Chapter 16 Eradicate the Root

I knew that Brother Biao would investigate this matter, and my appearance was merely to give him a direction for his investigation. After all, for someone as suspicious as him, it was difficult for him to fully believe me even if I provided strong evidence.

But there's nothing to worry about, because I've already taken into account that all Brother Biao can investigate is the relationship between Liu Rong and Huang Lei, and the fact that Liu Rong was getting revenge from Huang Lei. These things can't be hidden, but they will further carry out Huang Lei's revenge on Huang Lei.

For the next two days, I still didn't go to work. During the day, I went out to gather some information. At night, I came home with a beautiful woman.

As for Liu Rong, I was trying to persuade her to stay with me because Huang Lei's side had been settled for the time being, but she couldn't show up yet, so she had to wait for me to settle Brother Biao before she showed up.

When I made up this lie, I thought that Liu Rong was the biggest flaw here. As long as Brother Biao caught Liu Rong, everything about me would be seen through.

Liu Rong was also very obedient to my arrangement. If she hadn't "Gone deep" in understanding her, she would have thought that this girl was a pure and obedient girl.

That day, I finally went to work at the company. As soon as I came in, the waiters showed extraordinary enthusiasm, especially those princesses, who inadvertently could always use their proud chests to rub against me.

There were many of them who had switched sides with Huang Lei before. When I saw this, I sneered in my heart. It seemed that Huang Lei had completely fallen.

I sat in my office and called a waiter who had been standing by my side to listen to him talk about what happened after I left.

It turned out that after I left ktv that day, Brother Biao came here the next night and called Huang Lei in.

Then a passing waiter heard a man's cry coming from inside, but it didn't last long, and the voice slowly stopped. Then he saw a group of big men stand out the bloody huang lei, and never saw him come back.

After sending the waiter away, I picked up a newspaper on the table and read the headline.

"A nameless man's body was found by the river in the outskirts of the city. Hehe, it's interesting."

I don't feel guilty about what happened to Huang Lei. After all, if he hadn't provoked me first, I wouldn't have used such a cruel method against him.

If a man does not offend me, I will not offend him. If a man offends me, I will offend him. This little guy's vengeance might be the reason why elder sister Hong chose me.

However, this incident also alarmed me, that is, Brother Biao these people are really desperado, seeing such a sharp handling method, I think that the human life cases under his hands are not one or two, and to deal with him, we still have to be more careful.

At this time, the phone on the table rang, and a colleague informed him when he got through.

"Leader wang, I need you to attend the company's regular meeting today."

Heh heh, the big show is coming.

The reason why he chose to come back today was because of this regular weekly meeting of thunder and lightning.

After I hung up the phone, I came to the conference room, and a succession of people had already arrived. The person who presided over the regular meeting was a manager sent by the company. Although he had no real power, he was able to reach the ears of heaven. His position was about the same as that of the imperial guards in ancient times, so everyone was unwilling to offend him.

As usual, the beginning was still a summary of some performance and some performance indicators, which made me drowsy until the next "Imperial envoy" said.

"The departments will report the situation this week."

I suddenly perked up and stood up with a thud, causing everyone to look in this direction, but I didn't care at all. I walked to the front of the conference room and said with a chuckle, "Next, I want to show you a video. The content of the video is exactly what I want to reflect. Please enjoy it slowly."

The manager didn't care about my rash actions. It seemed that he had also received instructions from his superiors to "Take care of" me as a new recruit.

A usb drive was inserted into the interface of the computer, and after some debugging on the computer, a video was placed on the large screen.

At the beginning of the video, there was nothing much. Until a figure appeared in the video, everyone turned their eyes to the person sitting in the corner of the conference room. This person was Huang Lei's brother, Huang Sen, who was the person he relied on to bully under the company!

Kill and root out! Huang Lei is dead now, so I have to cut off his roots now. This way, I won't be stabbed in the back when I do things.

In the video, Huang Sen seemed to know what was going on behind him. His face was pale and cold sweat covered his forehead.