Chapter 25 Erotic Maniac?

Earlier in the room, I admitted that I was really interested in sister hong. A beautiful woman with a blurred look was lying in your arms, and any normal man would react. I even thought that Liu Xiahui was able to sit still in his arms. Was it because the woman in his arms was too ugly?

But for whatever reason, I still have to thank Liu Rong and Su Mei. If they hadn't been pressuring me so much during this time, my body would have been a little burdened. I wasn't sure if I had the will to resist the temptation.

Now that I think about it, I'm really scared. Elder sister Hong is like a drug. If she gets involved, she'll kill half of her life.

I have offended her this time, but it doesn't matter. Now she still has to rely on me to deal with Huang Debiao. For a moment, she can't do anything to me. I just have to be careful every step of the way.

I calmed down in the bathroom and returned to the office as if nothing had happened. Sitting on a chair, his fingers gently tapped on the table, and his mind flitted through the names of people, trying to find a breakthrough.

At this moment, a name suddenly froze in my mind. My eyes lit up and I quickly took out my phone and dialed a number.

"Hey! I want you to help me investigate someone..."


Three days later, it was the day the company used to sort out the quarterly bills, so the departments left work a few hours early.

But I didn't leave. I waited until almost everyone was gone before I came out of the office. I was walking in the hallway as if I had drunk too much. Only I knew that these places were dead ends of the surveillance. After all, what I had to do next was not to let others know.

I came to a door with the sign of the women's changing room. The doorknob broke down and found the door locked. I smiled and took out a key from my pocket. Su Mei had stolen it for me.

At that time, she teased me if I was going to peek at a woman changing her clothes. She didn't let me go until I repeatedly promised that I was going to do something serious. It was only at the cost of paying a lot of bullets, and she also claimed that she wanted me to take an empty gun with me so that I wouldn't shoot.

I walked into the changing room with light hands and feet. The door opened and I saw rows and rows of lockers. Since it was already off work, I should not have been inside, but I heard the sound of water splashing in the bathroom.

The information was right. The person I was looking for was right here. I found a random place to sit and wait. I looked around and found a pile of clothes next to my seat.

There was a black lace bra on top, and the exaggerated arc could imagine how proud the owner of the bra was. When he lifted this, there were two ropes attached to the two pieces of fabric.

People who don't understand may be confused if they see it, but who am I? After working in the ktv for so long, how can I not understand that this is a special interior, most princesses will wear this, so that the guests can have a good experience when it comes out.

This way of tying, as long as you pull one end of the rope gently, the entire fabric will slide down from the body, for no reason can be more interesting.

Just as I was concentrating on my research, the sound of the water in the bathroom stopped and I didn't notice it until a series of footsteps sounded. But it was already late. A graceful figure wrapped in a towel came over while wiping wet hair. As soon as I turned around, I saw a black stocking in my hand and a stiff face looking at her.


Without the screams he imagined, Sister Hua froze and said coldly, "You're in the wrong place. The men's changing room is opposite."

I put down the thing in my hand awkwardly and coughed twice.

"Ahem... Well, I didn't go wrong. I came to see you."

"If you like those things, I'll give them to you."

I choked on Sister Hua and almost couldn't say anything. I was treated like a sex maniac and a lingerie lover...

"No, no... No, I wanted to talk to you about something."

Sister Hua's expression was not surprised when he heard me say that. It seemed that she was the only one who used those words to make excuses for me.

But in retrospect, I am at least a foreman, and I don't need to do such a cheap thing as stealing people's underwear. If I really want to, I'm afraid many princesses will be able to send me to bed.

"Leader wang, do you think this is a place to talk?"