Chapter 35 Wine Pool And Meat Forest

"No, I didn't mean that."

I hurriedly explained, afraid that these girls would misunderstand my thoughts.

When I told them what I was thinking, they burst into tears and laughed.

Looking at my silly smile, their eyes once again shone with the light of cannibalism.

Su mei, who was hugging me, rubbed her plumpness against my cheek and said with a sweet smile, "Let them show off, or... They won't let you go."

I reached out and pinched her snow-white, causing her to cry out.

"There's no such thing as you, sending your men to other women."

When I wanted to pinch it again, Su Mei floated away like a butterfly, still under me and touched it.

"It's so hard. You're still pretending to be a gentleman. I don't believe you don't want to! Sisters, come on!"

A group of fat and thin people surrounded me. To be honest, as a man, how can he remain calm in such a situation? Under my "Fierce resistance," his clothes had already been stripped off.

Then they walked towards me like a model walking show. With each step, the clothes on their bodies would fall off, and when they walked in front of me, a beautiful body appeared before my eyes.

For the rest of the time, I really enjoyed what it was like to be treated like an emperor, and they did everything they could to please me.

I've tasted all the positions of guanyin sitting on lotus, shuanglong going out to sea, old man's cart, running horse shooting arrows... And so on.

Not to mention the feeling of the double heaven of fire and ice, and the experience of three immortals returning to the cave, this feeling can be remembered for a lifetime.

The small box seemed to have become a forest of wine and meat. After thinking about it, even the most dissolute in history, the unscrupulous king of zhou might not be able to enjoy this kind of dissolute and decadent scene.

What was even more infuriating was Su Mei's little girl, who was actually not involved in the process, but took a picture of the process with her mobile phone, and also claimed to be able to add a bit of fun when talking about the two of them.

What nonsense? I think it's true that she wants to see me make a fool of myself.

In order to make this show even more exciting, she somehow made a piece of viagra and put it in the wine for me to drink.

All of a sudden, the snake turned into a golden dragon, slamming into the Taoyuan caves one after another, firing countless bullets. In the end, if it hadn't been for the strength of the medicine, I might not have been able to get out of bed, but even then, my legs were weak, and it was hard to walk.

After the absurdity came the business. Su Mei was in the office, half pouting on the chair. The dress under her had already made me take off. The white buttocks were covered with red palm prints, but her delicate face did not show any pain. Instead, a strange tide appeared, red.

I took out my phone and dialed elder sister Hong's number.


"Elder sister Hong, everything is done. But..."

"But what?"

"Ah da is dead."


There was a rustle on the other end of the phone, and it seemed that elder sister Hong was indeed in a hurry.

I "Grieved" as I explained what had happened.

"That's what happened. I didn't expect Huang Debiao to be alive, but he shot Ah Da. I made a mistake in this matter. Please punish me, sister hong!"

There was silence on the other end of the phone, but no sound came out for a long time. Just when I thought elder sister Hong had hung up the phone, the other side suddenly said, "I'll go to ktv later. You can keep it for me."

"Elder sister Hong... I was afraid the gunshots would attract the police, so I sent someone to clean up the scene... If you want to see the scene..."

"You! You..." Over there, you didn't say a complete sentence for a long time, then put down a sentence, "Wait for me!" He hung up.

I'm not afraid of what elder sister Hong will find out. After all, what I did was reasonable. It would be the strangest thing if I kept the scene.

And I kept Ah Da's body and the gun, and the gun belonged to Huang Debiao. Everything that had anything to do with me was cleaned up.

But I could only find a hand to replace Huang Debiao's body and cut his face into pieces. Make sure his mother doesn't recognize him when she comes.

As for the future...

Hehe, elder sister Hong, will there be a future for her?