Chapter 17 Sister Hong Turned Her Face

I looked at him with a sneer, and the video gradually showed other people, clearly showing the whole process of Huang Sen getting kickbacks from his purchases. This video was carefully edited by me and there were many things that Huang Sen had done to hurt the company.

In the end, I posted a photo on the screen. It was an account book that recorded a portion of Huang Sen's earnings.

These were all given to me by Liu Rong in order to bring down Huang Lei, and it was because of this that I had the confidence to complete the plan to eradicate the roots.

After reading it, I closed my computer and said in a loud voice to the people below, "Although I am not from the Procurement division, I am a part of the company after all. When someone sent this information anonymously, I decided to expose it and eradicate this tumor for the company!"

After that, I went back to my seat, and the manager said again, "I have broadcast the whole thing to the directors of the company, and they have decided to let me inform them on behalf of the company."

"In view of the fact that Procurement division Huang Sen received kickbacks, falsely reported the amount of funds and harmed the company's interests, the evidence is conclusive. However, due to the humanitarian and corporate camaraderie, the company decided to limit huang sen to three days to return the money he had swallowed and remove his position in the Procurement division, never hiring. Otherwise, the company will pursue Huang Sen's legal responsibility according to law."

With a plop, Huang Sen could no longer sit down and slid down from his chair to sit on the ground. He's done. He doesn't know how many years of prison he's going to face with such a huge sum of money...

In a good mood, I leisurely returned to the office after the meeting. As soon as I went upstairs, I found that the middle-aged man next to elder sister Hong was standing in front of the office.

"Elder sister Hong is waiting for you inside." Seeing me coming up, the man put down a sentence and stood there.

My heart skipped a beat. What's elder sister Hong doing here at this time? I forced myself to open the door. I was stunned when I opened it.

Elder sister Hong was sitting in my boss's chair in a professional ol suit, his legs resting on the desk, and my eyes hurt from the white skin.

The buttock-wrapping skirt revealed a dark and mysterious area along the gap between my legs, as if it was provoking my vision.

I felt something was wrong with elder sister Hong today, so I quickly lowered my head to avoid looking at her.

"Red... Elder sister Hong, you're looking for me."

"Close the door and come here."

I turned around and closed the door, staring at my toes as I walked towards elder sister Hong.

Seeing me like this, she burst out laughing.

"What? How dare the fierce Leader wang not even look at me?"

I'm a little embarrassed. I can't say that I'm afraid of you cheating. Although I work under her, people say that I can turn my face if I turn my face. How can my thin arm twist her thigh?

Even though he was secretly criticizing her, he said deliciously, "Elder sister Hong, what are you talking about? I can have today. It's all from you."

Snap! Elder sister Hong slammed the table and made a loud noise. I looked up at her in shock, not knowing what I had done wrong.

"So you know that I gave you today. Remember, I can hold you up, and I can step you down! In the future, don't think too much and remember what I told you. If this happens again today, you know..."

I looked into elder sister Hong's eyes and saw a dangerous light in them. It dawned on me that she was knocking on me. It seemed that my dealings with Huang Sen had made her think that I was excluding myself.

It was undeniable that I had such a mentality, so I hastily expressed my attitude.

"Don't worry, elder sister Hong. I promise this won't happen again."

She looked at me deeply, then withdrew her gaze and whispered, "This is the best. I'm tired. Come and help me press my shoulders."

When I heard that, I walked to the back and put my hands on her shoulders. As soon as I lowered my head, the beautiful scenery came into my sight.

I tried not to let myself see it, but it was probably a fluke and I didn't think I would be found out, so I couldn't help peeking at it while pressing my shoulder.

It must be the expectation of all men to imagine elder sister Hong, such a strong woman who looked like a ripe peach, under her body.

"If you want to see it, just look at it. You weren't as timid as you are now when you set Huang Lei up."