Chapter 36 Funeral

After my careful arrangement, elder sister Hong came over and naturally found nothing.

Inside the warehouse, there were two corpses on the ground. Elder sister Hong stood in front of them and looked at them expressionless.

Ah Da's dying eyes seemed to complain about his unwillingness, and I turned my head slightly away from looking into his eyes.

At the same time, he pretended to be sad and said, "Elder sister Hong, I'm sorry for your change."

Elder sister Hong squatted down slightly, reached out her hand and gently brushed Ah Da's eyes, but several attempts did not close them. She stood up and faced me.

"Do you know who he is?"

"Ah?" I didn't expect elder sister Hong to say such a thing all of a sudden.

Then she said to herself, "He's my half-brother. He's ten years older than me. When he was eighteen, he killed someone and fled abroad. He came to me when I was twenty. For 13 years, he had blocked three shots for me. They were all in fatal places, and he had numerous knife wounds, but he survived."

"You say... Why would a mere Huang Debiao kill him?"

I didn't expect Ah Da to have such a relationship with elder sister Hong, but why did you tell me? I saw a dead silence in elder sister Hong's eyes, and I saw it in Ah Da's eyes.

"Yes... I'm sorry, elder sister Hong. It was my bad plan. Ah Da... He was ambushed by Huang Debiao."

I lowered my head as if I had made a mistake. But my heart was beating a drum. I'm not sure if elder sister Hong guessed something.

"Pay for your life, pay for your debts. Ah Da will not die in vain. The murderer's head must be placed in front of his grave."

After that, elder sister Hong turned around and left. Looking at her back, I clenched my fists and put them away. I would like to order the ambush to come in and capture her now.

But I'm not sure. Since she dared to come alone, how could she not have a backup?

Until elder sister Hong's figure gradually disappeared from her sight, she did not look back at Brother Biao's body. Did she already suspect something? If not... Why did I detect a murderous tone in the last sentence? Who is she going to kill?


Seven days later, I received a black invitation to Ah Da's funeral at three in the afternoon.

When I was ready to leave, Su Mei suddenly came. She reached out to tidy up my collar, then leaned against me and whispered, "Can you not go... I'm afraid..."

"If I don't go today, wouldn't it make me look guilty? Will there still be a place for us in this city in the future?"


"Needless to say, wait for me at home..."

I patted Su Mei on the shoulder and left.

When I arrived at the cemetery, it was already drizzling in the sky, and all the people in black surrounded the cemetery. At this time, it was not the familiar figure standing next to elder sister Hong, but another strange man.

My eyes narrowed when I saw the words on the tombstone.

The tomb of my brother Chen Qing was written on it. It was the first time I knew Ah Da's real name.

As usual, I made three deep bows in front of the grave.

After the ceremony, it was supposed to be a moment of silence for the whole staff, but at this time elder sister Hong suddenly stood up and said to the people below, "Everyone has been with me for a long time, Chen Hong, I think I should be very clear about my character, I have always been vengeful, how exactly Ah Da died, I will naturally investigate. Now... I want to introduce a young and talented man..."

When I heard this, I felt bad. Sure enough, elder sister Hong pointed at me and said, "Wang Hao! My right-hand man, it's all thanks to him to get rid of Huang Debiao this time!"

I felt a chill in my heart, and an ugly smile appeared on my face. I could not help but curse in my heart, "Damn, this woman is really not at ease! I was afraid that I would die slowly!"