Chapter 21 Spring Breeze Strives to Cross the Jade Gate

Sandwiched between the two women, I felt tormented every minute. After I went overboard, the two of them finally finished the meal together.

Just when I thought Su Mei was leaving, she said she wanted to talk to Liu Rong in the house. Of course I didn't agree. What's the joke? What if you fight?

But it was not up to me to make the decision. After Liu Rong cleaned up the dishes, he agreed to Su Mei's proposal and then took the initiative to enter the inner room.

Okay, now I'm redundant. Seeing my helpless appearance, Su Mei suddenly stretched out his lotus root arm around my neck and gently spat lan fang on my face.

"What? Afraid I'll eat your little lover?"

Damn it, this demon, Su Mei has the ability to make a man want to push her up at any moment, especially when her deep chasm is in front of your eyes but you can't touch it.

I swallowed a mouthful of water and was about to take a swipe when she suddenly let go like a butterfly and floated into the house, leaving only a fragrant breeze behind.

Su Mei poked his head out of the inner room, winked at me playfully and said, "Don't eavesdrop on a woman's conversation."

Then he closed the door.

With that said, I can't really ignore the face to lie on the door and eavesdrop. How ugly it would be if someone found out.

For the next half an hour, I sat on the sofa and watched tv. Although my eyes were facing the front, my pupils had lost their focus.

Click. The door rang. The first time I turned around, I saw Liu Rong coming out of the inner room. I craned my neck to see what was going on inside, but I couldn't see anything.

"Brother ho, elder sister Su told you to go in." Liu Rong appeared calm as if nothing had happened.

Call me? My heart thumped. Is this a showdown?

At this moment, I felt a headache. Whether it was Su Mei or Liu Rong, I didn't want to give up now, especially Liu Rong. It was said that Huang Debiao was on the road all over the world asking about Liu Rong.

And Su Mei, even though we are only physically related, I still can't help but feel that kind of bone-chilling and soul-stirring feeling. It would be really difficult to choose between the two.

She came into the inner room with a nervous heart and saw Su Mei lying on the bed looking at me in a nightgown I bought for Liu Rong.

"You are..." I was a little confused. Didn't you ask me to talk about Liu Rong?

"I like the nightgown you bought. Do you like it?" I nodded dully.

I carefully selected this nightgown for Liu Rong. The material of the gauze could make the skin inside appear faintly, and the smooth touch did not affect a man's touch at all.

However, this set of pajamas was chosen for Liu Rong after all. It was the right size for her. Su Mei looked a little smaller in it, especially the two snow peaks, which seemed to be bursting, but it made Su Mei even more enchanting.

Su Mei stepped lightly on the ground with her bare feet and whispered in my ear, "I want to stay here today~"

"But Liu Rong..."

"Are you still afraid that she has nowhere to sleep? Don't worry... She's sleeping on the sofa today."

"This..." Seeing that I was still hesitating, Su Mei's good temper was a little angry.

"Forget it if you don't want to. I'd better not come." Then he turned around to take his clothes.

When I saw Su Mei bending over and his two beautiful buttocks looming in front of me, I could not help but pull out a bad smile from the corner of my mouth.

I picked Su Mei up and threw him on the bed when I heard a soft cry. I tugged on my nightgown with my hands and a body as white as mutton fat appeared in front of me. At this time, she didn't know that I was teasing her on purpose.

With a whimper from Su Mei, two red lips came up to her and tasted the Jinjin jade liquid in her mouth. She took off her clothes in no time. With one hand, she used a monkey to fish the moon into the swamp, and with the other, she bent Jackie Chan's claw to catch the jade rabbit.

Before that, when the show was over, the war was about to break out. I mounted my horse with my gun and sent the green dragon out to sea to attack the yellow dragon. I plunged into the warm and humid land of Taoyuan.

While I was galloping on the battlefield, two soft balls pressed against my back...