Chapter 27 That Blush...

"I want you!" I pointed my hand at her.

The next scene left me dumbfounded. Hua Rong let go of his hand and the towel slipped off his body. The whole person appeared in front of me.

As she walked towards me step by step, I hastily reached out and made a stop sign.

"Stop! What are you doing? I mean, I want you to do something for me, not..." Speaking of which, I gulped.

Damn it, it's a white tiger. What a loss!

They say that white tigers are the best of women. I didn't expect to meet them in my lifetime, but business is important.

I forced myself to look away, but my body's reaction revealed the restlessness in my master's heart.

When he saw Hua Rong stiffly pick up the towel on the ground and wrap it around her again, he couldn't help but feel unbearable looking at her.

But there was no way. Who asked her to work under elder sister Hong? For the sake of my own life, I had to turn her around so that I could make plans for the future.

"I can't do anything for you. If elder sister Hong finds out, you and I won't live."

"I believe you have a way to keep her from knowing."

"You want me to be a spy?"

"I'm just trying to save my life!"

Hua Rong and I looked at each other. I could see her surprise. I was surprised at my boldness.

Then she shook her head and continued, "That's impossible. You don't even know how powerful elder sister Hong is. You'd better ask for something else. Besides this... I can give it to you even if you want me."

I really admire Hua Rong. She can calm herself down in such a short time, and she even wants to convince me.

But she underestimated my determination.

"There's no second choice, either you and me. After this is done, I will naturally give you a lot of money and your brother. Otherwise, you will tell elder sister Hong what happened today and let me die with your brother."

"You're forcing me!"

I stared at her closely and did not speak, and the whole dressing room fell into silence again.

Hua Rong took out a cigarette from a cigarette box and lit it in her mouth. The smoke was shrouded in the light, making her look so strange.

"I promise you."

A cigarette burned out, and with the last puff of smoke, Hua Rong spat out these four words.

I smiled. Just as I was about to say something, I heard someone shouting outside.

"Is there anyone inside?"

It's broken. The security guard must have come here to find that the light in the dressing room was still on. Hua Rong and I can't be exposed here, or else elder sister Hong will be suspicious.

I threw myself at Hua Rong in a hurry, and when I heard her cry, I was pinned under my body. At this moment, the door handle turned and the door was opened.

A man in a security uniform came in and saw me pressing down on Hua Rong and shouting, "What are you doing?"

As I covered Hua Rong's face with my hand, I turned around and yelled at him, "Get lost! Don't disturb me!"

After seeing me clearly, the security guard quickly lowered his head and said in fear, "I'm sorry, Brother ho. I didn't know it was you."

"Get lost!"

The security guard hurriedly closed the door, afraid that I would take it out on him. The reason why I had such authority was because of the power left behind by the last time I dealt with Huang Sen and his brothers. It was like how dare this young man's position offend me.

I was relieved to hear the footsteps outside the door gradually receding. At this moment, I heard the jade man below me whine. I looked down and saw Hua Rong staring at me.

"Why are you looking at me like that? I'm doing this for our own good."

"You... Are up to me!"

Well, I was speechless for a moment, feeling it carefully, and sure enough, I felt a soft spot under me. And through the thin clothing, you could feel the sinking sensation.

He quickly got up from her and was so embarrassed that he didn't know how to answer.

Hua Rong had no intention of saying anything. He picked up the clothes and carried me on his back. Looking at the exquisite figure, I turned around reluctantly, or I was afraid I could not control myself.

When she finished changing her clothes, I watched her leave the dressing room. With keen eyes, I could clearly see a blush on her ears.

"Hehe, it doesn't look like you're that cold."