Chapter 28 As the Operation Progressed

For the next few days, I began to work day after day on the surface, but there was an undercurrent. It all started when elder sister Hong called me.

"On the third day of next month, Huang Debiao will hold an annual meeting in ktv. This is the best time to start."

On the third day of the next month, although I don't think the time is ripe and the people under me aren't stable enough, this is the ultimatum that elder sister Hong gave me. It seems that she has lost patience with me. If I don't do it, it won't be Huang Debiao, but me.

Every day, I would call elder sister Hong to report the situation here, and sister hong also started to act. The waiters at the bottom left and changed, and gradually, those who did not know were replaced, leaving only my people and elder sister Hong's people.

In my opinion, she was afraid that I wouldn't be able to control it and took this opportunity to slowly take me down, but I don't care. The real killer is still behind.

As soon as elder sister Hong's phone was down, Hua Rong would call and tell me what she knew.

"You have to be careful these days. Elder sister Hong may send ada to your side. Make sure you don't miss out. I might not be able to contact you in the future."

"Who's ah da?"

"It's elder sister Hong's bodyguard. He was there when I followed elder sister Hong. It's said that he's been with elder sister Hong for more than ten years. He's the person elder sister Hong trusts the most."

It turned out that Ah Da was the middle-aged man next to elder sister Hong, but from the tone of Hua Rong's phone call, he seemed to value this person very much.

"Is that Ah Da good?"

On the other end of the phone, after a moment of silence, four words popped up: "Unfathomable."

I had a cold look on my face and was able to get the knowledgeable Hua Rong to say these four words. It seems that this Ah Da is not an ordinary person, but think about it, how can a person who can be so highly valued by elder sister Hong be an ordinary bodyguard?

Hua Rong said on the phone, "Ah Da is very mysterious. He is said to be a mercenary with an international warrant on his back. No one knows how elder sister Hong recruited him. I've seen him do it once..."

When I said that, I heard her voice tremble, as if I had remembered something terrible.

"There was a dragon crossing the river who wanted a piece of the city, but was caught by Ah Da, and then... Then Ah Da took the man's head off with his bare hands!"

I don't know when the phone hung up. My mind was filled with the word "Disconnect."

It was bloody to imagine that scene, and Hua Rong had experienced it herself. No wonder she was so scared when she mentioned it.

I couldn't help but feel a little scared. Fortunately, Hua Rong cared too much about her brother. Otherwise, with such a powerful deterrent as Ah Da, who would dare betray elder sister Hong?

I took a sip of water pressure to calm myself down. If such a cruel person was by my side, it would be equivalent to holding a gun against my head.

And with him by elder sister Hong's side, I'm going to have to do it twice as hard. I have to find a way to get rid of him...


A week later, Ah Da appeared in my office as expected, but he was like a mute. When I asked him anything, he didn't say anything. He only opened his mouth when he ate and drank water, and followed me like a shadow at other times.

Fortunately, he would hide when someone was around, probably because he was afraid that someone would connect me with elder sister Hong, which was also to avoid Huang Debiao being suspicious.

So every time I wanted to do something "Private," I would look for places where the crowd was noisy.

As time went by, everything on the ktv was back on track, but I knew that it didn't seem like much on the surface, but secretly it was a deadly knife.

On the third day of the junior year, there was a closed sign hanging outside the ktv, while I was waiting at the door dressed up.

They saw black cars coming from afar like dragons.

The first car stopped in front of me, and I quickly bent over to open the back door. Brother Biao got out of the car, patted me on the shoulder and walked in.

I trailed a few steps behind and explained to brother biao the arrangements for today's annual meeting.

As a result, when Brother Biao walked to the door, his footsteps suddenly stopped. I almost bumped into him. Fortunately, I stopped in time.

"What's wrong, Brother Biao?"