Chapter 30 Wine Delivery

Now I can't ride a tiger. If I had known that elder sister Hong would play this game, I would have let Su Mei go home and stay.

But I also know that if Su Mei doesn't see Huang Debiao's misfortune with her own eyes, she won't let it go.

I glared at Ah Da and hurriedly called my men.

"Go to the door of the box and keep watch. Keep an eye on the situation inside and listen to my instructions at all times!"

"I advise you not to do anything stupid." Ah Da's words seemed to come from the hell of nine yin with a bone-chilling chill.

I opened the door and went back without looking back, "I will do what elder sister Hong ordered, but my woman can't be in danger."

After that, I slammed the door and left. If I didn't show my anger now, they would be more suspicious.

I walked quickly to the door of the monitoring room and barged in without knocking.

"Who is it? It's Brother ho. Don't worry. We're all looking at the people in the box."

One of his men quickly stood up and reported to me when he saw that it was me.

I replaced all the people in the control room with my own. This was the most important part of my plan, so it was filled with the people I trusted the most. The arrangements were very thorough, and elder sister Hong never put anyone in.

At this moment, I am not in the mood to listen to anything else. I hurriedly said, "Quickly pull out the surveillance camera in Brother Biao's room. Zoom in!"


Seeing how anxious I was, the men did not dare to delay. They quickly operated their fingers on the console. Not long after, the surveillance footage of Brother Biao's private room appeared on the screen.

As soon as the picture came out, I stared at the screen.

In the room, there were four or five big men sitting on the sofa, pushing glasses and changing glasses. Each of them had two princesses in his arms. From time to time, he stroked the princesses and made them cry out.

Brother biao was sitting right in the middle, holding a nameless princess in his left hand and Su Mei in his right.

It was obvious on the screen that Su Mei was still very skillful, unlike the other princesses who allowed them to take advantage of him. Whenever Brother Biao wanted to do something, Su Mei would take the fruit from the fruit tray on the table and feed it to his mouth to stop him.

However, no one else could play this set as skillfully as she did. Some people had already reached their hands into the princess's skirt. Seeing the continuous shaking of the skirt and the tangled expression on the princess's face, one could tell what they were doing at a glance.

Some of them had already buried their heads in the ravine in the princess's chest and began to gnaw on them, fearing that they would soon have a heart-to-heart battle in the private room.

I looked around the room and saw five or six big men in tight vests standing in the corner of the room. She thought she couldn't go on like this, so it seemed time to show up.

I turned on the intercom in front of my chest and said, "Send two boxes of special orders to box 14." I emphasized the last two words and believed that the opposite side could understand me.

I left the monitoring room and walked quickly to the box. When I passed the wine cabinet, I pulled out a bottle of beer and a glass from it.

When they arrived at the door of the box, they met a skinny waiter pushing a car to deliver the wine.

I winked at him, then smiled and said to the two big men guarding the door, "Two big brothers, I'm sending two cases of beer to Brother Biao."

One of the men looked at me warily and said, "Brother Biao didn't want any wine?"

"Hey, Brother Biao is here to give face to me. I personally added these two boxes of wine to brother biao."

Fortunately, I've been around for a long time, and the two men hesitated, then flipped around in the cart to make sure there were no dangerous substances and let me in.

I pushed the door open with the wine and entered the room. The waiter behind me followed me with a cart.

As soon as I entered, I saw Su Mei on the sofa. Su Mei's eyes sparkled and he nodded at me without a trace.

I glanced at her and then looked away.

"Haha, Brother Biao, how was it? Are you happy?"

When I came in, Brother Biao was putting his hand in the collar of a princess and rubbing it hard. The princess's face showed pain, but she didn't dare to make a sound. After seeing me come in, Brother Biao took his hand out.

"It's you, kid. Not bad, not bad. You arranged it well."

Brother Biao said as he stroked Su Mei's thigh. When I saw the big hand on Su Mei's leg, my eyes glazed slightly. Then, without any trace, I said, "Brother Biao, just have fun. I was afraid you didn't have enough wine. I just added two boxes for you."

"Okay, put the wine down."