Chapter 4 I'm Afraid I'm A Fool

I am timid and timid. I have been working in ktv for more than a year. Although I have been picked on by customers from time to time like everyone else, I have never been beaten. This is the first time!

A few men in vests surrounded me and punched me to the bone!

They were strong and strong, but I was thinner. Under the heavy blow, I, who wanted to have some backbone, could not help but cry out at the top of my voice.

I don't know how long they hit me. My head, shoulders, stomach, and even my face were all hurt.

I lay on the ground in pain and looked at the princesses. I glanced over at Su Mei, but I couldn't see it clearly because one of her eyes was swollen at some point. In a blur, her face seemed even paler.

But the other princesses also had the same expression, which was frightening!

Brother Biao walked briskly to me with a bottle of beer in his hand, took a sip, and then said softly, "Last night's wine, I had it tested. There's a lot of estrogen in it. Do you know what that means?"

Although I was beaten up and confused, I still felt a shock in my heart. I have heard about this matter. Taking a lot of estrogen can cause impotence!

That's right, it was Su Mei. Brother Biao tortured her. She had a grudge against brother biao and used this method, but she didn't dare to show it to him. She happened to meet me at this time, so I was naturally cheated.

Thinking about it, I subconsciously looked at Su Mei again, but at this moment, suddenly, with a bang, the bottle in Brother Biao's hand exploded on my head.

The liquor was mixed with blood and left from my head. In fact, I couldn't tell what it was.

He squatted down and grabbed my hair with one hand. His face was full of rage and he roared wildly, "Draw it up. Tell me, who sent you the wine!"

I felt like my scalp was about to be ripped off, and there was an impulse in my heart that almost made me blurt out Su Mei's name, but when I looked at Su Mei again, I saw her expression, fear, fear, with a kind of heartbreaking helplessness.

That's right, a princess who we call a wild chicken, I actually feel heartache at this moment, I am so fucking cheap!

"I'm afraid I'm a fool..." I said in pain in my heart, and a relatively good eye tried to look at Brother xiang biao.

He did not move. He glared at him and said coldly, "How is it?"

"The wine is mine, I gave it to you!" I gritted my teeth and said.

"Okay, okay, okay..." Brother Biao laughed back in anger.

Over the next ten minutes, countless bottles of wine bloomed on my head, but all along, I didn't say Su Mei's name. I thought I might be killed.

But that day, I wasn't dead. When I woke up, I was lying in the hospital, and Qin Feng was sitting by my bed with a livid face.

He told me straight to the point to give up the person who gave me the wine, but I still refused. He said that Brother Biao didn't kill me that day, not because he was soft-hearted, but because the company came forward, and Brother Biao also said that the company would not let me go, he would slowly torture me.

Sure enough, in the next two weeks, Brother Biao came twice. Every time I came, I had to go through hell. I just carried it on my shoulders. For the last time, I wasn't even brought into the private room. In Ktv lobby, I was surrounded by a group of people, and I was brutally trampled in front of countless guests.

After Brother Biao left, I returned to the lounge covered in injuries.

"Brother, you can leave on your own. Just run away. At the worst, I'll pay you the monthly salary." Qin Feng advised me to leave.

I actually have this idea, but I don't know why, I just don't want to. It's already like this. I've been beaten into this b shape by brother biao's Wang Badan. I just ran away and got beaten up for nothing?

But what can I do? I'm just a small character. I can't even beat a man in a vest.

Qin Feng persuaded me for a while and left. I was alone in the lounge in a daze.

At this moment, Su Mei suddenly came in.

She didn't say a word, and her face was rarely serious. She walked across from me, put her fat butt gently on the desk opposite me, leaned over, lit a cigarette, and handed it to me.

I was stunned, and subconsciously reached out to take it. Looking at the lipstick on Su Mei's cherry lips, which was stuck to the cigarette butt, I was still in the mood to tease, "This cigarette is fine."

She burst out laughing, and in an instant, a hundred flowers bloomed, and my eyes straightened.

"Why didn't you give me up?" She asked.

"There's no reason. I just don't want to tell him." I said casually.

She was silent for a long time. When I was almost done smoking, she got up, put a thing in her hand on the desk, and turned around to leave.

I froze, glanced at it, and found that it was a room card, a room card from a luxury hotel nearby! It says: 302!