Chapter 19 Dangerous Moves

"Who the hell are you? It has something to do with you... Burping..."

"Get out of here! There's nothing for you here. Don't make trouble for yourself!"

The three men were stunned when they saw me. They didn't expect anyone else to be in the bathroom, but then they said something rude to chase me away.

I didn't look at them, but at Ma Ming. When Ma Ming saw me, his expression darkened and he returned to his usual cowardice.

"Three guests, I'm the foreman here. You guys beat up my employees here. What do you think I should do about this?"

I looked at them with a smile. One of the men rolled up his sleeves and was about to hit me. Fortunately, he was stopped by his companions.

"Brother, what do you mean?"

I took out my cell phone and shook it in front of them. Shrugging my shoulders, I said, "It's not interesting. The person who called me must have an explanation. I recorded the whole process. Now you have two choices. One is to wait for the police. Second, it's our own business."

Thankfully, they obviously didn't dare to challenge the law. When they heard my tough attitude, they could only throw down a pile of money and say it was medical expenses, then they left cursing.

In fact, I was just trying to scare them. After all, we are in the service industry, and we don't want to call the police over easily. Otherwise, if other people see the police coming every three to five times, then where else would they dare to come here?

I handed the money to Ma Ming, and Ma Ming looked up at me in shock.

"What are you looking at? Take it."

"This... So much for me?"

"Nonsense, you think this fight is for nothing."

I gave him a dirty look, but I knew what he was thinking. In the past, if something like this happened, it was usually deducted some money and then reimbursed the employee's medical expenses. How could I give him all the compensation for the customer like I did?

Ma Ming took the money shakily, then froze for a few seconds, hugging his knees and sobbing.

I looked at him as if I had seen myself. I glanced at his back and saw a bright blade on the ground.

I squatted down and patted him on the shoulder.

"Did you just want to kill him?"

Ma Ming sobbed and shook his head.

"I... I don't, I just... I just need money..."

"What do you want money for?" I remember that the company's pay wasn't too low. An honest man like Ma Ming would save some money if he worked hard.

After crying for a while, Ma Ming calmed down before telling the truth.

It turned out that Ma Ming was a child from a single-parent family, and his mother had brought him up by herself. He had been doing well in school, but a year ago, his mother suddenly fell ill, and the family lost their financial resources. Filial Ma Ming resolutely dropped out of school and went to work. As his illness worsened, his mother had to undergo surgery. Ma Ming worked day and night to reverse the situation. The purpose was to raise the operating expenses, and even the company's meals were reluctant to eat, leaving money for mother's operation.

Just yesterday, the hospital gave him a final notice to pay for the operation as soon as possible, or he would refuse to treat his mother.

It was because of this that Ma Ming was so distracted that he even bumped into me in the morning.

"How much is the surgery fee?"

"One hundred thousand." Ma Ming's eyes were filled with gloom. It was probably the pressure that made him choose to take risks.

Looking at him, a bold idea suddenly popped up in my heart. If it succeeds, it might be able to perfect my plan.

"Ma Ming, if there's a dangerous job that can help you pay for the surgery, would you like to do it?"

He grabbed his hair and said hysterically, "Not to mention dangerous work, as long as I can save my mother, I will risk my life!"


I clapped my hands, grabbed his shoulder and said, "As long as you do one thing for me, your mother's operation fee will be on me!"