Chapter 31 Your Gun Hit Me

Normally, I should have left after delivering the wine, but I didn't. Instead, I opened the beer in my hand and poured it into a glass.

"Brother Biao, it used to be disrespectful to be a younger brother. You have a lot of adults. I'll toast you with this cup!"

I finished the beer in one gulp.

Then I filled my glass with beer and raised my glass to Brother Biao again, "This is brother zhu biao, you guys have fun today. I'm done!"

Then he looked up and downed a glass of beer.

I have known brother biao very carefully. He can be so big, mainly because he has a strong aura, so his subordinates have attracted a group of loyal subordinates. I simply gave in to what I wanted and played the game.

Sure enough, when Brother Biao saw how generous I was, he immediately stood up and patted me on the shoulder, and then laughed, "Haha, don't mention the past. Brother did too much at that time. Come on, let's all toast this little brother."

After that, I raised my glass first, and the people sitting below raised their glasses to me. After a bottle of wine, I pretended to look at Brother Biao's men standing around in a daze and said, "Hey? Why don't these brothers drink? Come on, get some sisters to accompany you."

Hey, my brothers don't drink. I don't think so." A pair of big hands grabbed my shoulder. I turned my head and looked at it. A pair of bright eyes were staring at me.

"Hehe, have fun today. It's okay to let the brothers drink a little, right?" I replied with a smirk.

Brother Biao took a deep look at me, then turned around and sat down on the sofa. He casually squeezed the princess's chest and said with a cold face, "They can't drink."

I stood in the middle of the room and smiled awkwardly, not knowing what to say.

Su Mei suddenly climbed up to brother biao's chest with his little hand, drew a circle on his chest, and said in a sweet voice, "What are you doing? You were having a good chat just now. Why are you suddenly angry?"

Su Mei was wearing a low-cut dress today, one that was split open to her lower abdomen.

Brother Biao grabbed the restless little feet and said to Su Mei with a lewd smile, "You little wave hoof, I think you really need to fix it."

A pair of big hands stroked up her ankles, pressing her whole body against Su Mei's body, burying her face in her long neck and nibbling on it.

"Ouch, Brother Biao, your gun is on me."

"Hehe, I can't help it. Who made my gun thick and long? I'll let you taste it later..." Before he could finish, Brother Biao, who was wriggling around Su Mei, suddenly froze.

He slowly lifted himself from Su Mei, his face filled with astonishment.

At first, everyone was still busy with their own business, or the bodyguards around found out that something was wrong.

"Brother Biao!"

"Don't come over!" Brother Biao shouted.

"Brother Biao, they say it's a gun that can kill you!" Su Mei's voice was sweet and greasy, but the expression on her face was cold and frightening, making it difficult to associate this seductive tone with her.

Su Mei was holding a pitch-black pistol in his hand, which he did not know when, and he put it on Brother Biao's chest.

Seeing the pistol, several big men sitting on the sofa tried to get up quickly, but the delicate princess beside them suddenly caught them and each of them held a dagger in his hand and put it around their neck.

The bodyguards standing around quickly pulled out their guns and pointed at them and Su Mei.

My expression was no longer as timid as before and changed into a sarcastic one.

"Hehe, I didn't expect that, did I, Brother Biao? I never thought I would have such a day."

Seeing this, how could Brother Biao not know that he was deceived by me?

But after all, he was a big brother who had been in the street for so long. Even if he was pointed at his chest with a gun, he didn't show any fear. Instead, he calmly asked me, "Little brother, didn't our misunderstanding be resolved long ago? What do you mean by doing this now?"

"You know, I have hundreds of brothers outside. Even if you kill me today, you won't be able to get out."

Brother Biao is indeed Brother Biao. At this moment, he hasn't forgotten to threaten me. If a coward was really scared by him.

As for me? I whispered, "Why don't you ask your brother to come in and try?"

As I said this, I put my two fingers in my mouth and a piercing whistle sounded in the box.