Chapter 2 Something Bad Happened

Really so good? I was stunned, but my mind was still calm. No, I have to figure out the situation first. I can't be sold and help people!

"What... What is it?" I stammered.

With a charming smile, she pulled over an exquisite little box from the side. It was inlaid with gold, which was exclusive to the princess. There were some necessary things for the princess, such as a bottle opener, and of course, a few condoms.

Opening the box, she touched it inside and took out a small, exquisite bottle of red wine. It was worth a lot, but I didn't seem to have seen it here before.

"Take this." She said.

"No, no, we're not allowed to drink at work." I quickly said, this is the rule.

She gave me a blank look and said, "It's not for you to drink. Take it first."

I was a little confused, but I still reached out and took it.

"This wine is good. There's a guest in room 14, brother biao. He's my friend. Send the wine over and come back. I'll give you what you want." She said in a coquettish voice, rubbing one hand against my crotch intentionally or unintentionally, and my body could not help but tremble.

Although I felt that things were a little strange, but at this time, I was not able to control so much on the top of my head. I agreed on the spot and went out with the wine.

When I got to room 14, I knocked on the door. When I entered, I saw a row of topless men sitting on the sofa. They were flowing and covered in tattoos.

Mom, a bunch of big social brothers.

The princess in the private room saw me come in and hurriedly came over. This is the rule. We can't talk to the guests directly.

"Who's Brother Biao?" I looked at the princess and asked.

She pointed at the bald man in the middle of the sofa, sitting there with a machete and a twisted scar.

I gulped, went up, handed the wine in my hand, and respectfully said, "Brother Biao, this is specially given to you by the company."

This is what su mei taught me. She told me not to give her name. Just say that brother biao knows it himself.

A bald man next to him blinked and said obsequiously, "Oh, the Xuan Shini collection. Brother Biao really has face."

"Haha... That's right. Come on, give me the wine. You can leave now." Brother Biao took out a few pieces of money from a pile on the table and threw them at me, then chased them away.

My eyes lit up. I quickly picked up the money. In this business, it's normal to be scolded. It's true to have money!

After I came out, I counted seven. I was so happy that I could earn 700 yuan for a single drink. This was not a lot of opportunities. You know, our young master himself didn't have many opportunities to get in touch with the guests.

With the money in my pocket, I remembered that Su Mei was still waiting for me in the private room, and I was even more proud.

But I never thought that I would be killed because of this!

When she returned to the private room, Su Mei was still lying there. When she saw me coming in, she immediately sat up.

This time, I felt myself sitting next to Su Mei, daring to put a salted pig's hand on Su Mei's fair thigh.

"Are you in such a hurry?" Su Mei didn't care. She looked at me and asked, "Have you delivered the wine?"

"Yes." I answered casually and saw that su mei didn't care. I pinched her thigh. It was so tight and smooth that I had never felt it before!

She let me do whatever I wanted and continued, "What did you say?"

I suddenly noticed that she seemed a little nervous, but in an instant, the thought was attracted by the white thighs in front of me.

"As you instructed, the company sent it." I muttered, rubbing it for a while, but it didn't feel good. I went down and the thin black stockings didn't affect my touch at all. I touched my knees, calves, and finally the tiny feet.

I was intoxicated by the tenderness of that tight grip. I didn't know if I was a pervert or not. I was very interested in women's feet, especially when I was wearing black stockings. I had no resistance at all.

She felt a little itchy, struggled for a while, and said, "If someone asks about you after the event, what do you say?"

Isn't that nonsense? I can jump in this pit? I took it for granted and said, "Yes, just say it's from the company."

At this point, I already noticed something was wrong. Su Mei seemed to be very careful and nervous about the wine delivery. Was there something strange about it?