Chapter 23 Beginning to Take Shape

After Su Mei handed me the notebook, he took out a cell phone and waved it in front of me.

"There are some people here who are not on the book. They may be able to help you. These people must be me to contact. I will inform you when it is done, provided I have a request."

"Say it."

Su Mei clenched his teeth and squeezed a sentence out of his throat, "After you catch that Wang Badan, you have to hand him over to me!"

"This won't do!" I refused without hesitation.

"Why!" Su Mei shouted excitedly.

I hesitated for a moment, and when I saw her like this, I felt a little reluctant, not to mention other selfish intentions, just to help her in bed like this. I shouldn't have rejected her request.

But if Huang Debiao fell into her hands, she would not be able to live. The living brother biao was more valuable than the dead Brother Biao.

I leaned closer to Su Mei's ear and whispered a few words to her. I saw her expression change all the time and finally said, "Can you really guarantee it?"

"When have I ever lied to you? Besides, there are times when it's worse to live than to die..."

Maybe it was my plan that triggered her, but in the end she agreed with me.

"Okay, I believe you. I'll contact these people today. I'll give you an answer in three days."

"No problem."

Su Mei and I went from bed to trench because we had a common enemy. That's why I trusted her.

In the next few days, Su Mei and I secretly visited the list of people, including the oppressed waiter, the oppressed princess, and even contacted some business people who had conflicts with Huang Debiao's business.

I went to visit them one by one, and if I had confirmed their intentions during the conversation, I would have revealed my true purpose. Otherwise, I would have had to make up some lies.

Just like this, a month passed, and the people Su Mei contacted brought me a great surprise. With the help of these people, the odds of winning over Huang Debiao were a few more points.

And I also got some financial resources from some businessmen, and I used this money to recruit some thugs. These people were some scattered soldiers who could do things with money. After doing things, birds and beasts scattered. They were not afraid of being retaliated at all.

And this was done in secret, without telling anyone that I needed to hide my hand, not expose all my cards in the open, as a strange soldier, maybe I could get a miraculous effect.

Gradually, my power began to take shape, and a undercurrent against Huang Debiao surged under the city...

One day, I received a call from Sister Hua saying that a guest asked me to go to room 12. During this time, I also met a lot of guests. Sometimes it was normal for them to ask me to come over and make a toast. I rushed to the room without any doubt.

As soon as I got to the corridor, I saw a huge figure from afar. My heart thumped and I understood who was looking for me.

I walked up, but the middle-aged man didn't say anything and opened the door.

Sure enough, when he walked in, he saw elder sister Hong sitting on the sofa with his legs crossed and drinking a glass of red wine.

She didn't raise her eyelids when she saw me coming in, as if she couldn't see me.

I didn't say anything either, I just sat there. After about ten minutes, she finally put down the glass in her hand and looked up at me, "I've heard that you've grown a lot during this time. The whole company thinks highly of you."

"Elder sister Hong flatters me. Thank you so much for your cultivation."

"Hehe hehe, it's not easy for you to remember me."

When I saw elder sister Hong sneering, I immediately showed signs of panic.

"How can I say that I, wang hao, have today, all thanks to elder sister Hong, I will not forget this kindness no matter what!"

With a bang, she flung the goblet off the table and smashed it against the wall, leaving a slit in my face.

"Don't think I don't know what you did with that bitch Su Mei! If you don't tell me to make a decision on your own, you're going to stand on your own!"