Chapter 18 Sense of Crisis

She looked up in shock and saw herself in the mirror and elder sister Hong's funny smile.

This awkwardness made me blush so much that I could sneak a peek and forget that there was a mirror in my office. I wanted to find a place to get in.

The hands that were supposed to be on elder sister Hong's shoulders hung down unnaturally and there was nowhere to put them.

She stood up, her hands around my neck, so close that I could even feel her breath.

The red lips slowly moved closer to my earlobe, only to hear a murmur in my ear.

"Little girl, sister is not something that everyone can see. If you want more, you have to give more." The breath from his mouth tickled his ears.

After that, she left in a daze. As she walked past me, she accidentally used her fat buttocks to scrape against my lower body.

I didn't dare to look up until I heard the door closing. I couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief. Elder sister Hong put too much pressure on me today.

Although the whole process was full of ambiguity, every word was a warning to me. It seems that my recent actions have given her a sense of crisis.

However, elder sister Hong's visit also let me know something, that is, she was anxious.

She was in a hurry to let me deal with Huang Debiao, which meant that Huang Debiao had put too much pressure on her recently, and this was also my chance to turn the passive into the active.

Just as I was thinking about the next thing, my eyes caught sight of a circle of wet marks on the chair that elder sister Hong had sat on.

The tip of his finger scraped lightly from the top of his nose and sniffed. Then the office burst into laughter.


For the next few days, I worked in the company on a regular basis during the day, and at night, I would lock myself in my room and write and draw on a notebook. As for what I wrote, no one knew except me.

Just as I came out of the office that day, a figure dashed straight at me, and he knocked me off guard.

"Ah! Wang... Leader wang, right... Sorry, I didn't mean to."

This was one of my waiters. His name was Ma Ming. I had some impression of him because he was too thin and looked like he was malnourished. He was in his twenties, but he looked like a child. According to the people who invited him in, he wanted to arrange for him to do odd jobs because he was pitiful. I usually earn a tip or something.

Ma Ming's face was pale now, as if he had done something bad, and he kept apologizing to me. After all, I was his immediate superior.

Seeing his pitiful appearance, I rubbed my aching shoulder, and the anger that had been so strong dissipated a lot. I grumbled, "All right, let's go to work. Watch your step from now on. Don't be rash."

"Thank you, Brother ho. Thank you, Brother ho."

I took this as a small incident. Who knew that in the afternoon, I was squatting in the toilet, but there were several people shouting and swearing outside.

Originally, I didn't want to pay attention to it. After all, more is better than less. In places like ktv, fighting is a common thing, especially among the guests. As long as we don't destroy the facilities here, then we will open our eyes and close our eyes.

But the noise outside grew louder and louder, and Ma Ming's name was faintly heard.

I opened the door of the cubicle a little and looked out curiously.

Ma Ming was squatting in the corner of the toilet, surrounded by three drunk men, kicking him and swearing.

"Damn it, you little brat, you dare to touch anyone's money! Are you kidding me? You really mean it!"

"I think you deserve a beating!"

Ma Ming squatted on the ground with his hands around his head, not daring to resist, and he kept explaining, "You said that you would give me a hundred for a bottle of wine. I just took my money..."

Hearing this, the three men fought even harder.

"Boy, you've never seen money, have you? Tell me! Which hand took the money just now!"

Perhaps they were also tired, and the three of them stopped to take a breath. One of the men took out a wallet and took out a stack of money from it, looking at the amount that was probably around ten thousand.

Pulling Ma Ming's hair and slapping him in the face with money, I could see Ma Ming glaring at him with red eyes from my angle.

"You like money, don't you? Are you happy? Come on! Get up! Not convinced, right? Give you a chance, it's all yours to take away!"

Ma Ming's eyes slowly changed. I was so familiar with them that I could see them in the mirror countless times on that miserable day.