Chapter 26 To Attract the Beauty

At this moment, I also forgot about the previous embarrassment. Looking at her cold and gorgeous appearance, I smiled knowingly.

"Oh? There's only the two of us here, and no one's bothering us yet. Why can't we talk about things?"

"Okay, what do you want to talk about? Go ahead."

Indeed, she was a person who had seen the world before. She was alone in a room with a man and only had a towel wrapped around her body. She could sit across from him and get along with him calmly.

I can't help but admire his boldness.

For the first time, I looked Sister Hua up and down carefully. Although she was in her early thirties and her appearance was not as good as those little girls in her twenties, she had a charm that those little girls could not compare to.

She was more attractive to me than a delicate young girl. Although she was wrapped in a bath towel, the d cup was still lifted high.

The body proportions were just right, and the plump buttocks would give off a wonderful kick if they hit it.

Looking at my unscrupulous eyes, Sister Hua could not help but frown, his eyes showing an undisguised disgust for me.

"If you want to talk about something, you have to have an attitude to talk about it. If there's nothing else, please leave. I need to get dressed."

"Hold on."

As long as she enjoyed it, she could not forget the business. She withdrew her gaze from her body and looked into Sister Hua's eyes.

"There's only one thing I want you to do today. I hope you can come and help me with something."

My sincere gaze did not move Sister Hua. For the first time, I saw a second expression on her face. The corners of her mouth rose slightly by 30 degrees. It was mockery.

"What? You don't want to?" I did not give up because of her attitude. Instead, I was confident in today's persuasion.

Instead of answering my question, she walked over and found her cell phone in the clothes next to me. I sniffed the fragrance of her shower gel and didn't stop her from moving.

"You go, I'll pretend you've never been here."

"I never like to go home empty-handed." I took a deep breath and said slowly.

"Then you may have to make an exception today." Sister Hua shook the phone in his hand and said to me, "If elder sister Hong finds out about today, what do you think will happen to you?"

I wrapped my arms around my chest and didn't care about her threat at all. I confidently said, "You won't, unless you don't want to see your brother anymore."

As soon as he finished speaking, Sister Hua's face turned livid, and the cold look that had been there no longer existed.

"Wang! What have you done to my brother!"

Seeing her nervous look, my heart was bursting with laughter. It seems that the information is right. Her weakness is her brother.

She didn't think about it. If I wasn't prepared at all, how could I have rushed to recruit her? I sent someone out a few days ago to investigate Sister Hua's background.

Sister Hua, her real name was Hua Rong, and her parents died when she was in her teens, leaving behind only a three-year-old brother. Hua Rong dropped out of school and went out to work to earn money. Almost as a father and mother, she raised her brother Hua Ting. To her, Hua Ting was both her brother and her child.

However, she was looked down upon by the people around her when she walked this way. The neighbors around her pointed at her behind her back, and even hua ting was looked down upon by her classmates at school. So he dropped out of school in a fit of anger, and he didn't have a good face for Hua Rong. He always felt that his sister was doing a menial job.

Hua Ting, who was usually idle, knew nothing but sneaking around. When he had no money, he asked for money from Hua Rong and went out to make trouble all day. Hua Rong didn't know how many times he wiped his butt.

Recently, a conflict broke out between the two of them. Hua Rong cut off his financial resources, which gave my people a chance to take advantage of.

I took out my phone and played a video of Hua Rong drinking with a group of men, one of whom was her younger brother.

"As you can see, I didn't do this to your brother, but if other people knew about what happened today... Then I can't guarantee it."

Looking at my smiling face, Hua Rong was so angry that he bit his teeth. Almost out of his teeth, he said, "What the hell do you want?"