashful expression.

Having seen through her, I naturally understood the hint of being naked. I chuckled and pointed to the bathroom.

Liu Rong gave me a flirtatious look and walked to the bathroom with his buttocks turned up.

As for Liu Rong, I still have a good position. As a bed, I will not refuse to accompany her, but with Huang Lei as a warning, of course, I will not let her know too much.

Next, I will use the cards in my hand. If I want to step on someone, I will step on him to death. I will never give him a chance to make a comeback!


When Liu Rong came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel, I was already waiting on the bed. Without saying much, Liu Rong walked to the bed and loosened his hands. The towel on his body fell off naturally. A beautiful body was exposed to the air. Although there were bruises on it, it was difficult to hide the original attraction of beautiful women to men.

Then Liu Rong used all his years of practice on me, licking or hooking or picking. When the time was right, I turned over and pressed it under me, and a big battle began.

There was a primitive battle of human interaction in the room, and the whole room echoed with the sound of spiritual and physical clashes.

It is said that women's groans and moans are the greatest aphrodisiac for men. It is true. With Liu Rong's utmost flattery, I have reached the peak time after time. If it were not for the fact that I was still thinking about business in my heart, I would not have been able to get out of bed today.

In the middle of the night, after confirming that Liu Rong was asleep, I quietly got out of bed, put on my clothes and went downstairs. I took out my cell phone and dialed a number.

After two beeps, the phone was picked up and a lazy voice came from the opposite side.

Without any small talk, I went straight to the point and said, "Help me contact Huang Debiao."