Chapter 32 Bloody Hell

As soon as the whistle fell, a series of shouts and the sound of sticks were heard outside the box, with several gunshots mixed in.

The noise outside the private room was very different from the silence inside. Brother Biao's face grew darker and darker, and the sound outside the box gradually fell into a dead silence. After waiting for a long time, he could not hear the sound outside.

I looked at Brother Biao with a grim smile, "I didn't expect you to call your brother this time."

Brother Biao looked at me with red eyes and stood up to fight with me, but the gun in Su Mei's hand was stuck to his head the moment he moved.

"You'd better be honest if you don't want a hole in your head."

Su Mei's face was full of vengeance, and she looked like she was going crazy. Maybe she never thought that one day her enemy would be pointed at the top of her head with her gun.

Su Mei's body shook slightly with excitement, his fingers on the trigger, as if he would shoot at any time.

Brother Biao could not help but sweat when he saw her like this. I stepped forward and patted Su Mei on the shoulder to signal her to relax, then took the gun in my hand and pointed it at Brother Biao instead.

"Tell your men to put down their guns."

"Do you think I'm stupid? If they put the gun down, will I still be alive?"

Brother Biao looked at me with a sneer. At this moment, I slowly approached his ear and said something.

After listening to me, Brother Biao's expression changed a few times, then he suddenly sighed and waved at his men.

"You're a tough guy. I, Huang Debiao, have a bad day. Put your guns down."

"Brother Biao!" His men shouted anxiously.

"Put it down!" Brother Biao yelled.

Seeing this, the men could only reluctantly throw their guns to the ground and look at me angrily.

I think if my eyes could kill, then I would be in deep trouble by now.

With a bang, the door of the box was suddenly pushed open and a figure like an iron tower stood in front of the door.

"It's you!"

When Brother Biao saw Ah Da's appearance, his eyes were about to open wide and filled with hatred.

But Ah Da was still the same as a dead man. Instead of looking at brother biao, he said to me, "You did a good job. I will report everything to elder sister Hong honestly."

"Hehe, then thank you," I said with a fake smile.

Ah Da didn't care about my tone at all. He just waved his hand forward.

"Kill them all."

Outside the house, three or four men in black suits, each with a military thorn in his hand, looked at me with a chill in his heart.

Sure enough, elder sister Hong had extra people here because I had never seen them before.

They were so fierce that they caught a few bodyguards in one fell swoop. They pinned them to the ground, then the spurs rose high and went down hard.

Sizzle! Blood spurted from the bodyguards' necks, splashed on the walls and the ground, and some on the princesses' faces.


These princesses were all ordinary people, who had never seen such a bloody scene, only to see them and the waiters huddled in the corner and kept vomiting.

In fact, not only them, but I also felt a little nauseous. I looked at it as if it was a box in hell on earth, and the blood on the ground turned into a river.

Brother Biao also couldn't bear to close his eyes. Two lines of old tears flowed out from the corner of his eyes. These were his brothers who were going through life and death.

I suddenly picked up a red wine bottle and slammed it hard on Brother Biao's head. The red wine bottle broke into pieces and fainted when I heard him groan. The red liquid covered his upper body. I didn't know if it was wine or blood.

I walked step by step to Ah Da with a gun in my hand.

The height of 1.9 meters made me look up, and I said in a harsh voice, "You guys are just animals!"

With that said, the men in black suits were about to step forward, and Ah Da raised his hand to stop them.

He said to me in that terrible voice, "This is the price of getting out. Elder sister Hong values you very much. Don't let her down."


Bang bang... I shouted, then raised my hand and fired several shots at the ceiling until the pistol clicked.

I threw the gun into the corner and panted like an ox.

"Hoo... Hoo... I want to drink!"

Su Mei handed me the bottle with a pale face, and it seemed that my venting had really frightened her.

I drank tons of beer and pointed at the men and Ah Da.

"You guys drink with me!"