Chapter 37 The Fragrance Dissipated And the Jade Disappeared

You know, after the news of Huang Debiao's death came from the streets, his old subordinates were all looking for the murderer. At this moment, elder sister Hong suddenly revealed my identity in public. He put me under their knife.

It seemed that this was something she had planned for a long time. In order to strengthen her authority, she would not hesitate to push me to the stage to protect her from those dangers.

Since you are unkind, don't blame me for being unkind. Fortunately, I was prepared.

At this moment, the crowd below suddenly became noisy, only to see the black bodyguards outside suddenly separated a road, a man in a black suit came from a distance.

"Hehe, elder sister Hong, you really have a good plan..."

"Huang Debiao!"

The sharp-eyed man immediately recognized this man as Huang Debiao, who had already confirmed his death.

Elder sister Hong, who was chatting on the stage, was stunned, and his eyes could not help but show hatred, "Huang Debiao! You are not dead!"

"Hahaha, thanks to the mercy of god, I have a chance to get revenge!"

"Revenge? Not really? Don't forget, where is this place? Do you think you can still walk out?" Elder sister Hong looked at him with a sneer.

Brother Biao didn't say anything. Elder sister Hong thought he was scared and suddenly asked, "Let me ask you, did you kill Ah Da?"

My heart tightened and I looked at Brother xiang biao involuntarily. I could feel brother biao glancing at me from the corner of his eye, and then suddenly laughed, "Haha, people don't offend me. I don't offend. He wants to kill me. Why can't I kill him?"

When I heard this, the stone in my heart fell. It seemed that I had made the right bet. When the news came that elder sister Hong was going to hold a funeral, I knew that Brother Biao would not give up this chance of revenge.

Sure enough, last night, Brother Biao came to me alone. I promised to help him get into the meeting. It seems that I haven't been confessed.

Elder sister Hong's face turned cold when he received a positive answer.

"In that case, you should go down and accompany Ah Da so that he won't be lonely on his way to the underworld! Take him down for me!"

At elder sister Hong's command, a man in black rushed out behind him, Brother xiang biao, but brother biao's status today was achieved with one punch and one kick. Despite all these years of good manners, he did not lose a single sound.

He shouted, "Good!" A straight fist landed on the chest of the fastest man in black, and the man flew out. Then the three of them fell into a tangle with him, but there was a saying called, horizontal afraid of being stunned, stunned afraid of not dying.

Brother Biao was not going to die. He would rather take a few punches on his body than hit you. After a short while, four men in black fell to the ground. Brother Biao stood up trembling and walked towards elder sister Hong step by step.

"Hehe, Brother Biao is Brother Biao, but... You can fight four. What about the forty?" Elder sister Hong clapped his hands and a group of men in black came out of the woods behind him.

Seeing this, Brother Biao laughed instead, as if he had heard some big joke, laughing back and forth.

"What are you laughing at!" Elder sister Hong felt something was wrong and asked sharply.

"I laugh at your naivety! Take a closer look. Those are really your people!"

Hearing what he said, elder sister Hong turned around quickly and saw the men in black looking at her expressionlessly. They were all unfamiliar faces. Some of the clothes on them didn't fit. It was obvious at first glance that they weren't their own clothes.

"Flower... Rong!" Elder sister Hong squeezed the name out of his teeth.

That's right. Sister Hua took over the security job after ada died. She was in charge of all the bodyguards, and before I came out, I had already replaced them with the thugs I hired.

So now elder sister Hong was left with no one to use.

Seeing Brother Biao dragging his scarred body towards him, elder sister Hong finally panicked.

"You, you, you... Don't come over!" She retreated step by step, and some of elder sister Hong's old men tried to help but were pinned down to the ground by my men.

Bang! Elder sister Hong bumped into Ah Da's tombstone behind her and couldn't retreat. Brother Biao caught her with a cruel look in his eyes.

Elder sister Hong struggled fiercely, but no matter how tall she was, she was only a woman. How could she compare to Brother Biao?

"Don't blame me, just you for harming the wrong person! I trusted the wrong person!" With a click, Brother Biao's arm tightened, and elder sister Hong's neck twisted into an exaggerated angle, and his body fell limply off him.

The beauty of a generation of snakes and scorpions died, and the sound of police sirens came from afar...