Chapter 24 Coercion And Inducement

A chill ran through my heart, wondering if the fact that I had recruited those people had been exposed? Although she was nervous, she remained calm on the surface.

"Elder sister Hong, you have wronged me. I did everything according to your orders. You know, I can't deal with Huang Debiao alone. And now that you haven't told me how you're going to hold him back, I can only do it my way."

I didn't always lower my voice, which would make me look guilty. I did the opposite, and my words were full of complaints about what she was hiding from me.

Sure enough, elder sister Hong's face softened and he muttered, "It's not that I didn't tell you, but that it's not the right time. I told you in advance for fear of leaking the news. And why didn't you tell me about your cooperation with Su Mei in advance? What if she was exposed?"

When I heard her say that about you, the stone in my heart finally dropped. It turns out that she came here today to ask for blame only because of my cooperation with Su Mei, and not because of my recruitment of those people.

In that case, I might as well go around the bush with her.

"Elder sister Hong, you should also remember why you came to me. As for Huang Debiao, I wanted him to die more than anyone else, so I chose Su Mei after careful consideration."

"Oh? Since you trust her so much, and I trust you once, I won't care about what happened before, but if there's any action later, you must let me know."

I lowered my head and felt relieved.

Elder sister Hong stood up, took out two tall glasses from the wine cabinet in the box, filled them with red wine, and placed one in front of me.

"Now that we're done talking about business, let's have a drink with me."

I picked up my glass and gulped it down like a beer. Then I saw elder sister Hong's beautiful eyes looking at me in surprise. She probably didn't expect anyone to drink like this in a red bar.

"I'm really not used to this red wine. It's too astringent. It's not as refreshing as beer, and it's not strong enough." Elder sister Hong chuckled when I looked like I had never seen the world before.

"You, you. Red wine needs to be carefully tasted to taste all kinds of flavors. It's strange that you can taste good when you drink like a cow."

I scratched my head awkwardly and chuckled.

After that, we drank from one cup to another, and they were as close as an old friend. Not long after, the whole bottle of red wine went down.

Although I couldn't feel the wine when I drank it, it was full of energy. I felt hot all over, and my head was a little dizzy.

Looking at sister hong again, her white cheeks were pink as if she had just been happy. A pair of long, white legs rested on my legs and stretched out a boneless catkin to rub against my chest. Gradually, heavy breathing mixed with the smell of alcohol rushed onto my face.

Seeing her bewildered and emotional appearance, I felt a rush of hot blood hit my brain. I grabbed the catkin and rubbed it vigorously.

Maybe I was too hard, and I only heard elder sister Hong snort, then naturally took his hand out and gave me a flirtatious look.

"You piece of wood!"

I could feel my heart beating slowly towards the furniture, looking at the two pieces of red lips one by one, an urge to taste the fragrance.

"Wang Hao, as long as you have the ability, what kind of creature can't you get? Whether it was Su Mei or Liu Rong, they were just princesses in the box. Out of this door, they were the bitches of the human race. You are still young. With my help, you will have a good future. Don't give up the future because of the temporary benefits."

At this point, elder sister Hong paused and whispered in my ear, "It's done. Even if you want me... It's not impossible."

I suddenly stood up. Elder sister Hong, who had been half-leaning on me, fell on the sofa unprepared.

Elder sister Hong, you're drunk. If there's nothing else, I'll go out first."

Without waiting for her reply, I left the room as if I were running away. At the door, the middle-aged man stood there like an iron tower. I took a deep look at him and turned to leave.


In the bathroom, I kept slapping my face with cold water, trying to clear my head.

Looking at herself in the mirror and recalling what happened in the box, she could not help but sigh in her heart that elder sister Hong was indeed elder sister Hong, and the trick of coercion and seduction was perfect.

When I came in, I put down a threat first, then tried to reason with her, and finally even used myself as a bargaining chip. If I was a little bad, I was afraid that I would not know if I really worked for her.