Chapter 14 Killing with A Knife

The next night, I disguised myself and came to the door of a ktv box. Instead of knocking, I pushed the door straight in.

In the private room, Brother Biao sat on the sofa with two princesses in his arms, one hand groping under one of the princesses'skirts, while Sister Hua sat on the sofa.

Seeing me come in, Brother Biao's men standing around immediately shouted, "Who is it? Get out of here!"

Although I lowered the brim of my hat, sister hua recognized me at a glance and immediately stood up to smooth things over.

"Everyone, don't get excited. It was this brother who asked me to invite Brother Biao over. They are all my own... My own..."

Brother Biao sat on the sofa with a machete and his hand pulled out from the bottom of the princess's skirt. After glancing at me, he looked at Sister Hua and said disdainfully, "Sister Hua, why didn't you say hello to me about this? Can I, Huang Debiao, invite anyone?"

What kind of person was Sister Hua? She had been at this position for so many years at the bottom. It had become her instinct to see what she was saying. She was already a little angry when she saw Brother Biao. Without a word, she picked up a bottle of beer on the table and looked up.

"Brother Biao, take this bottle of wine as an apology. I can assure you that this little brother is not here to harm you. You can talk about the specific matters. Of course, if Brother Biao is still not satisfied after the discussion, you will punish me and await your punishment."

Brother Biao held back his anger and did not say anything but waved at her. Seeing this, Sister Hua took the two princesses out of the box and gave me a deep look before leaving.

In the box, I was like a sheep entering a pack of wolves. The men around me, with their backs and waists, were staring at me. Brother Biao just sat there without saying a word. At that moment, the room was a little quiet and scary.

I had to admit that I was a little scared at the time. Although I was sure I could convince him, it was hard to guarantee that I wouldn't be beaten up by them in the first place.

At this moment, Brother Biao spoke.

"Little brother, since you're here, don't hide your face. If you want to talk about something, you have to show your sincerity."

Hearing this, I suppressed my fear and tried to calm myself down. As I took off my hat, I said, "Brother Biao, I can come over and face you. Do you think... That's a great sincerity?"

"Damn it! You little brat!"

As soon as I showed my face, the gang had already scolded me, and a few of them were about to come up and hold me down.

"Hold on." Brother Biao's voice suddenly sounded. He stood up, walked slowly towards me, and stood in front of me.

Patting my face with those big hands, he said with a grim smile, "Boy, I should admire your courage. Or should I laugh at your brain?"

"I thought you ran away, but I didn't expect you to dare fall into the trap."

My face was burning. I tried not to let Brother Biao see my eyes. I lowered my head slightly and said, "Brother Biao, I'm not here for a beating today. I'm here to talk to you about something."

"Oh~ talk about things? Call me!" One second Brother Biao was smiling, and the next, he turned around and asked someone to press him to the ground.

Just as they were about to make a move, I hurriedly shouted, "Don't you want to know who's behind this?"

It worked. Brother Biao stopped his men. I lay on the ground and a leather shoe stepped on my head. This humiliating gesture dispelled my original timidity and aroused my ferocity. I swore to myself that the next person to be dealt with after Huang Lei's bad luck was the owner of this leather shoe!

"Say it! Who is it?"

For the rest of the plan, I still have to pretend to be scared.

"I... I have a picture in my left pocket. Take it out and take a look."

A pair of big hands groped around my body and pulled out a picture of Liu Rong from his pocket. Of course, this picture was not the one elder sister Hong gave me, but the one liu rong took when she entered the office. Brother Biao recognized this woman at a glance. He had once slept with a princess here.

Brother Biao threw the photo on my face and ran over my head.

"Boy, you're not going to tell me that this bitch is the one who ordered you, are you? Do you really think I'm a fool or are you a fool? Take out any photo and let me let you go? Let me tell you! If you don't tell me who it is today, you can stay here forever!"

"I didn't say she was, but her boyfriend was!"