Chapter 34 Fat And Thin

I opened my eyes in a daze and found myself lying in a box surrounded by beautiful women in sexy clothes and bold behavior.

"You... You are..."

At this time, a woman in a corset leather jacket and a pair of leather pants with buttocks came over and sat down beside me. The scent of her perfume penetrated my nose like a small snake.

This was the queen's dress. If she had a small whip in her hand, there would have been many men kneeling on the ground waiting for her whip.

"You've been sleeping for hours."

I still didn't realize that these people looked so strange to me. There were more than one woman who looked like a queen in front of me.

Some wore school uniforms, some wore sailor suits, as well as teacher stockings and workplace lo.

I felt like I was in a cosplay scene.

But every woman was dressed in a half-exposed, dusty outfit, like... A princess in a box.

"Are you... Employees here? How come I haven't seen you?"

"I found them all."

The crowd around me suddenly made way for a familiar figure.

"Su Mei, you..."

I wanted to get up. Su Mei gently held my body and let me lean against her.

A faint scent of milk surrounded me, only to hear Su Mei say softly, "Do you remember the day I said in the office that I could find someone to help you? It's them. Each of them had their own tragic experiences, and each of them had something to do with that damned Huang Debiao..."

After her narration, I gradually understood that these girls were all miserable people. Some things were ruined by the people Huang Debiao ordered, others were forced into prostitution by him, and some were tortured by him for months.

These strangers were all connected through Su Mei, who had contributed a lot to the operation.

The success of this operation was inseparable from their contributions. Huang Debiao's men were all licking blood from the tip of their knives, but they never thought that the girl who was moaning and moaning in their arms would still be a ghost for her life.

"That's right! Where's Huang Debiao?" I suddenly exclaimed.

"Don't worry, he can't run away. I've done as you told me, but... We gave him a little punishment!" Su Mei held my head down and let me fall into the gentle land.

I didn't know what the punishment was until later.

When I was in the box, I whispered to him. What I said was that none of these actions had anything to do with me. I was just a puppet. The real mastermind was elder sister Hong.

Ah Da's entry confirmed that, and I told him to give up his men, and I would let him go afterwards.

Sure enough, people are selfish. He let his men die for nothing for his own life.

And after I fainted, Su Mei and the others completed my plan and let Huang Debiao go, but... They made him lose his ability to be a man forever.

It was the same reason Su Mei came to me for the first time. Who knew that after so many things, everything had returned to its original place.

"This time, you've completely fallen out with elder sister Hong. What are you going to do?" Su Mei said worriedly.

"It doesn't matter. We can keep Ah Da a secret for a while. Of course, someone else is going to deal with elder sister Hong. All we have to do is assist him."

"That's good..."

I enjoyed this moment of warmth in Su Mei's arms, but as soon as I closed my eyes, I suddenly realized something was wrong.

"What are you still doing here?"

I saw these women staring straight at me, their eyes shining with the desire to eat people.

Su Mei suddenly smiled, "They want to thank you."

"Thank me, no, no, no... No need." Hearing her ambiguous tone, she immediately reacted. So... They wanted to use their bodies to thank me for avenging them.

I quickly rejected them, because I felt that they were all miserable people, and I only dealt with Huang Debiao for my own sake, and did not feel how noble I was, and I felt guilty for their gratitude.

But as soon as I spoke, the women's eyes immediately dimmed, and sobs came from behind the crowd.

"Brother ho... Do you... Think we're dirty..."